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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Color Me Done

Daphne at Jaded Haven sings the finale.

And this comment thereto says it all:

...Then Toynbee, the warnings of Jefferson, Spengler, and Pop de Boyle, all 5′ 5″ of whom fought in the Pacific with three brothers even shorter.


“Yeah, Pop.”

“See those idiots with their pants hanging off their skinny asses?”


“See any adults kicking them down the street?”


“That means it’s over, Son.”


“Because if we won’t stifle even the simple show of slovenliness and arrogance, we sure can’t recognize let alone defeat any serious enemies—and right now we’ve got a dozen. Families hollowed out, men sissified or hog tied, schools day treatment centers for imbeciles with an IQ of 85, a philosophy that obviates any philosophy but itself, government moving towards fascism and the masses don’t know it and the mandarins like it. People imprisoned for selling a plant. Cops with body armor. TV celebrating depravity that is merely boring. All thought reduced to ‘Yo.’ And hardly anyone can change the spark plugs. Our lives are a dreamworld punctuated by pathetic orgasms elicited by plastic faces.”

“What should I do, Pop?”

“It’s in Isaiah and Ecclesiastes, boy. But I would arm myself, too, if I were you.”

Quote Of The Month

The United States government does not have to worry about the so-called "patriot" movement.

It always self destructs.

-- Arctic Patriot


From Jim Sinclair's Mineset.


Some riffs from a reader in response to this New Paltz Journal post linked here:

This intervention by the U.S. strikes me as more Obama/Hillary Bosom State busybodyism and about as well thought out as ObamaCare. 
    "We have to pass it [ObamaCare] to find out what's in it."
    "We have to bomb it (Libya) to find out what happens next."
It looks like a deal is coming between the militaryDemuplican faction and the Muslim Brotherhood where themilitaryDemuplican will trade its secularism for a continuing strong hand over the government and the Brotherhood will prescribe the Islamist ideology for both the military and EgyptianAmerican society at large. Both factions are socialist in an end-stage socialist economy, so sharia will come in handy to batten down expectations.
The potential for a liberal democracy in EgyptAmerica (which is what Westerners mean when they use “democracy” as a naked term) is about zero. But there will be more voting; that much is probably true.
What this adventure proves is that while it’s a nice idea that Qaddafi should fall, it’s much more important to have a new American president two years from now.
That is, if we get there ...
If you want to turn this Libya exercise sideways and bracket its face value presentation, the first thing to do is to hold the “American [inter]national interest” appearance to the side. That’s not saying it’s not in play, of course it is, by definition. But what else is in play?
NO! Don't answer that!  Watch the damn birdie! 
The first priority there is the preservation of ObamaCare (Cf. Kurtz).  It is the key to all of their observable aims (and I use the word ‘observable’ carefully).
Two reasons for BummerNoCare (look to the future - The Bad People are): 
    Bring in $100B per year while doling out as little as possible ($40B/yr) - it's a taxing piece of legislation. 
    Centralize all records of all personal matters of all citizenssubjects within the State's 'jurisdiction' for total control. 


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gunwalker: Where Are The 'Pro-Gun' Democrats?

David asks the question.

If you live in an area "represented" by such a Senator or Representative, a WTF call and fax is well in order.

TL Davis also gives a recap of recent Gunwalker events here.

The Origins of Postmodernitis

Cause of death for Western Civ previewed in this PJM essay; read it all, along with this comment:

....So what about “post modernism”? Well, it’s no coincidence that it arose immediately after WWII, because that is when the Marxists felt strong enough to start their long and violent march against western civilization. Unfortunately, as it turned out, free societies actually are capable of developing significantly more military might than centrally planned societies. This, of course, should not be surprising, since free societies are many times more effective than centrally controlled societies in every respect. Russia and China quickly realized that they would never conquer the west in the traditional military way.

So they decided to subvert the west instead. Post-modernism, relativism, unions, the media, the intelligentsia, the language, the culture, religion, balkanizing and angering people in every way possible (women vs. men, homosexuals vs. the rest, blacks vs. whites, city dweller vs. country, and on and on)…all with the purpose of destroying the civilization that stands in the way of the “progressives” re-ascendance to absolute power.

Skip to 2011. Barack Obama, an ignorant narcissist, a dedicated Marxist, the greatest con-man in history, sits in the most powerful office in the world. He has a trunk full of tricks to distract the rubes while his masters destroy the US and western civilization. The Marxian vision is 97% complete. They are one election away from ruling the world...

See you around the stewpot....

Vandam: Back On The Air

Malone Vandam fires up the New Paltz Journal again:

A Mega-Post, With Apologies

The 'Get Qadaffi' Meme

Jonah Goldberg on Obama's Biggest Flip

Make sure you read the NYT story linked in that last post, as well.

Do you understand yet?

Steyn: Pushing Deviancy Up

Mark Steyn explains yet another reason why the dar al-Islam senses coming victory in the air.

When a culture fails to reproduce or defend itself, how long is it for the world?

Related thoughts from Vanderleun.

Phrased alternatively, how many Americans understand that we have military men and women in harm's way defending Islam in three separate conflicts?

One more try...

Do you understand that we and other Westerners are providing air support in Libya to the same people our soldiers and Marines fought in Iraq and AfPak?

Any questions?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sultan Knish: Sitting In The Dark

As the Endarkenment accelerates, Sultan Knish looks at its literal manifestation.

Alas, Babylon....


Plenty Of Nothin'

Ol' Remus posts this piece at Eternity Road.

"'Twas ever thus...", say the many.

"When you see the light come on, get out of the door as fast as you can...", say the few.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Understanding Radiation

Read (and re-read) this Pajamas Media piece, please, including the comments.

The linked graphic is important, too.

Polygonal Battlespace - Deutschland Edition

(click to enlarge)

GardenSERF describes what happens in the middle game of societal collapse.

Is the America of 2011-2015 that exceptional?

Explain your answer, please.

How To Turn The Tide

A reader asked re the recent posts on Islam:

I just gotta ask. Fighting back means what?

Gates of Vienna offers two posts in reply:

Geert Wilders: March 25 at the Annual Lecture of the Magna Carta Foundation in Rome

The Freezing Of The Rhine

Please read both posts.

My answer to the reader's question:

Opposing the spread of Islam on this continent on all fronts by any means necessary.

Ask the folks in Michigan about Hamtramck.

Or just wait....

Curtis nailed it here.

Any questions?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Economic Titanic

Kevin Baker at The Smallest Minority gets it.

Are you ready?


TL Davis: I Will, I Am

Please read and think about TL's latest.

And you?

Bovard: Defining Coercion Down

Read this extended essay from Jim Bovard.

Any ideas on how to stop the madness?

GardenSERF: You Will Work Until You Die Or You Will Not Eat - Revisted

Read, and then consider those in your circle who are relying on public and/or private pensions to make it to the graveyard.

Show them, or let them find out themselves?

Your call.

Muir's Day by Day - 27 March 2011

(click to enlarge)


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Venlet: Harden Your Heart

Read it all, including the embedded link.

And memorize this Eastwood quote cited by John:

Now remember, things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up, then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.

That's just the way it is.

American Fear

From Whiskey and Gunpowder:

...My favorite delusional argument from those still attached to the matrix is that they pay their taxes voluntarily. To these people I ask: when you do your tax returns, do you take as many deductions as the government will allow you? Of course, the answer is always yes. Then I ask them that if they could take enough deductions such that their tax liability was zero would they do so? Again, not surprisingly, the answer is yes. I then ask them that if their preference is to pay zero taxes then why don’t they simply refuse to pay taxes. Inevitably, that’s where their train of thought always runs out of track. Of course everyone knows the answer: because they’re afraid of what the government will do...

Read the rest.


Just another word for nothing left to lose.

Of course, the guy who wrote that line was just another drunk.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Gunwalker: Stay Out Of Fort Marcy Park

Vanderboegh explains.

Expend all ordnance.

Sink all floaters.

That is all.

Buchanan: How Killing Libyans Became A Moral Imperative

Kerodin links to Buchanan.

Read it all.

And Syria?


Vanderleun's premise becomes the more likely explanation with each passing day.

Are you ready?

What's coming is going to be big.

Really big.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sultan Knish: The Second Time As Farce



Then synthesize, as Curtis does here.

Do you understand yet?

Volk On Freedom

(click to enlarge)

Oleg expresses an idea that resounds far beyond the classroom.


If true, I give the Mighty Kenyan mad props for the chutzpah.

Ruby Ridge/Waco/OKC, the 9/11 'Gorelick's Wall', Fannie Mae.....

Bring it on.

Maybe we could get some hot Gorelick/Power brainstorming....

Too, too perfect.

Why I Didn't Go To Ukraine Last Week

From Very Demotivational.com.

What 'Recovery'?

Mish Shedlock schools us on today's economic realities, rather than Bubblevision spin.

Any questions?

More Pooty-Poot

(click to enlarge)

From Vladimir Putin Action Comics.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gunwalker: BHO Blues

Mike reports on the latest.

Keep hammering.

The Problem Is Islam

Reprinted in full with permission from the author:

It’s time again for me to lay down in writing a simple, obvious truth that everyone else is just too terrified to state. This is another one of those essays that will serve to permanently disqualify me from any vocation except self-employment for the duration of my life. So hold on to your pantyhose and put out the cat, because you know this is going to be a good read.

The issue is the muslim world. Libya. Was it right for Obama to FINALLY make a decision and move our military assets into the Libyan theater? Should we be intervening in Yemen? Should we lend tangible support to the Iranian opposition? What should have been done differently in Egypt? Was Mubarak better than a “democratically” installed Sharia theocracy? What are we supposed to be doing in all of this? Who are we supposed to be rooting for? There has to be a “right answer”, and there has to be a correct course of action in all of this.

The reason why no one can come to anything that remotely approaches a definitive “right answer” to this problem is because no one has the balls to acknowledge what the problem is. The problem is not a lack of democracy. As we are clearly seeing now, and as history repeatedly confirms, the most evil political systems ever seen on earth have ascended to power with the support of more than 50% of the populace. Therefore, democracy, or any form of representative government can not, in and of itself, be the “right answer”. The only way we are ever going to arrive at the right answer is if we first ask and honestly answer the following question: What exactly is the problem?

The problem is islam.

Let me say that again so that there is absolutely no confusion. The problem is islam. So long as islam exists on earth, there will be no peace, and there will be no freedom for those trapped inside of it. So long as islam exists, it will continue to stir up violence, aggression, war, terrorism, instability, injustice, human slavery, hopelessness, suffering, despair and unnatural, needless death. Why? BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT IT WAS DESIGNED TO DO. All of those qualities are intrinsic, constitutive qualities of islam. It is a satanic system that was specifically created to be the Enemy’s response to Christ.

Mohammed did not hear a voice which he transcribed and called “the koran”. He simply sat down and wrote out a political manifesto – claiming in fully calculated deceit that it was divine - that would enable him to raise an army. There was nothing miraculous about the origin of islam in that sense. One of the obvious confirmations of this is the quality of the prose itself. If “allah” actually wrote the koran and mohammed merely transcribed it, then allah is an idiot with exceptionally poor language and composition skills. The koran reads as if it were written by a mentally deranged, barely literate Bedouin pedophile pirate con-artist . . . because it was. BUT, the system itself and the spirit of inspiration behind it is completely satanic. Islam and the koran are completely satanic in the same sense that Marxism and “The Communist Manifesto” are satanic, and in the same sense that Nazism and “Mein Kampf” are satanic. Oh, yes. The Serpent is subtle. Satan does his best work when he is merely “whispering” subconscious inspiration to fallen men. Given that islam has persisted for 1400 years and now enslaves a quarter of the human population, it is clearly satan’s masterpiece.

Given this reality, there are exactly two tactical options for the civilized world to choose from.

1. Completely isolate the muslim world. Let them have their caliphate but in a state of total quarantine.

This would involve establishing massive physical perimeter barriers on land and maintaining blockades at sea for all muslim territories. Presumably this would stretch from Morocco to Indonesia, and would be massively expensive both to construct and secure. In addition to this, all muslims would have to be expelled from all civilized nations and forcibly returned to muslim territory. In order for this to work, all civilized nations on earth would have to unite in solidarity against islam and cooperate fully and completely in building, maintaining and securing the borders.

Additionally, the quarantine would have to be TOTAL, meaning absolutely no interaction – including economic interaction. Therefore, before this strategy could be undertaken, the civilized world would need to completely free itself of any dependence on oil pumped from muslim territory.

Further, this strategy, while appearing to be the most “non-violent” option is actually the most violent, and would be a de facto death sentence, both physically and spiritually, for every person trapped inside the caliphate. Assuming that the perimeter could be constructed and then sealed, the muslim culture would necessarily begin to murder and consume itself. Remember, islam is violence, aggression, war, terrorism, instability, injustice, human slavery, hopelessness, suffering, despair and unnatural, needless death. If muslims aren’t in a position to kill “infidels”, they will simply turn on each other. This is already a proven fact, and has been for 1400 years. Sunni and Shia muslims have been at each other’s throats all along, and still are today. Only in very rare instances, such as the wars of aggression begun by muslims called “the Crusades”, wherein muslim unity was needed to fight the “infidels”, has there been any real muslim unity. Because islam has no central authority or magesterium, unlike Christianity which was specifically established by Christ Himself with a divinely protected structure of authority and infallible teaching charism, islam allows for every single self-ordained “imam” to be his own “pope” who can then alter, decide and concoct “doctrine”, and to also issue “fatwas” against any competing cleric, or entire groups of people. Islam has been specifically designed to discourage unity, thus always fomenting and encouraging conflicts and wars within the caliphate itself.

Next, islam is incapable of supporting a vibrant economy. Islam teaches that all human endeavors and productivity are contrary to the will of allah. Any person who spends any time or effort doing anything except studying the koran and praying to allah is an infidel. Additionally, islam teaches that the only way that a person can be GUARANTEED of “salvation” or “paradise” is to die in jihad. Therefore, muslims will ALWAYS be in a state of war against someone, including other muslims, because if there were total peace, there would be no means to achieve “salvation” according to muslim teaching.

Finally, the quarantine option would be a failure in charity on the part of Christendom. By quarantining these people, we would be giving up on them, which is the opposite of charity, or love. Quarantined muslims would have absolutely no chance or hope of hearing the Gospel, and would have no hope of ever escaping the cult of islam. While this option might serve to help keep our hands physically clean, we would have the spiritual stain of our failure in charity to answer for upon our judgement.

This brings us to option #2, which is actually the more viable and certainly the more loving and charitable option.

2. Fight a Final Crusade and exterminate islam from the face of the earth once and for all.

Yep. I said it, and I mean it.

This option isn’t really an “option” at all, because this is where we are heading whether we like it or not. There is going to be a massive, final war between islam and the civilized world at some point. The only real question is, how long are we going to stall it off? A week? A month? A year? A decade? A century? Some would argue that the Final Crusade actually began on 9/11, and that we have been fighting minor skirmishes ever since. Perhaps. If that is the case, the civilized world clearly does not understand that it is in a fight for its very survival. There isn’t room enough in this world for both human civilization AND islam. One side is going to be destroyed by the other. If islam wins, then humanity will be dead as well, because it will be just a matter of time before islam consumes itself, as outlined above. If civilization wins, humanity will continue, knowledge and technology will increase, there will be joy and laughter and goodness, and human beings will be free to seek and find God. In this way, islam is exactly like cancer. Either a person destroys the cancer within them and survives, or the cancer wins and both the person AND the cancer die. Given that the civilized world still doesn’t understand what is going on, I don’t think it is fair to say that the Final Crusade has begun. It will begin when we comprehend that it is us or them – kill or be killed. Let’s do a quick exercise in linguistics which will prove that extermination of the islamic political system is the only real, practical and charitable option that we have.

Consider the following statement:

The Nazi Party, its philosophy and goal set was evil and had to be stopped. There is no room for the Nazi philosophy in a civilized world, and thus the only acceptable outcome of World War II was the total extermination of the Nazi Party. While the main objective of fighting World War II was to repel and then exterminate the Nazi scourge from overrun nations, the secondary objective was also to liberate the German people themselves from the bonds of the totalitarian Nazi regime.

Now, let’s look at the same statement, but replace “Nazi” with “muslim”:

Islam, its philosophy and goal set is evil and has to be stopped. There is no room for the muslim philosophy in a civilized world, and thus the only acceptable outcome of the Final Crusade is the total extermination of islam. While the main objective of fighting the Final Crusade is to repel and then exterminate the muslim scourge from overrun nations, the secondary objective is also to liberate the currently-muslim people themselves from the bonds of the totalitarian muslim caliphate.

The two statements are pluperfect analogues because Nazism and islam are pluperfect analogues. Both are TOTALITARIAN POLITICAL SYSTEMS. The only tactical difference is that mohammed used the beard of religion and claimed divine inspiration right out of the gate. This has allowed islam to use civilization’s own freedom of religious conscience principle against it. Hitler was indeed trying to slowly create a new pagan religion, with the German/Aryan nation cast as “the father”, Hitler himself cast as “the son” and the “messiah”, and the Nazi Party as “the holy spirit”, but was never far enough along in that process to be able to wield the accusation of “intolerance”.

To illustrate this point, let’s reverse our linguistic example:

Islam is a religion and thus is equal to all other religions. Islam is protected under the First Amendment, and all civilized people must fight to defend a person’s right to practice islam completely unencumbered. Islam seeks only peace through the voluntary application of Sharia law. Just because some muslims have used violence as a way of advancing their cause does not mean that all muslims are violent. Violence is a perversion of true Islamic philosophy. Most muslims are peace-loving, and we should support and embrace them into our culture.

Now, the same statement, but replacing “muslim” with “Nazi”.

Nazism is a religion and thus is equal to all other religions. Nazism is protected under the First Amendment, and all civilized people must fight to defend a person’s right to practice Nazism completely unencumbered. Nazism seeks only peace through the voluntary application of the laws of the Third Reich. Just because some Nazis have used violence as a way of advancing their cause does not mean that all Nazis are violent. Violence is a perversion of true Nazi philosophy. Most Nazis are peace-loving, and we should support and embrace them in our culture.

Have I made my point?

(Aside: How long do you think it will take some leftist to pull that last paragraph, put my name over it as the author, and then claim that they have proof that I am a Nazi? That’s how these sad, pathetic people roll. It WILL happen. It’s just a matter of how long it takes them to do it. C’est la vie.)

We don’t flinch at the reality of Nazism, nor at the necessity to exterminate it from the face of the earth, because we accurately call it what it is: a totalitarian political system. But because we have been brainwashed and conditioned by the left to self-loathe our own Judeo-Christian culture, reject critical thinking, and embrace islam as a constitutionally-protected religion, we refuse to acknowledge the plain, simple fact there will be no peace unless and until islam is exterminated from the face of the earth. We keep telling ourselves that “democracy” is the answer and that if we just facilitate voting in muslim countries, everything will be fine, and the entire world will be enveloped in peace, rainbows, gumdrops and unicorn farts. Because all “religions” are good and equal, and anyone who says different is a bigot and an intolerant hater.

There is going to be a war. A big one. Probably the biggest ever. But it has to be fought, because the stakes are no less than the fate of the entire human race. The problem is islam. There is no such thing as a "healthy muslim society" because islam is a cancer upon human civilization. The solution is nothing less than the complete extermination of the muslim political system in order to save the people inside of it. If you have a cancerous tumor, you cut it out - you don't try to fix the person while simultaneously protecting the tumor. We have done this before. We did this just seventy short years ago. We CAN do it again. All we need is the courage to face the truth, and the fortitude to do what we know we must.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sultan Knish: Bin Laden Is Winning

Read and think.

The only tweak I'd make to Greenfield's piece is to change his thesis to "Islam is winning". OBL ain't either the point or the spear.

Islam, on the other hand, is both.

Got into a nasty wordfest with an old friend on the topic last week. He heard me negating (not that I was) his son's courage and that of his comrades in Afghanistan (the son was a M240 gunner who caught a round in the plate and lost much function in his trigger hand from another round when his team took heavy fire).

Let me clear: the soldiers, Marines, and other US personnel in the Islamic Wars are doing their damnedest in almost-impossible political conditions. Their courage and devotion to duty is commendable in the extreme.

But the grand strategy in which they are deployed is utterly FUBAR.

The Muslim Bad People (MBP) will always have the following advantages over the US forces deployed across the dar al-Harb and the dar al-Islam:

1) The MBP are willing to do anything and use any means necessary to achieve their strategic objectives. Pretty good ROEs there, compared to Team America and its lawyers.

2) The majority of the world's media and governments are already in the pocket of Allah, either by shared sympathies for the West's destruction and/or through the efficacy of Muslim violence described previously.

3) Most importantly, the MBP are fighting in their own backyards (at least relatively). An arithmetic exercise, if you would:

- Ask yourself what is cost per day to keep one American fighting man deployed in theatre. 
- Then multiply that number times the number of troops deployed. 
- Now add the costs of all of the support and ancillary services. 
- Finally, ask how much longer the bankrupt USA can afford to send Big Army, the USMC, the USAF, air elements of the US Navy, and all of their respective logistics and contractor trains throughout Islamia.

Quick answer? Not very damned long.

The hardest thing for folks to wrap their brains around?

Team America is actually fighting in support of sharia in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Take the time to read the governing documents of those benighted places; see particularly Article Two of both the Iraqi and Afghan constitutions:

Iraqi Constitution

Afghani Constitution

That's what your taxes and your descendants' debt burden are supporting.

That's what the US .mil is fighting to support.

Do you understand yet?

Just Some Minor Edits

Nothing more than that:

"Red Dawn" Remake Undergoing Post-Production Edits Switching Antagonists From PRC To Norks

They are only here to help.


JDA: The Justice Department (Practically) Tags Bernanke as a Terrorist

JDA riffs on the DoJ's inane "domestic terrorism" comments of last week.

My only suggestion?

Expand the investigation to include all of Congress.


(click to enlarge image)

Courtesy of American Digest.

Make up your own caption.

Baugh: Fully Taxated - Part IV

The series conclusion, courtesy of professional irritant Tom Baugh.


Gunwalker: The Latest

Mike posts on the latest CBS News report and the NRA's statement on Gunwalker.

Keep firing.

Sink all floaters.

That is all.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Quote Of The Week

From commenter Sean at this post:

And while everyone whines, dances, quotes, and defines, THEY act. I don't see the point of even discussing this. We're in the place of a bunch of old people, watching their old folks home burn down, yacking about it in our bathrobes. Just my opinion, I'm sure there are different ones, but really, what are we going to do about it? Write the congress again?

The Art Of Strategic Citizenship - Part IV(A)

Read for content, please.

Part "B" comes next week, according to the author.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

On Your Watch

And mine, as well:

Arctic Patriot - On Your Watch

Causapatet - In Case Anyone Missed It

Well ... here we are.

Imagine where we will be.

Can you?

"A Unique Form Of Domestic Terrorism"

Read this FBI presser on the NORFED conviction.

Money quote (sorry - I had to do that):

...“Attempts to undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique form of domestic terrorism,” U.S. Attorney Tompkins said in announcing the verdict. “While these forms of anti-government activities do not involve violence, they are every bit as insidious and represent a clear and present danger to the economic stability of this country,” she added. “We are determined to meet these threats through infiltration, disruption, and dismantling of organizations which seek to challenge the legitimacy of our democratic form of government"...

Hopefully, JDA can use some of her mad powerful Fedhead penpal mojo to get a quote from The Ben Bernank on that topic.

The irony, it suffocates....

Just like it's intended to do.

From The East: "Revolution" Or "Uprising"?

GardenSERF posts a piece on the Hungarian uprising of 1956 that's well worth a read.

There'll be more on this topic next week.

Did I Miss Anything?

Like, maybe, a Congressional declaration of war pursuant to Article I, section 8?

Arctic Patriot asks other questions, as well.

As if....


(click to enlarge)

From Maggie's.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Just A Friendly Reminder

Read (and make damned sure you do if needed), via Balko.

(h/t reader)

Any Ideas?

(click image to enlarge)

A reader asks if anyone has any more info (registration required to access Shooters Northwest forum link; thread apparently not accessible immediately upon reg) on why the Washington State popo are dropping letters like the above at four gunstores and counting?

RTC Open-Carry Rally - Georgia State Capitol ("Gold Dome") - Saturday, April 23

From Restore The Constitution:

Restore the Constitution 2A Open Carry Rally
Saturday, April 23, 12 PM to 3PM
Gold Dome, Atlanta, GA 30334
Special Guest Speaker: Jerry Henry, Executive Director of Georgia Carry!
Rally will be held as close to the GA State Capitol Building as possible while openly carrying firearms exercising our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights.  The Gold Dome is located at 1 MLK Jr. Dr. SW, Atlanta, GA 30334. 
A pay parking lot ($7) is located at the northwest corner of MLK and Washington St.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

GoV: The Shadow Knows...Parts I and II

Please read both the Gates of Vienna posts and the related comments on the upcoming reorg in the following:

The Shadow Knows - Part I

The Shadow Knows - Part II

Then post your input there, if you would.


UPDATE 0315 EDT 18 MARCH 2011: Part III in the series is here.

Sultan Knish: The Post-American Liberal Culture

Sultan Knish looks at thoughtful, caring, intelligent citizens of the world.

Understand, however, that despite the recent blows to NPR and their subscribers' worldviews, a simple fact remains:

Public radio (in both its domestic American and international editions) delivers the collectivists' points of view and messages to a massive global audience.

Do the forces of individual freedom do the same, with anywhere near the same effectiveness and audience?

If not, why not?

And can that situation be changed?

More From Colonel Cooper

A free man must not be told how to think, either by the government or by social activists. He may certainly be shown the right way, but he must not accept being forced into it.

-- LtCol John Dean "Jeff" Cooper, USMC (retired)
   May 10, 1920 - September 25, 2006