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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Some riffs from a reader in response to this New Paltz Journal post linked here:

This intervention by the U.S. strikes me as more Obama/Hillary Bosom State busybodyism and about as well thought out as ObamaCare. 
    "We have to pass it [ObamaCare] to find out what's in it."
    "We have to bomb it (Libya) to find out what happens next."
It looks like a deal is coming between the militaryDemuplican faction and the Muslim Brotherhood where themilitaryDemuplican will trade its secularism for a continuing strong hand over the government and the Brotherhood will prescribe the Islamist ideology for both the military and EgyptianAmerican society at large. Both factions are socialist in an end-stage socialist economy, so sharia will come in handy to batten down expectations.
The potential for a liberal democracy in EgyptAmerica (which is what Westerners mean when they use “democracy” as a naked term) is about zero. But there will be more voting; that much is probably true.
What this adventure proves is that while it’s a nice idea that Qaddafi should fall, it’s much more important to have a new American president two years from now.
That is, if we get there ...
If you want to turn this Libya exercise sideways and bracket its face value presentation, the first thing to do is to hold the “American [inter]national interest” appearance to the side. That’s not saying it’s not in play, of course it is, by definition. But what else is in play?
NO! Don't answer that!  Watch the damn birdie! 
The first priority there is the preservation of ObamaCare (Cf. Kurtz).  It is the key to all of their observable aims (and I use the word ‘observable’ carefully).
Two reasons for BummerNoCare (look to the future - The Bad People are): 
    Bring in $100B per year while doling out as little as possible ($40B/yr) - it's a taxing piece of legislation. 
    Centralize all records of all personal matters of all citizenssubjects within the State's 'jurisdiction' for total control. 



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