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Monday, January 31, 2011

Latest On Operation Gunwalker

Sipsey Street

Codrea's Examiner

Please consider calling your Senators to support a full-body-cavity inquisition into the BATFE's practices and reason for existence.

ZeroGov: Egypt In Protest Is Our Political Future In America

Please read all of Bill Buppert's latest at ZeroGov.


...Government is fear, pure and simple. Otherwise, you would not obey most of the edicts nor would you be facing the unthinkable economic calamity that awaits America. Its power is to fine, trap, detain, cage, maim and kill citizens who refuse to comply. In America, that compliance has cost us our future.

Cairo is a harbinger of things to come here. Get ready.

“The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all. I like a little rebellion now and then.”

-Thomas Jefferson



Working Class

The Elector Retards lays it down without sugar.

The good news?

The few who will stand will not have time for anything but the show itself.

Be ready.

Bovard on Egypt

Read and/or watch all of the material in Jim Bovard's latest post.

My money is still on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Those with the best ground game in place usually prevail in chaos.

If that thought makes you queasy re the upcoming excitement in the former US of A, it should.

Tempus fugit.

Dead Elephants Prepare Garrotte, Slip Around Own Neck

Insty links to this Cnet story.

Read both.

To the Republican leadership, do it.

Do it all.


So that folks who believed in you can finally have closure.

It's time for you to go.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egyptian Activists' Action Plan

(click to enlarge)

Insty publishes this Atlantic article, which is worth a bookmark and further consideration/refinement as things devolve here in the States.

See also here and this feed here.

Tempus fugit.

Malo Periculosam Libertatem Quam Quietum Servitium

Better freedom with danger than peace with slavery.

Please read all of this backgrounder on Bill Buppert's ZeroGov site.

Consider its points as you go about the rest of your Sunday round.

Grown men and women don't need leaders.

Do you, freedom fighter?

The Fall Of The Strongmen

Read the latest from Sultan Knish, along with this PJM piece and JohnGaltFLA's snapshot of Saudi.

The times get more interestinger each passing week.

Instapundit: Western Civ Study Recommendations

Bookmark this link.

When you can, indulge.

Learning and/or refreshing one's knowledge about Western Civilization is yet another form of resistance against all of those those who are trying to destroy it.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sporting Purposes?

Mike comments and cites to David.

For Team Freedom, if you haven't stepped up your PT and your gear checks, I don't know what to tell you.

For all of the Bad People, their friends and allies, their cheerleaders, and all of their kit, this classic article explains how to optimize those tens of millions of scoped centerfire hunting rifles all across America for truly sporting purposes.

Shooter ready?

The Insanity of Nine Kings and Queens

TL Davis provides a diagnosis.

Last call, folks....

The bar will be closing in fifteen minutes.

Friday, January 28, 2011

GardenSERF: The Best Investment - Your Body

Wisdom from GardenSERF -- read and do, please.

Tempus fugit.

Williams: Can Our Nation Be Saved?

Read all of this sobering piece by the always-outstanding Walter E. Williams.


...Once legalized theft begins, it pays for everyone to participate. Those who don't will be losers.

That's the nation's dilemma. The most important job for people who want to spare our nation from economic collapse is not that of persuading politicians to do the right thing but to convince our fellow Americans to respect the limits of our Constitution.

In his speech to Virginia's ratifying convention, James Madison said, "Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it; no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it."

With profound regret, I have stopped believing that the USA as currently defined can be saved.

In candor, there are scores of millions of Americans of all shapes, sizes, and flavors who won't survive what is coming.

My efforts lean increasingly towards what becomes of those who do survive.

Remember -- the fight for freedom in America does not end until the last person who truly knows freedom dies or is corrupted.



Changing Minds





Get to know your nodes.

As many and as many types in your AO as you can.

Leverage, fulcrum, movement.

Movement disproportionate to input energy.

Multiplying your effectiveness.

Codrea: One Question For 'Project Gunwalker' Skeptics

David asks a direct question.

Think he'll get a straight answer?

JPFO: The Elephant In The Room

(illustration by Oleg Volk)

JPFO nails it.

Pass it on.

Reynolds Blogs The Revolution

Instapundit sends this linkset re Egypt and their government's chop of Internet service.

Read it, and think through how you will work through these issues in your AO.

Note that I said "will".

Then make sure you have the gear to do it.

Tempus fugit.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Obama's State Of The Soviet Union

Read all of the latest from Sultan Knish; sample below:

...One of the more surreal moments in the address came when Obama mentioned Kathy Proctor, a 55 year old woman who after losing a job in the future industry is now a second year student at a community college working toward a biotechnology degree. Her plan is to become a biofuels analyst.

I can't imagine a worse model for American workers than a 55 year old woman amassing unknown amounts of student debt for a job in an industry that doesn't exist except as a government subsidized program. Even if Obama succeeds in obtaining more ethanol subsidies and some biofuels company decides to hire Kathy to be their biofuels analyst, her job will only exist because of the billions poured into subsidizing the educations and industry that make it possible. A job and an industry that would not exist without those subsidies.

This is not how a genuinely productive country is run.

It's not how we're going to beat China...

It's almost as if they don't want the USA to win....

Hammer Blows

McArdle: U.S. Budget Deficit to Pass $1.5 Trillion This Year

Denninger: Here It Comes (Social Security)

Think there's a happy way out of this?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Army Of One...Not

Arctic Patriot explains.

And think about getting that gear out to folks NOW....while they can still easily learn to use it.

'USMC Tentative Manual for Countering Irregular Threats'

Read, save, and print a copy for future reference.

Ditto this subsequent version.

And add this classic to the stack as well.

Two From American Mercenary

Read and think about both pieces:

Successful Insurgents - A Thought Experiment

Five Types Of Insurgents

You are also reviewing your copy of this classic, aren't you?

Tempus fugit.

Denninger: I'm Stunned

Karl scoffs at both sets of crew aboard the Imperial flying machine, as it continues to lose altitude.

Do you understand yet?

Help 'Injustice Everywhere'

(h/t to Bill St. Clair for the graphic)

I am embarrassed that I missed this Codrea WoG piece earlier in the month.

Read it, please, and help if you can.

Injustice Everywhere is worth it.

News From Anarcho Italy

Read this short piece from the Mises Economic Blog, along with these two embedded articles:

Use Cash And Undermine The State And The Banksters

Italian Banks Wage 'War On Cash' As Consumers Pass On Plastic

Pay cash, and take your financial life offline.

Eliminate and then avoid debt.

Support the black market in all purchases, whenever possible.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


From Mayberry.

Denninger: Police....Fear?

Read it all.


...But the people of this nation, including this state, are tired of the crap.

The problem for the peace officers of this nation is that we're tired of all of the crap.

We're tired of the crooks like this clown who thought shooting and killing an arresting officer was a good idea, and who the very same justice system let out of prison twice after he committed violent offenses. We're tired of the crooks that are stealing houses and otherwise generally screwing the public by doing things like filing false affidavits or even just breaking in and changing locks, not even bothering with a court judgment first. And we're tired of the crooks that are police officers who shoot and kill a man in Seattle who is whittling with a pocket knife or who kick down the wrong door in botched drug raids and in doing so shoot and kill innocent people.

You folks in the police forces are interested in only one of these sorts of crook but not the others, and when you're after the first sort you really don't give a shit how many innocent citizens' rights you trample in the process. While we're well-aware that the number of officers who do the latter are in the minority, the fact remains that law enforcement studiously evades applying the same standards to a cop who kicks down a door at the wrong house and shoots the occupant and the guy who commits a home invasion - even though both, when the wrong house is raided, are in fact the same thing and bring the same result to the victim.

This is a problem. See, if the Zombies come, and it appears you're concerned they might, you're outnumbered standing alone, especially when you let serial felons out of prison who appear to believe that rape and gunplay are sports...

Choose wisely, officers.

In The Crosshairs Of The Speech Police

Go read the latest from Sultan Knish.


...Historically euphemisms have taken on the meaning of the underlying idea. So much so that today we often have no idea that many of the taboo words in our language started out as euphemisms. That is because language is a way to express ideas and emotions. A language which attempts to repress common human tendencies will be subverted by slang and eventually transformed by common use, no matter how much the grammarians may protest. Even in totalitarian states, it is the people who control the language, not the language which controls the people.

Believing that words can change reality is magical thinking that appeals to lunatics and tyrants who view other people as less than human, machines whose functions can be altered by inputting the right code...

Read the rest.

You think you won't face this problem?

Understand that the collectivists are only getting started.

Tempus fugit.

More Stooges

Read the NYT article as Furious Mike and other statists beg for more chains.

Buy a unpapered gun today where you can.

Transfer it, unpapered, to another right-minded person.

Do it as often as you can.


Upcoming RTC Opportunity In Florida

Dan explains.

Event details:

Saturday, February 5 · 3:00pm - 7:00pm
Location: Craig Park Tarpon Springs, FL
Created By
Citizens Coalition for Police Accountability (CCPA)

So on Saturday February 5th, CCPA and other local organizations will be leading a march from Craig Park in Tarpon Springs, to the Tarpon Springs Police Station. This is in response to the arrest of William Kilgore, and the seizing of his property and my (Thomas Frain's) property after William was video taping the police on a routine traffic stop. The police still refuse to give back the property, and the story changes every day, and the story of today is William's phone is not in the property report but the video camera at least is. 

The story will be released on channel 10 news by Mike Deeson this coming Friday or Monday, and it will be discussed with Mr. Kilgore and a local attorney about the unlawfulness of the activity.

In response to these actions we request all copwatchers from the area, and concerned citizens, media, and sworn officers to attend the protest. We encourage all to bring signs and video cameras to show our support for police accountability. No police should fear accountability and transparency, and it is time we show the Tarpon Police, there city police is no different. We will be having possible guests such as Alex Snitker of Liberty Underground Radio where William will be appearing this friday from 9-11 am on am1340, and also former US Senate candidate on the Libertarian ticket, as well as members of the media, who recognize liberty and its importance!

So please join us Saturday, February 5th for this great event!!!

This story explains why we are having the event

by Adrian Wyllie

1787 Network

TARPON SPRINGS, FLORIDA – William Kilgore, a student at St. Petersburg College, commonly engages in a practice known as “cop watching,” which entails video recording police officers as they interact with citizens in public, for example during traffic stops.

On Saturday, January 15, 2011, Kilgore and his friend Thomas Frain, a student at USF, were doing just that as Tarpon Springs police officers stopped a vehicle on E. Tarpon Avenue in what appeared initially to be a routine traffic stop. Kilgore filmed the encounter from a public space about 100 feet away from the officers.

When officers searched the unidentified suspect’s vehicle, they found a controlled substance and arrested the driver on a felony possession charge. After TSPD had the suspect in custody, and the incident appeared to be over, Kilgore began to put away his camera. But that’s when events took a strange turn.

Kilgore and Frain were approached by TSPD officer Brian Switala and another officer, who demanded that Kilgore surrender his camera. The officers claimed that the recording was now evidence in a felony investigation, and the officers believed they had justification to seize it.

Kilgore, believing that he had protection under both the First and Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, refused to turn over the camera. “I knew they can’t just seize my property,” said Kilgore,

At that point, Officer Switala placed Kilgore under arrest, charging him with violating Florida Statute 843.02: Obstruction, resisting officer without violence, a first degree misdemeanor.

As Kilgore was being handcuffed, Frain took out his cell phone and began videotaping the arrest. At that point, the officers also seized Frain’s cell phone as “evidence” however, they did not arrest him.

In an interview with the 1787 Network, Captain Jeffrey Young of the TSPD claimed that officers were justified in seizing the cell phones from both men, along with Kilgore’s video camera. Young also said that Kilgore’s arrest was justified. He claimed that the officers could seize the evidence to prevent Kilgore and Frain from leaving the area and destroying the evidence.

Young said that the officers did not need a warrant to seize the camera and cell phones, but they will acquire a warrant in order to view the recordings.

However, local defense attorney Kevin Hayslett had a different view. “This is absurd,” said Hayslett.

Hayslett argued that F.S. 843.02 did not apply in the Kilgore incident, which applies only to cases where the officers were impeded in their duties. Since Kilgore and Frain were roughly 100 feet away, and only filming the arrest, they were in no way obstructing the officers.

Hayslett also pointed out that if police officers had the right to seize recording devices at will, then they could seize television news cameras or business surveillance cameras at without permission whenever those cameras recorded evidence in a felony. He said that police must obtain a warrant or subpoena to seize property or compel witness testimony.

Kilgore has been released from jail on $150 bond. His camera and cell phone, along with Frain’s cell phone, are being held by TSPD as evidence.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Harvest Of Despair

GardenSERF explains.

Read his piece, then watch the vids (trailer above; transcript here):

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Of course, nothing like the Holodomor could happen here.

This is America, after all.

Admiral Ackbar Says....*

(click to enlarge)

From Chris Muir's Day By Day.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

SOTU Special Guest?

Any bets that, at the very least, the White House hasn't explored the possibility of a valiant guest appearance on the arms of her astronaut husband?

And The Beat Goes On

Read these two WaPo articles:

Virginia data show drop in criminal firepower during assault gun ban

The Hidden Life Of Guns

Now imagine the feeeeeeeelings when Congresswoman Giffords returns to the floor of the House to support legislation.

Do you understand yet?

Volk On Freedom: Development Of A Theme

Read both Oleg's text and the related comments.

Do you understand yet?

Codrea: 'Gunwalker' Investigators Should Watch For Smears And Focus On Leads

David explains the latest.

The Anti-Noonan

As I continue to fume over this harridan's blatherings, I remembered that Tam had done the definitive deconstruction of the topic earlier in the month.

Her piece is also a superb example of how the FreeFor should always fight (rhetorically and otherwise) on and with the ground/tactics/timing of its own choosing, rather than that offered by the Bad People.

Think hard on that point.

Reject their premise.


JDA: The Dirty Fed Quietly Rewrites Accounting Rules to Disallow Their Own Insolvency

Junior Deputy Accountant gives a scathing report on the latest cons at the Fed.

Do you understand yet?

If not, here's an old card game rule:

If you are in a game looking around the table to find the sucker who's about to be fleeced, and you can't find him, guess what?

You're it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

RTC Rally: Activists Hand Out Constitutions, 30rd AR 'Freedom' Mags At Atlanta Intersection

Dan gives today's after-action report.

Filthy Menopausal Collectivist RINO Joins The Chorus

Ed Rasimus does the rational work on this Manhattanite's spew.

The PG-level language bar here at WRSA prohibits my full expression to Ms. Noonan (along with Mr. Cheney and others), so I will make do as follows:

No, Peggy.


No matter what you, the rest of the intelligentsia, the Congress, or the President say.


Order your Glock mags here.

Order your AR mags here.

And BTW, read Rawles' analysis of McCarthy's magazine bill.

Do you understand yet?

Then act consistently.

Upcoming Testimony Before The House/Senate Joint Committee on Speech And Violence

Venlet: Walking Through It Like A Grown-Up

John Venlet follows up on this post.

Read all of it, please -- including the embedded links.

This stuff's for real, folks.

And it's just going to get more sporty as time goes by.

Quote Of The Month

Commenting on this post and related comments, Billy Beck writes:

When I was thirteen years old, Robert LeFevre told my father: "In your efforts to reduce government, aim for zero. If you ever get there and don't like what you find, it will be the easiest thing in the world to pick up the nearest telephone and have another one installed the very next day.[WRSA emphasis added]"

This was not a seminal or turning-point thing to me, but it amply illustrates what I understand and how long I've understood it.

Kansas Scout: you need a social security number?


There. You can have that one, which this government assigned to me. You can use it if you want to, because I don't. They do.

I'm sure it's over ten years since the first time that I published it online. That's how *fired* this government is, to me.

I fired 'em, long before that.

More on Robert Lefevre here, here and here.

Latest On Operation Gunwalker

Read the latest from David and Mike.

May the right thing happen....

Friday, January 21, 2011


Go and bookmark this Sipsey Street article for reference.

Then work through it, slowly.


The Fourth American Revolution

Arctic Patriot links to this Zero Hedge post.

Please read both pieces.

Next, spend some time thinking about what you and your tribe still need to do in order to maximize your chances in the coming shakeout.

Then get on it.

Tempus fugit.

Taiwan, the PRC, and the J-20

This Asia Times article gives some insight as to reaction in Taiwan to the recent debut of the PRC's stealth aircraft.

Ed Rasimus, from his long-time combat pilot's perspective, urges prudent skepticism.

The excellent naval blog Information Dissemination links to this transcript of a January 5, 2011 interview with US VADM David J. Dorsett, Deputy CNO for Information Dominance, on the J-20 and various other aspects of the PRC's growing military capabilities.

And don't miss this 100,000' overview from financial eminence grise Richard Russell.

Interesting times.

"2011: The ruthless year, at the crossroads of three roads of global chaos"

Bill at The Elector Retards gives good linkage.

You might want a little hardener in that coffee first.

GoV: Sharia In America Advances

Read these two articles from Gates of Vienna and consider how fast Islam is advancing here in America:

Shariah Wins the First Round

Silenced In Kansas

Now factor in these two related pieces:

A Revolt From The Top Against Their Own People

Governor Christie's Dirty Islamist Ties

I'll leave you with a quote from the third story above:

...You don't understand that the US military is currently fighting, bleeding, and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan to support sharia law in those places pursuant to Article 2 (Iraq) and Articles 2-3 (Afghanistan) of their US-sponsored constitutions?

You don't think there is the same "revolt from the top" in process here in this country by the American ruling class?...

You don't know that the same Americans who refuse to stand in lawful opposition to innumerable Constitutional violations by their public servants will also refuse to stand against people who have the courage and the will, in the name of their moongod Allah, to behead their opponents?

Do you understand yet?

Municide Accelerates

Read JohnGaltFLA's take first, then read the NYT article.

Then note also Karl Denninger's article from 14 January.

You better check if you or your retirement funds are holding municipal or state bonds.

And be prepared for a bad outcome.

Three From John Venlet

Each well worth your time:

Freedom of Speech, Violent Rhetoric, and I Thought We Were Having a National Debate

Calling Taxes “Theft” “Isn’t Quite Right”

A “First Approximation” on the Tea Partiers

Read them all, along with the embedded links.