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Monday, February 28, 2011

Denninger: On Honesty

KD articulates much of the Collapse's parentage.

The only part underweighted?

Citizen complacency.

Tomorrow, try this experiment - ask five people the same two questions:

1) Who won the best actress Oscar Sunday night?

2) What is the current level of Federal government debt, according to US Treasury figures?

The only answer that matters is $14,119,807,822,019.49.

Think any of your five subjects will miss question #1?

How about question #2?

Billy Beck: Endarkenment Trivia

From Billy Beck:

Endarkenment Trivia

"If we were to attempt to go back to horse powered farm production it would take something like 20 years to increase the horse population adequately and it requires about 1/3 of the farm capacity to feed them."
(Joe Huffman)

Reports From Saturday's Protests in ATL and RDU

Verbatim reports from the field via FreeFor counterprotesters in opposition to Saturday's union/fellow traveller demonstrations in Atlanta and Raleigh:


Gentlemen, here's the accounting of saturday's encounter. I'll have to burn copies of the vids I already have and am meeting with James Brown (the guy who taped wednesday and saturday's encounter) to get a copy of saturday's encounter to add to ours.

Since we couldn’t let Wednesday’s SEIU counter demonstration by the Restore the Constitution group stand, we headed back out on Saturday to the move-on-dot-org protest. This time I was not only armed with my sidearm, but also a copy of SB-308 gun law signed by Governor Purdue back in April 2010. The night before the demonstration, I re-read the law just to be extra certain we were acting within the law.

Four of us ventured out to the Rally at high noon; three open carrying and one carrying a video camera. We were gratefully joined by a videographer who also taped Wednesday’s encounter. I’ll not mention his name because I’ve not asked for clearance to do so as of yet but let me assure you, we genuinely appreciate his talent and coverage of the encounters. Immediately upon arrival at the corner of MLK and Washington St., seemingly the corner of choice for counter demonstrators by Georgia Capitol Police, we were approached by a Capitol Police Officer who told us he couldn’t allow us to carry our sidearms there. I spoke up saying I’m glad he mentioned that because I had a copy of SB308 gun law that I’d like to show him to prove that is an unlawful order and low and behold, Lt. Mitchell walks up. I immediately greeted him, shook his hand and started discussing the situation. He commented that he knew we’d be back, by the way.

Before I go any further, I have the utmost respect for Lt. Mitchell; he’s a former Marine, a man of honor and integrity and has a difficult job to do. While his order was unlawful, he showed us the utmost respect. Bear in mind he gets his orders from those above too. Of course, Lt. Mitchell took the same stance as Wednesday night, saying we could not be on State Property, Capitol Grounds nor at a Rally with sidearms and had to leave. We also took the same stance as Wednesday night saying we were absolutely within the law and the constitution and offered to review SB-308 with him because our first and second amendment rights and the law were being violated by telling us to leave. He refused to look at the law stating this was not the time nor the place and we should make an appointment with management to discuss this. I countered with this is absolutely the time and the place because we were not leaving nor putting our sidearms in our cars.

We debated the situation for a good 45 minutes. I repeatedly mentioned sections of SB308, reiterating what we were doing was lawful and told Lt. Mitchell that we in contact with Congressmen Sean Jerguson and Tim Bearden (Chairman of the Public Safety Committee) who confirmed our action was legal. Both of these Congressmen have written and/or co-sponsored gun laws.

Somewhere around half way through, I stated we basically had two choices here; 1) let us return to peaceably demonstrating and exercising our first and second amendment rights or, 2) he could arrest us. The first officer we met, who was patiently standing by listening to the entire debate immediately motioned for a State Trooper standing across the street to come over and I thought we were about to get “hooked up.”. I quickly added that we would not resist, however there would be consequences should we be arrested. I told Lt. Mitchell we’d take legal action against him, the Capitol Police and the State of Georgia for violating our 1, 2 and 4th amendment rights and we’d seek criminal charges for kidnapping (unlawful arrest and detention) and theft because I doubt he’d let us keep our sidearms during all of this. I also added that I did not want to do that to him, but was prepared to do so. He asked me if I had any idea of how often he hears people say they were unlawfully arrested and I countered that I highly doubt those other’s had done their homework like I had. He also commented that he could lawfully remove the weapons and while the conversation drifted from this point, I’ll add here that he could legally collect the weapons only if we were breaking the law, which of course, we weren’t.

The good news is we didn’t get arrested, the State Trooper evidently had something better to do and left and the other Capitol Police Officer had to go on a call of some sort. As things were winding down, Lt. Mitchell said we should contact Capitol Police Division Director Captain Rhodes to discuss this. He also stated he had a copy of SB308 in his vehicle and while not admitting this, I’ll bet he’s brushing up on it. We also concurred that the Capitol Ground Rules require updating for two reasons; 1) SB308 was signed into law in April 2010 and the Ground Rules are dated 2008 and 2) I say the Ground Rules are unlawful.

I offered to go ahead and leave if Lt. Mitchell promised to attend the meeting I’m intent on coordinating. I’m not quite certain he agreed to this, however I hope he attends because he witnessed first hand our intent and our character and would provide valuable input into the meeting. As we were leaving, many of the moveondotorg people were leaving too so we pretty much attended the entire demonstration and accomplished our goal.

As a side note, someone from some Tea Party group came up and disavowed any connection to us. I have no clue who this was, however my comments to him are as follows. As a Tea Party member, I demand our government absolutely protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic and make laws that are constitutional. It so happens that SB308, while not perfect, closely adheres to the Constitution and we were not in violation of the law by open carrying at this rally. This shows the absolute, complete ignorance of this man about the law and the Constitution and as far as I’m concerned, he can lick the boots of his oppressors!


Rally in Ashville didn’t materialize, as Ashville Tea Party didn’t organize one so I went to Raleigh. Drive was about an hour shorter each way, so I guess that was for the better.
A few observations:
1) We had about 100-150 by my estimation, all from the local (read Central and Eastern NC) area. Our opposition had about 3 to 5 times that number, but when the out of state buses left with the “professional” protesters leaving only the local idiots, our numbers were equal.
2) We were angry, they were rabid. They used different forms of provocation, all without success. One of the most common was to send ultra rude, aggressive females over to our side of the street to stir up trouble. Whether this was simply rabid behavior or intentional, it was hard to tell. I suspect both.
3) They deployed a new tactic. They sent a female protestor to barge through our group from behind and then she charged that some of our people “assaulted” her by elbowing her. The police put that BS to bed fortunately, but they may not always do so.
4) Almost everyone I talked to there on our side knows that this was just a low pressure warm up for things to come. As such, the majority that I talked to are stockpiling food, ammo, etc. and, in fact, some are ahead of me in that area. It’s kind of funny talking to a 60 something year old lady who is pointing out the necessity of water storage and saying that the opfor has no clue about how bad things are about to get.
Based on this, I don’t feel quite as bad. We put up an OK number on relatively short notice. Most were 40 to 50 something with a fair number of 30 somethings, without so many elderly. The opfor’s age demo was only about 10 years younger than we were for the most part. When it goes south, we will be able to at least hold defensively in some areas, and, very possibly, will have a solid majority after the famine hits. (The previously mentioned lady thought that less than 1% of our opfor will survive the upcoming festivities).

More video to follow, but here's part of the footage from Wednesday's events in ATL, courtesy of Restore the Constitution.


UPDATE 28 FEB 2010 0060 EST: Another county heard from; see section 3.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

RTC: So How's That 'Jury Box' Workin' Out?

Dan asks the question.

Just don't tell Lee Greenwood.

Sultan Knish: The Threat Of Government Power

Well worth your time, this essay is.

And here are the people you think will fix this fulminating cancer.

Do you understand yet?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

From An Overseas Reader: An Islamic Valentine for Lara Logan

Over the transom of the WRSA International desk comes this thought-provoking essay. Note that for young people or other folks not steeped in wonderfully-diverse and equally-valid cultures from around the world, some of the following content may be disturbing:

Pssst…that catchy title was just to grab your attention. This letter is meant for you infidel men.

You infidel women, please click back to fuzzy bunnies and unicorns. I’ll wait.

[Dum-dee-dum dum…]

All men now? Good.

Don’t worry, this isn’t about flowers, candy or cards. Of course the very idea is ridiculous. Valentine’s Day is an infidel holiday celebrating lewd, immoral and licentious behavior typical to your fallen religions. Trust me when I say we have nothing like Valentine’s Day in the one true religion of peace.

And men, isn’t it better for us that we don’t have it in our religion? No need to buy your wife flowers, candies or even a card on Valentine’s or any other day. This is just one small example of why the one true religion is better for men, and why you should seriously consider switching over while we’re still taking volunteers.

And it’s really easy to join. Just say one prayer, and you’re in for life.

Here’s another good reason to switch. Say you don’t feel like showing tender affection to your wife. You don’t have to! In fact, if she burns dinner, doesn’t clean the house, or pisses you off in any way you can just back-hand her, (as long as you don’t break any bones or mark her face.) In fact, it’s okay for you to give her a good thrashing now and then to get her back into line. Why? Because it says it’s okay in the holy books of the one true religion of peace, that’s why.

Don’t worry, the bruises covering the rest of her body won’t show, because (isn’t this great!) a wife can never leave the house while showing one square centimeter of bare uncovered skin that’s not between her eyes and her chin. Which is mighty handy, in case she’s still covered with bruises from her last few disciplinary sessions. And as long as you are careful not to beat her face in, she can still go out in public to do your shopping, (while properly attired, of course).

Here’s another reason why the one true religion is better for us men. Maybe your wife just doesn’t have the old sex-appeal any more. The thrill is gone. No problem! You can remarry, and bring a second, third or a fourth wife home. You don’t have to even ask the old bat’s permission. Whom you marry is up to you and you alone in the one true religion, because you are a man! If wife-number-one doesn’t want you bringing that pretty little thing home to your bed, well too bad for wife-number-one. She has no say in the matter. You may do what you want, because you are a man!

Now, my infidel friend and prospective member of the one true religion of peace, maybe you’re not such a handsome young stud yourself any more. You’re over forty, and you haven’t exactly been working out and keeping buff. Don’t worry, that’s not a problem. Let’s say your brother has a cute little daughter, Fatima. She’s going to be turning thirteen soon. For the first eleven or twelve years of her life she was allowed the run of the block like a free-spirited little sprite. Uncovered, just as cute as a button, and sure to be one hot number once she passes through puberty.

And as luck would have it, you also have a daughter of fourteen or so (perhaps from your second wife) who is not exactly getting any younger and you want her out of the house. Perhaps she is not as pretty as Fatima, but don’t worry, your brother is not as picky as you are. That’s right! You can trade your adolescent daughter to your brother, and he can reciprocate with Fatima. What a great deal this is for us men, under the rules of the one true religion of peace. In this way, you can keep a fresh stock of nubile teenage girls in your bed until you’re too old to want them any longer. And nobody can say a word against this excellent practice, because the prophet of the one true religion explicitly condones and encourages it as one of the very best ways to find a good wife. In fact, this is how the prophet found his favorite wife of all.

But what if your bubbly thirteen-year-old niece—excuse me—bride—objects to having sex with you, simply because you are forty-five and have a gray beard down to your big stomach? Ha-ha-ha! As if what she wants matters! Trust me, she has no say in the matter, none. If you and your brother like the idea of swapping teenage daughters for child brides, that’s all there is to it, it’s settled. (Some Western so-called scientists claim that all of this marrying of close relatives has caused so-called genetic problems, but what do they know? “Genetics” are not mentioned anywhere in our holy books, so they have no importance to members of the one true religion of peace.)

And if you like the girls really young, the one true religion is definitely for you. Even nine years old is plenty old enough for marriage and full marital relations. This was old enough for the Prophet and his very favorite young niece-bride, so don’t worry about catching any flak from other members of the one true religion. If a nine-year-old bride was old enough for the prophet (when he was in his fifties), it is old enough for any male member of the one true religion of peace.

But what if that hot new child bride is not in the mood to satisfy your male needs? Those teenagers (and preteens) can be quite a handful, as we all know. Well, she’d better get in the mood, if she doesn’t want a good thrashing! Our holy books are very clear on this. But what if she still won’t receive your overtures when you want to lay a little loving on her? You have even beaten her black and blue (except on her face), but to no avail. She’s lost that loving feeling, or maybe she never had it in the first place. Some teenage brides are just like that.

Men, this part is great, you will just love it. And this goes for any of your wives, from your oldest to your youngest. Just divorce them, by saying “I divorce thee!” That’s it! No lawyers, no paperwork, no alimony. After this legally-binding divorce occurs she’s thrown out on the street, penniless and rejected by society. The witch will soon be begging on a corner. She’s not exactly a pretty sight, but lucky for us men we don’t have to see her, since she’s just a lump in a burqa, squatting on the sidewalk with only her begging cup showing. Her pitiful example will also do wonders to encourage your other wives to please you better.

Isn’t that great, men? Truly, the one true religion of peace is perfect for us.

Of course we men all understand that women are the morally weaker half of humanity. According to our holy books their inborn tendency is toward sensuality and sin. This is why we have their clitorises surgically removed when they are children. (Well, the “surgery” is usually just performed with an ordinary razor, without anesthesia while the screaming girl is held down, but you know what I mean. And they get over it pretty soon.)

Without those little sensuality-seeking pleasure spots, wives are a lot less likely to step out on their husbands. And I am very happy to report that Egypt leads the entire world in conducting this procedure, with over ninety percent of our girls prevented from experiencing unnecessary sexual pleasure due to the excision of their disgusting little pleasure-seekers. (Hmmm…why did a perfect god put these little mistakes on girls in the first place? Never mind.)

Now, some of you infidels might mention those year-by-year pictures of the graduating classes of Cairo University, with the female grads posing shamelessly uncovered until fairly recently. Long, flowing hair, right down past their shoulders! Shocking! Disgusting! But today, I am happy to report, 100% of the female graduates of Cairo U. are now wearing the hijab scarf or even the full face-covering veil. This shows that we are making true progress at containing women’s baser instincts to constantly charm, bewitch and seduce pious men.

In recent years our local women seem to have all received the message, and their lust-stoking female hair is no longer seen in public in Cairo where I live. (A little hydrochloric acid splashed in the faces of uncovered women also goes a long way toward encouraging the rest of them to understand the importance of female modesty in the one true religion of peace. Just a few burned and scarred examples will usually do the trick.)

This brings us at last to the case of Lara Logan. It was our holy day when the dictator fled and naturally the crowds on the square were in a celebratory mood. Spirits were running high. And right there in the middle was that infamous Western whore, strutting among the valiant crowds of pious men, shamelessly displaying all of her long blond hair to countless thousands of practitioners of the one true religion of peace. Why, the brazen hussy even dared to show her bare neck clear down past her collar bones!

Of course this would inflame any crowd of normal men who were pious followers of the one true religion. Long gorgeous flowing blond hair, a bare neck showing pure white skin, and bare naked collar bones! Even my grandmother understood what would happen. “Bare meat,” she would call an uncovered Western whore like Lara Logan. What else do you expect from devout practitioners of the one true religion of peace when they see “bare meat” than to try to grab some of it for themselves? After all, that’s only normal male human nature, as explained in our holy books.

(And if Lara Logan wasn’t actually a Jew, she sure was acting and dressing like one.)

Men, women are eternally devious little temptresses. It’s their fallen nature, as members of the weaker sex. Temptation can even happen at work. Suppose you see a brazen female co-worker slutting it around the office, showing her unrestrained hair, perhaps wearing a shape-revealing blouse, or tight jeans or an immodest (non-floor-length) skirt. She’s just asking for sex, dressing like that! A loose woman like that has already lost her chastity, so she is there for the taking. Bare meat, on a plate!

Maybe you are alone with her in the stock room for a while. Well, take her! She is advertising to the world that she is an immoral whore and not a properly chaste member of the one true religion of peace, so why not? And don’t worry about being charged with the Western crime of rape. Were there four male witnesses to the act? I didn’t think so! That is why you cornered her in the stock room in the first place.

In the unlikely event that she dares to bring a charge of rape without the required four male witnesses, you can just say that it was her idea to conduct an adulterous liaison, and she seduced you with her female charms. Perfectly understandable! In the one true religion of peace, a man’s testimony counts twice a woman’s, so you win! Every time!

And do you know what the penalty for her adultery will be? Being stoned to death, while buried up to her shoulders in the ground. That little possibility sure keeps the frequency of rape charges way down, so don’t worry about grabbing a piece of strange if and when the opportunity presents itself. You always win, she always loses.

Yes, it is certainly great to be a man in the one true religion of peace. My infidel friend, give it another look, while we’re still taking volunteers. Think it over, carefully. If we have to wait too long to hear from you, you might not get the same great deal. And don’t worry about consulting your wife in making your decision. Her opinion is irrelevant.

See, you are liking the idea better already.


Abdul al-Anonymo
Dar al-Islam

A faithful adherent of the one true religion of peace,
given to us in perfect completion by the most perfect man in history.

PS: The transmittal email also expressed thanks to the Government of the United States over the past two Presidential administrations for the vast military and economic support of the constitutional establishment and maintenance of Sharia law (see these five videos by Robert Spencer for background) in what we infidels refer to as Iraq and Afghanistan.

You may also be interested in a European perspective on this subject:

And for the record, following the production of that video, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was convicted by an Austrian court on February 15th on charges of "vilifying religious teachings".

Do you understand yet?

Food For Thought And Further Analysis

Please read and consider WWWalker's thoughts in his comments, reprinted verbatim below, to this post:

So let me see if I understand yet.

There are links all over the “freedom” blogisphere, to include this blog just yeasterday o, to this story..................


Hear we read:

“On Saturday night, when Mother Jones staffers tweeted a report that riot police might soon sweep demonstrators out of the Wisconsin capitol building—something that didn’t end up happening—one Twitter user sent out a chilling public response: “Use live ammunition.”
From my own Twitter account, I confronted the user, JCCentCom. He tweeted back that the demonstrators were “political enemies” and “thugs” who were “physically threatening legally elected officials.” In response to such behavior, he said, “You’re damned right I advocate deadly force.” He later called me a “typical leftist,” adding, “liberals hate police.”
Only later did we realize that JCCentCom was a deputy attorney general for the state of Indiana.”

“We saw exactly that in Egypt.
It's illegal for a private citizen in Egypt to own a rifle. Yet there were people being sniped - shot in the head from a long distance - during the protests. Who was doing the shooting? Obviously it was government goons as they were the only ones with the requisite weapons.
Now we see advocacy of doing exactly the same thing right here in America.
An apparent government employee - a Deputy Attorney General no less - appears to have publicly advocated firing on protesters.”

Now correct me if I am wrong. Do I understand correctly that this blog and others (note entry for today at top of page titled, Quote of the Week) are advocating for individuals to continue to openly take to the streets, with or without UNloaded weapons, without cover, and make themselves a target during a protest? Even after a government employee in a somewhat powerful position advocated for the murder of people who participate in protests? After evidence has shown the willingness of other governments to murder protesters? (Or did this not actually happen in Egypt? Maybe that is not evidence, but there is this type of evidence in history.)

Have we learned nothing about government?

Are we truly so lost and unthinking that we become more willing, the worse things get, to openly, without purpose put ourselves in danger of being shot in cold blood for the opportunity to shout and “peacefully” shake empty fists, or empty gun, at those who are slowing killing us over time?

Is it not time for a new strategy?

And NO.........to all who can’t think past “we got two choices”
1) “work within the system to change the system.”
2) “or shoot the bastards.”
“and we can’t do that, we must hold the moral high ground and join with the criminals in the system and work with them, we can do it, we can shout them into morality, or scare them straight peacefully”

NO, number two is not what I am advocating. But number one sure ain’t it either.

What I am advocating is.....................................the productive withholding, righteously , peacefully what does not rightfully belong to the parasite class, looters, moochers, robbers, whatever you choose to call them. And supporting, and protecting one an others inalienable right to do so.

Yes, it will get ugly. It’s going to anyway.
THEY will come with guns, as they are doing and have been doing.

The larger numbers of, and more that the productive class withhold, the more desperate they will become. They will escalate and bring the battle to the productive. They will shed their thin veil of legitimacy in their desperate fight to hold on to their life source, what they perceive as their rightfully owned slaves. 

The productive (as they do now, but with little or no support from their fellow equals) will have the right, the moral responsibility to defend themselves and their fellow producers from attack by the murderers and thieves.

This is the righteous and moral strategy that I advocate and believe has any chance of success in the battle for individual rights, and freedom.

Two quick notes:

1) Apologies in advance for sporadic moderation of comments, as I have other fish in the pan this weekend; and

2) Be thoughtful and civil in your replies, if possible.

As a boss of mine used to say, "More light, less heat."

Rally In Raleigh - Saturday, February 25

Right-minded folks up for some confrontation tomorrow in North Carolina should look to the info in this post by Randy Dye.


Friday, February 25, 2011

An Unrepentant Advocate Of Deadly Violence

“One bleeding-heart type asked me in a recent interview if I did not agree that ‘violence begets violence.’ I told him that it is my earnest endeavor to see that it does. I would like very much to ensure — and in some cases I have — that any man who offers violence to his fellow citizen begets a whole lot more in return than he can enjoy.”

-- LtCol John Dean "Jeff" Cooper, USMC (retired)
   May 10, 1920 - September 25, 2006

Just remember that Colonel Cooper is watching everything that you do, as well as everything that you do not do.

Quote Of The Week

There is a reason I have been engaged in this struggle since the beginning. It is not because I like to protest, far from it. I don't like to put myself out there in the streets - it is unseemly. But I also recognize that I have a personal responsibility to take action where that action is obviously needed. To expect someone else to tend to my liberty or my rights is as unseemly as anything I could do, more so than protesting.

-- TL Davis, A Reason To Fight

From The Trainer

The Trainer sends....if you agree, please post on your blogs. I know...probably preaching to the choir, but if some of the 'choir' will pass this along to other like-minded, but as of now totally inactive, men, we might get a few more able to survive the first big die off.

I believe time is so short that if we get through the next 4 months, we'll have beaten the odds.

February 23, 2011 Headlines:

WSJ: The Federal Reserve Is Causing Turmoil Abroad - Few protesters in the Middle East connect rising food prices to U.S. monetary policy. But central bankers do.

My Way: Greek riot police, protesters clash during strike

Market Insider: $4 Gasoline? Definitely in California, but Maybe Not for Everyone Else

NHJournal: Dem Rep to unions: Time to get ‘bloody’

The Blaze: Ahmadinejad Predicts: Mideast Unrest Coming to America

WND: Lawsuit: 'Honor killings' OK by Michigan Shariah - Plaintiffs challenge city's official cooperation with Islamic Interests

FBI: Muslim Brotherhood Deeply Rooted Inside U.S. - Terror-support group controls most Islamic groups, mosques in America

You can find numerous other headlines easily. Just go to any MSM news outlet. Wisonsin, Indiana, and Ohio haven't even been mentioned, let alone government malfeasance such as that being brought to light by the "Project Gunwalker" investigations.

Just look at what collectivism is doing here, in OUR country! If ever a time existed that need American men to gather together to discipline themselves into a cohesive group to stop the onslaught that is ALREADY HERE and getting stronger by the day, it would be now.

Not since the War for Independence has our country seen such a multi-faceted assault on the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution! It's time for you, yes YOU, not the man to your left or right, but YOU to emulate their example!


Find a good group in your area NOW! Go through their vetting process. Get equipped. Get in shape. The time for 'dicking around' is over. Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence again. UNDERSTAND what those documents MEAN! Turn off your television and put away the beer. You want 'reality'? Just look outside your comfort zone.

"They" are out there. Right now. Checking you out. Checking out how to kill you. What? That's right, "They" aren't coming just to be "in charge". They are coming to destroy you, me, and our entire way of life. "They" are coming now to take tactical advantage of YOUR softness!

Who, exactly, are "They"? "They" are the collectivist totalitarians disguising themselves in the many 'isms' of note. Jihadism, Progressivism, Fascism, Communism, Globalism. All with 'harmless' descriptions and innocent looks. They are promising "fundamental change". That 'change' is to totally obliterate the USA and all the freedoms guaranteed by our way of life.

Put your self-concept and ego aside for once. Forget "chest thumping" or posturing. We don't want to see or hear it. The on-going life and death struggle that is going to turn violent at any time is what is at issue. As soon as the collectivists see the opportunity to cowe YOU into submission because they believe you have NO COURAGE, they are going to strike, and strike hard. So get off the couch, get off the side-lines, and get involved. If you are an invalid, SUPPORT someone who isn't. Be the 'soft war' fighter. Write letters, make phone calls, raise hell with your elected representation. If you're physically able, GET FIT, get EQUIPPED, get TRAINED, and JOIN A GROUP!

Today! Not tomorrow, NOW!

Contemplate what you have inside you as an American man. Reach down, find what has lain dormant all these years. Reach down and tap into it. Your country needs you.

If you won't, then may the words of Samuel Adams ring forever in your ears as an indictment:

"Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say 'what should be the reward of such sacrifices?' Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth? If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!”

All Is For The Best In The Best Of All Possible Worlds

Two proof-points for the folks who do not yet understand that America's flat-spin is accelerating as the ground approaches:

1) Free North Carolina brings us this video of brave public servants subduing a vicious criminal after he completes his journey by train:

2) Read all links contained in The Old Order Is Breaking Down.

Pangloss that.

A Report From Wednesday's Protests At The Georgia Capitol Building

From another participant:

We survived, however, see my account of what happened....

OK, now that I have a fresh mind (ha!) I'll expand on what happened. Our group, Restore the Constitution, decided to attend the SEIU counter protest on Wednesday, February 23… armed. We decided to test the water by openly carrying our sidearms and would then make a determination about the rifles thereafter. For those of you who don’t know, Georgians can open or conceal carry sidearms with a Georgia Firearms License (carry permit) and if you can legally own a firearm, you can carry a loaded rifle in an open manner. Please do not consider this as legal advice and thoroughly read and understand all of Georgia’s gun laws before carrying a weapon of any kind. Legal disclaimer ends…

Georgia SB-308 revised Georgia gun law to allow, at least, these two things; 1) you can open or conceal carry at a rally and 2) you can carry on state property, just not buildings where judges, congress critters, jails and similar buildings. I read the Georgia "capitol ground rules" and while they violate Georgia Law, they state you can't be on capitol grounds with a weapon. So, we spot up across the street from the capitol with the rest of the Tea Party people. A couple of guys in our RTC group approached LEO and were told we can't carry on Capitol ground, which we weren't.

I was approached by Lt. Mitchell of the Capitol Police and Ben James of Georgia Department of Public Safety and told I couldn't carry a gun where I was standing because 1) you can’t carry weapons to a rally and 2) I was on state property. I corrected the officers by citing both of their reasons for telling me to leave were stricken from GA law with the passing and signing of SB308 and they were giving me an illegal order. At one point during the “debate” I lowered my right arm, which GDPS Officer James thought was a move toward my gun and grabbed my wrist and told me not to go for the gun. I quickly corrected him saying I was not doing such a thing and that I would be one of those who would come to his aide, should he ever need it and not one to draw a gun on LEO. We then discussed the capitol ground rules that state no weapons were allowed on capitol grounds. While this is an illegal rule, we were abiding by it. However, Lt. Mitchell, in his infinite power, expanded the capitol grounds boundary well over two blocks from where the rally was. So, to “play nice” we went all the way to Atlanta Underground.

Wile at Atlanta Underground area, we decided to bring out the rifles and set up our banners and flags. Interestingly, we must have been right next to the Sheriff’s office or something because at least 8-10 deputies walked to the parking garage we were standing by and we just exchanged pleasantries and not one mention was made about the guns. Shortly before we were packing up to leave, Atlanta PD stopped by to question what we were doing. We briefed them on how the Capitol Police chased us down to where we were while protesting. The officer acknowledged what I said and reported to dispatch via radio what was going on. We’re assuming someone called 911. As a side note, EVERY encounter the RTC group has had with APD has been nothing but positive. 

Another side note, Georgia State Representative Sean Jerguson, co-sponsor of SB308, was mingling in the Tea Party crowd. He stated two things; 1) the officers were completely wrong and he was going to speak with the Chief of Capitol Police and 2) he appreciated the manner in which w conducted ourselves, utilizing the new law and not getting in the face of LEO. The last thing we need is an altercation between law abiding gun carriers and LEO.

To sum things up:

1) GA State Capitol ground rules violate GA gun law
2) Our 1st amendment rights were violated by Lt. Mitchell and Officer James, see bold test below
3) Our 2nd amendment rights were violated by Lt. Mitchell and Officer James, see bold test below

This will not end here. I’m considering legal action against the Georgia Capitol Police, Georgia Department of Public Safety and whomever makes the Capitol ground rules for violating our constitution rights.

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Amendment II
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the securit
y of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Supplemental from CA:

A Captain Boyd (?) of the Capitol Police advised me that he would not identify who in Georgia State Government gave what he described as the order that "no rifles will be allowed" in the capitol area. Captain Boyd refused to appear on camera, and refused my repeated requests for a Public Information Officer, claiming that none were available on a business weekday with massive local media coverage of a major demonstration.

At your protests this weekend, folks, bring paper, pen, and lots of cameras.

Document, document, document.

Call them on their lies.


Move On Leftistpalooza, Your State Capital, Saturday, February 26

Arctic Patriot explains.

Pass the word.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Res Ipsa Loquitur*

(graphic courtesy of JohnGaltFLA)

*'The thing speaks for itself', from Denninger.

Do you understand yet?

Gunwalker: "You Can't Stop The Signal, Mal"

Mike reports on tonight's CBS News Gunwalker coverage.

Mike, David, Waldo, Zorro, RA Bear, and all of the other players:


Keep hammering.

Keep the bastards on the run.

Don't let up for even a moment.

To quote Mr. Universe:

From here to the eyes and the ears of the 'Verse, that's my motto...or it might be if I start having a motto.

Q&A With EFAD's Matthew Bracken - Castigo Cay

Thanks to Matt Bracken for this terrific discussion of his upcoming novel, Castigo Cay, and how today's deteriorating American scene sets the stage for it:

WRSA: Your new book is called Castigo Cay. It sounds like an adventure novel. So have you quit writing contemporary political thrillers?

MB: No, I haven’t quit. My new book is still highly political, but I don’t get into Democrats and Republicans, nothing at that level. The issues that are overwhelming the United States at the time of
Castigo Cay go far beyond left and right. In the novel, it’s sufficient just to paint the picture of the contemporary United States in order to understand the political and social pathologies at work.

WRSA: So what are the main political and social issues presented in
Castigo Cay?

MB: The loss of privacy and diminishing freedom. Increasingly pervasive surveillance at every level from the internet to the city sidewalk. Politicians and ordinary people coming to grips with the collapse of the debt-based economy. The acceptance of the end of America’s status as the sole global superpower. The decline and death of the dollar. The deliberate deconstruction of American culture through multiculturalism and other means. Virtually legalized graft, bribery, patronage, political corruption and outright theft on a scale that would have made Huey Long ashamed.

WRSA: Why are your novels all set in the near future?

MB: To me, it’s much more interesting to hypothesize about future scenarios than to write about the status quo. Setting the novels ahead a few years permits me to add another dimensional layer to the weave. Anyway, if you don’t postulate some alternate realities in your books, you run the risk of being overtaken by events. I enjoy setting realistic fiction just beyond next year’s event horizon, but with some twist that serves as an event accelerant. For example, a devastating New Madrid Fault earthquake in Foreign Enemies And Traitors, or the stadium massacre which opens Enemies Foreign And Domestic, leading to the banning of all semi-automatic rifles.

But writing too far into the future sends you into the realm of science-fiction. In thirty years we might be fighting with lasers or with rocks. We might be teleporting to Mars, or we might all be dead. To jump even a generation ahead, you have to make some fictional leaps that take you into science fiction, so I stay close to the present day. For one concrete example: all of the high-tech weaponry and surveillance technology portrayed in my novels either exists now or is in an advanced prototype stage. It’s all real, and it can all happen just the way I write it.

WRSA: There seem to be a lot of novels out today that deal with some type of social collapse scenario.

MB: Sure, the meme is finally reaching Joe Sixpack. Ordinary people are figuring it out. But I think the post-Armageddon societal-collapse genre is already overflowing with mostly very bad novels. I prefer to fictionalize the downward slide from the status quo, rather than to set a novel in another rehashed post-apocalyptic Mad Max world. That’s too easy and it’s been done to death. Every historical slide and collapse is unique and interesting. Bare survival in the post-collapse rubble is mostly the same, and becomes rather boring to read. As far as I’m concerned, Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” was the end of the road for post-collapse novels. The process of decay toward ultimate collapse is much more interesting and compelling to me than the end state. In Castigo Cay, most of America’s systems are still functioning, but in a degraded state. The lights are blinking, but they’re not out. America is becoming more of an overt police state even while the national economy is unraveling. Combine terrorism with street riots, bank runs, hyperinflation, currency collapse, and authoritarian rule by local strongmen, and you have the American backdrop of Castigo Cay.

WRSA: The protagonist of Castigo Cay is a Marine sniper?

MB: Former. Dan Kilmer is a thirty-year-old former Marine Corps scout-sniper who is a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He has been riding out the Greater Depression and staying off of Big Brother’s screen by living aboard a sixty-foot steel schooner. He can’t sail to the USA because his boat will be seized for back taxes and other fines that have piled up while he’s been “out of CONUS” for several years. Through no deliberate choice of his own, he’s become a man without a country, an ex-pat renegade with no fixed address, just doing what he can to live free in an increasingly unfree world.

Castigo Cay all takes place outside of the States?

MB: No, half of it takes place in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Dan has to sneak back into Florida under the radar in order to rescue his girlfriend. This forces him to navigate through and around the new police state controls, which I hope will be both interesting and helpful to readers.

Castigo Cay is just the first Dan Kilmer novel? This will be a series?

MB: That’s my plan, and I already have a shelf of plots to write. Making Dan Kilmer the skipper of an ocean-crossing sailboat will allow the novels to be set in a wide variety of locations with greatly varying politics, economies, social customs and local power structures. The typical fictional PIs, detectives, lawyers, and shrinks almost always hang their shingles in one American town for many years. Dan Kilmer won’t be restricted to one city or region. Because of his boat, Kilmer will be a free radical, who can arrive on any scene and trigger a reaction. In order to afford the boat and maintain his preferred standard of living, he has to be clever and run the odd scam, because he is always a foreigner and isn’t allowed to seek legal employment. He is constantly slipping out of port one step ahead of the authorities or the local mafia.

WRSA: You have an interesting background as a Navy SEAL and an ocean sailor. Does any of this background come through in either the EFAD trilogy or your new novel?

MB: Most writers of genre fiction have little or no first-hand knowledge of subjects such as the use of explosives, tactical firearms employment, running a fast boat across the ocean at night and so on. I think I bring more realism to my fiction because of my experiences.

In my opinion, very few novelists can write well or convincingly about using modern weapons, parachuting at night, preparing a C-4 demo charge or a hundred other things. Some of them literally don’t know a revolver from a pistol, yet they put them both in their characters’ hands. Most of the famous name-brand authors wind up writing thrillers that, at least to me, read like comic books without the benefit of colorful illustrations. Many are so laughable in their depictions of action sequences and technical details that I end up throwing the books against a wall.

These authors are far over their heads when they write about guys running around with sub machineguns, night vision devices and lock picks. They are all creating multi-lingual Jason Bournes who swing between sky-scrapers and even cities like Spiderman. They can hack any computer, pilot any jet, speak any language. It gets silly and unreadable. Because they’ve never done a bit of it themselves, these famous authors can’t write the action scenes convincingly, any more than I could write convincingly about conducting the London Philharmonic or quarterbacking an NFL football team. And original, convincing action is at the heart of a compelling thriller. Otherwise, Dostoyevsky is still waiting to be read on the next aisle.

WRSA: It takes one to write one?

MB: (Laughs) It sure helps, I think. At least it gives me an edge in one area of my writing. But the famous name-brand authors do sell a boatload of books and make a ton of money, and I greatly admire that aspect of their success and strive to emulate it by writing fast and clever stuff. But grounded in some reality. What I write can happen. I don’t write comic books lacking pictures as many of them do. Maybe I should. They do sell a lot of copies. But it just wouldn’t interest me to write them. God help me, but I can only write what interests me, what has meaning to me, come hell or high water. And if I ever needed to trim my sails to politically-correct winds in order to sell books I wouldn’t write at all, at least not for publication.

WRSA: What is Castigo Cay? Where is it?

MB: It’s an imagined island in the Bahamas. Don’t look for it, it’s not there.

WRSA: Can people read any sample chapters online?

MB: The first hundred or so pages of all of my novels are free for the reading on my website. The latest addition is the opening sequences of Castigo Cay.

WRSA: When will people be able to read the entire book?

MB: Probably in May or June of 2011.

WRSA: I look forward to it.

MB: It’s like nothing out there, I promise.

WRSA: You could say that about all of your novels.

MB: Thank you.

Matthew Bracken is the author of the Enemies Foreign And Domestic trilogy of novels, all of which explore hot-button constitutional issues without the constraining hand of political correctness. He also wrote The CW2 Cube -- Mapping The Meta-Terrain Of Civil War Two, Arm Thy Neighbor, Professor Raoul X, and In Praise Of Duplexed AR Mags for WRSA.

ATL: SEIU, FreeFor, And The Rule Of Law

Good News: A significant showing by the FreeFor in ATL today, who put approximately 150 Tea Party, 9/12, and RTC folks up against the 500 or so SEIU and other union thugs at the State Capitol, with no violent incidents, injuries, or arrests.

Bad News: Serious WROL (without rule of law) anti-open carry violations today by the Georgia Capitol Police, with the pre-litigation lawyer discussions beginning tomorrow.

Better News: The RTC stalwarts took the field that was offered, in 4/19 "as close as possible" fashion, and demonstrated as usual with our rifles, banners, and gear. Once again, the Atlanta Police Department officers with whom we interacted were low-key and completely professional.

Pics and further details available asap. This cat needs a nap badly.

Kudos to all who came out, especially those from out of state.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unintended Consequences

Free North Carolina explains.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sultan Knish: The Taxpayer's Civil War

Please read Sultan Knish's latest on Wisconsin and the bigger picture.

Government employees have two major problems.

One -- their taxpayer bosses are done.

Two -- even without the building taxpayer revolt, they will never get what they have been promised by the ever-pandering elected officials responsible for the several states' fiscal crises.


Got CV?

Pooty-Poot Encore

(click to enlarge)

From Vladimir Putin Action Comics.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Atlanta Tea Party - Facing The SEIU - State Capitol, 23 February, 4 PM Local

Members of the various Tea Party, 9/12, and other freedom-oriented folks in the Atlanta area will be assembling in the vicinity of Georgia State Capitol this coming Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm. We'll be providing balance to the ravings of the passengers aboard the SEIU Thugbus, which is scheduled to vomit forth its stooges at that same place and time.

If you are within three hours drive of ATL, come join us.

Dan and others from RTC will be there, with the usual accoutrements. As always, each participant is responsible for compliance with all applicable local laws.

Rally point will be the corner of Trinity and Washington Streets in front of the Trinity United Methodist Church. Guide on the Gadsden flags. Rendezvous time no later than 3:45 pm local.

There appears to be some regulations re armed protests on the Washington Street side of the Capitol, so attendees are requested to be flexible in your attire. We will attempt (but no promises) to get some additional clarity regarding the situation and post it here prior to the show.

Take a stand.

Join us in Atlanta on Wednesday.

Or hold your own counter-demonstration when the SEIU Thugswarm comes to your AO.

(graphic courtesy of Alvie at The Cliffs of Insanity)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Philosopher's Warning

From JR Nyquist:

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing the Brazilian philosopher, and president of the Inter-American Institute, Olavo de Carvalho. During the conversation I suggested that something is wrong with our thinking today; that we don’t worship in the same way, or obey the rules in the same way, or observe common courtesy as we once did. “To someone like me,” he began, “who visited this country in the 1980s, and came back to live here in 2005, the changes that the American mind has undergone in recent decades are really shocking.”
Carvalho recommended that I read Tamar Frankel’s book, Trust and Honesty: America's Business Culture at the Crossroad, which, he explained, “describes the alarming decline of moral standards in the American business world....” According to Frankel's book, the erosion of trust and honesty has to do with a rising acceptance and justification of fraudulent practices.  "What has changed," she writes, "is the attitude towards dishonesty and breach of trust. Today, there is a greater acceptance and more justification of dishonesty." How did this come about? With the removal of certain barriers to fraud, temptation has increased.
Carvalho has his own insights into the causes of moral and intellectual deterioration in America: “One of the factors that has brought about this change, with its highly corrosive consequences in the daily lives of Americans, was the fashionable ‘neo-liberalism,' which saw the business world as a self-regulatory power, able to override morality, religion, and culture and to dictate standards of conduct based on the supposedly miraculous power of market laws. What made the greatness of America was not just the free market economy, but a synthesis of this with Christian morals and with a culture that included love of country and family. Separated from these regulating forces, the capitalist economy becomes an engine of self-destruction, which is exactly what is happening today.”
Undoubtedly, there is truth in the assertion that traditional American society has collapsed, being replaced by “the open society,” so named by George Soros and Karl Popper. According to Carvalho, the open society defines itself as “not recognizing any transcendent values and by leaving everything at the mercy of economic conveniences – conveniences that are something alleged even to justify the very demolition of the free market and its replacement by the welfare state, based upon taxation and debt.” In other words, Carvalho is saying that the free market doesn’t make men good. It does not train them to be moral. It does not bother to defend itself against socialism. Those elements in society that previously instilled moral values are no longer as effective, if they are effective at all...

Read the rest.

Shenandoah: Let The World Wide Bank Runs Begin - First Up, South Korea

Go and read.

More local Asian coverage here and here.

And you do remember that as of their latest Quarterly Banking Profile for the period ending September 20, 2010, the FDIC's deposit insurance fund had an unaudited $8.0 billion negative balance:

The Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) balance increased by $7.2 billion during the third quarter to -$8.0 billion (unaudited), the third consecutive quarterly increase following seven quarters of decline. Assessment income of $3.6 billion and a $3.8 billion negative provision for insurance losses were the primary contributors to the improvement in the DIF balance. Interest earnings, combined with unrealized gains on available-for-sale securities and other net revenue, boosted the balance by another $0.3 billion. Operating expenses reduced the balance by $0.4 billion. 

Note especially JohnGaltFLA's checklist.

You ready?

Malkin: SEIU Purple Thug Tour Schedule

Read it all, but here's the sched:

2/21 – Helena, MT
2/21 – Carson City, NV
2/21 – Raleigh, NC
2/21 – Austin, TX
2/21 – Madison, WI
2/22 – Sacramento, CA
2/22 – Denver, CO
2/22 – Des Moines, IA
2/22 – Annapolis, MD
2/22 – Boston, MA
2/22 – Springfield, MA
2/22 – St. Paul, MN
2/22 – Santa Fe, NM
2/22 – Columbus OH
2/22 – Providence, RI
2/22 – Montpelier, VT
2/22 – Madison, WI
2/23 – Hartford, CT
2/23 – Atlanta, GA
2/23 – Scranton, PA
2/24 – Canton, OH

Updates on the SEIU thugsite (assuming it stays operative).

You know what to do.

JDA: Why Did the U.S. Military Buy 500 Fake Internet Personas?

Junior Deputy Accountant asks a number of very interesting questions.

Got another reason to focus more on the physical world, rather than the online world?


A thank-you note is posted at RTC.

We at WRSA also thank the participants for this related update to the rules of engagement.

Quoth Professor Reynolds:

Have fun, folks. You are establishing precedents that will return on you threefold.

There endeth the lesson.

For today.


TL explains.

Do you know where the local SEIU offices are in your AO?

What about the teacher's union offices?

Are your local LEOs unionized? If so, where is the office of that local?

Who are the union leaders for all of these locals?

Where do they live?

Inquiring, freedom-oriented minds should want to know.....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quote Of The Week - 'Shambling Mall Lampreys'

...So the wholesale elimination of government schooling will lead to tens of thousands of uneducated youngsters? What do we have now under the government education system? A nation of budding inventors and entrepreneurs?

No, these aspirations are universally condemned in government schools. What you have are shambling mall lampreys tied umbilically to their various electronic devices all of their waking hours having the quality of life only the dead would envy...

-- Bill Buppert, Burn, Baby, Burn: Government Workers and Self-Immolation

Apostates Of Liberty

Alvie explains.

If you haven't been keeping track of who is whom, best start doing so.

Consequences are generally earned.


(graphic courtesy of the priceless xkcd)

You may want to peruse this resource at your leisure.

Or not.

That Internet thingy is going to continue to be just as secure and available for private/public commo as it is today.

Same with your mobile voice and data networks.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Denninger: If You Read One Article This Month...

Denninger links to this Rolling Stone article by Matt Taibbi on how FedGov insiders from POTUS on down are helping Wall Street banksters continue the largest scam in human history.

Read both in full, please, but note: language alert on each.

Since the utterly-predictable collapse of the Dead Elephants on both the budget and the defunding of Obamacare over the past week, I have felt a curious lift in my spirits.

I know now that the aircraft is undoubtedly going into the water, and that I will have to use my ditch gear and training.

If I survive the crash, that is.

But today, the clouds came in again, as the Wisconsin public-union thug demonstrations made me realize that the good guys are deeply and perhaps irretrievably disadvantaged by their own rule-set.

As a good guy, I was raised to respect the law (whatever it was), work hard, follow the rules, and keep my own nose clean. Doing so, taught my parents and the culture of first-half Sixties America, would ensure my success and that of the community in which I lived.

But the cataclysm that struck America in the second half of the Sixties and continues today tore away those social rule-set foundations.

That country and that culture are gone, almost certainly never to return absent a Renaissance presently unforeseeable in the coming decades.

I have fought in the nearly 30 years since my own personal resurrection from drug and alcohol addiction not just to believe in those rules, but to live by them.

Don't lie.

Don't steal.

Don't hurt people (at least those who don't need hurting).

Pay your taxes.

Wear clean underwear.

Obey the law.

Respect authority.

Be a good citizen.

Don't break things that don't belong to you.

Read the major news periodicals so that you are familiar with the issues of the day.

Register and vote in every election.

Pick up after yourself.

Be kind to others.

And don't get me wrong -- I have, in varying degrees and frequency, failed to live up to each of those "musts".

But at core, I believed in each of them and, even as I failed, tried the next time to do better.

Events of the past year have convinced me that I have been nothing but a rube, a naif, a fool.

The rule of law in this country is dead.

The idea that you have to work for what you have is dead.

What respect should one have when your country's leadership in both parties are accessories before, during, and after the fact to a parade of frauds and corruption bordering on the unimaginable in both scope and consequence?

The vast majority of my fellow North American residents actually accept the idea of soon being de facto slaves to our creditors -- or, at the very most, will only grumble at the prospect.

What we have, here on the first springish day in the wintry South of the USA, 2011, is a worldwide collection of street gangs, each of whom understands that now and for the foresesable future is the time for root, hog, or die.

And Alex, we'll take "root" for 3 trillion, please.

Each gang has its own colors, uniforms, language, and other anthropological markers.

The lawyer gangs, the cop gangs, the banker gangs, the politician gangs, the regulator gangs, the union gangs, the government employee gangs, the immigrant gangs, the NGO and QUANGO gangs, the drug gangs, the tax enforcement gangs, the gun enforcement gangs, the disability-rights gangs, the street crime gangs, the climate gangs, the commercial sex gangs, the pundit gangs, the enviro-gangs, the academic gangs, the Islamic gangs, the collectivist gangs....the list is nearly endless.

But the key commonality between all such groups is this:

There are those in the group, and then there is everyone else.

"Everyone else" breaks into two subcategories:

1) Other gangs (each of which can be, at any given time, an ally, an enemy, a takeover target, or an acquiring entity), and

2) The "unaffiliateds": Individuals or small groups of individuals who are not part of any clearly-differentiated gang.

Guess who's on the menu 24/7/365 for every other group looking for resources, victims, food, or just a bit of the old ultra-V?

Guess too where falls the average good guy or good gal who still believes in the old values?

Do you see the problem?

It's all nice and happy to talk about "activism" and "fighting back" and "standing up". And I don't for a minute mean to disparage any of the good folks that I have met anywhere along the path of the last eight years of trying to do what I thought was (and likely was) the "right thing".

But understand - in the Endarkenment, there is no such thing as "the right thing".

There is only the cannibal pot.

Those unaffiliateds who hold to the old values rather than embracing the new savagery place a "kick me" sign on their own backs -- a request that every gang thug of whatever persuasion within booting range will be glad to oblige.

But just know that the really bad guys will read that "kick me" sign as meaning:

"Beat me, take my stuff, savage and then kidnap for further savaging any females with me, and, if you're feeling peckish and have dispensed with the primal taboos, throw me in the stewpot when you're done."

And spare me, please, just this once, the bellowing, chesty "From my seventy-pounds-overweight cold, dead hands in a pile of hot brass with my .308 man's rifle by any means necessary but only after sufficient provocation lest we slide into the abyss when we gaze into becoming the beast we are fighting for our eternal souls" self-serving-and-deluding masturbatory-fantasy horseshit.

Just this once.

Please. For the love of all that is holy.

Readers of this blog know how few people will actually show up, let alone fight - in any circumstance.

Snyder called it right.

Let me be blunt, dear friends -- anybody noticed any bankers going missing lately?


How about union leaders?

Government lawyers?

The other major and minor cannibals strutting about your AO - every single one of them still has all ten fingers and ten toes, right?

You do understand that these gang members have destroyed the country into which you were born, and ensured that your children and grandchildren face a nearly-inescapable future as debt serfs, right?

Go back now, please, and re-read those last six questions.

Think for a few seconds on each.

Do you understand yet?

At least this old rule still applies:

When you're sitting around the card table, trying to decide who the sucker is, and you can't tell......

It's you.

The old way's over, boys and girls.

New World Order, indeed.

Form your own gang, or get eaten by someone else's gang.

It's just that simple, and just that inescapable.

New era.

New rules.


Or die.

Word Of The Week

From a comment to this post:

"Sure glad there are no national socialists today."

Today there are Nationalistic Socialists (Republicans), and Socialistic Nationals (Democrats). Two wings of the same bird of prey. Biologists call the American Bald Eagle a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kleptoparasite, which means just what you think it does: "Who put their sand on top of our oil?" Etc.

Any questions on "kleptoparasite" and its continuing utility?

Thought not.

Word to that anonymous commenter.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Staying Warm - Nuts and Bolts: Fueling The Furnace

Arctic Patriot's latest.

Read, learn, and do.

Volk On Freedom

(click to enlarge)

Oleg frames the issue according to the late, great Aaron Zelman's quote re Germany in the Thirties.

Sure glad there are no national socialists today.

As An Apocalypse, It's A Pretty Good Show

TL Davis gazes into the near-term crystal ball.

I'm sure he's just being overly dramatic.


Are you ready?

And would you pass the popcorn?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Deep Is Our Debt Hole?

Please read and click on all elements of this multimedia post by Donald Sensing, which begins with the vid above.

Note that even these numbers cited in the Sensing post are conservative, given that Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher estimated aggregate unfunded FedGov liabilities in May, 2008 (i.e., pre-TARP, pre-Stimulus I and II, and pre-Obamacare) at $99.2 trillion:

...No combination of tax hikes and spending cuts, though, will change the total burden borne by current and future generations. For the existing unfunded liabilities to be covered in the end, someone must pay $99.2 trillion more or receive $99.2 trillion less than they have been currently promised. This is a cold, hard fact. The decision we must make is whether to shoulder a substantial portion of that burden today or compel future generations to bear its full weight...

For those of you who have not abandoned the effort to educate those who should be your allies, Sensing's post (and Fisher's speech) are excellent resources.

If you can get them to watch, absorb, and comprehend both the reality and the horrific, inevitable consequences.

We're falling with style, indeed.

Keep your feet, ankles, and knees together, with your eyes on the horizon, then commence your PLF upon impact.

There will be no do-overs.

Pharoahs And Fairy Tales

Please read Mark Steyn's latest, along with his brief recap from last week.

And ask yourself why you don't see more coverage from American media outlets re the ongoing and growing protests in Yemen, Bahrain, Iran, and Tunisia.

You don't need a musulman to know which way the wind blows.....

Gunrunner: An Open Letter To Matt Drudge

Alvie says it better than I could.

Suggestion: Take the substance of Alvie's letter, along with David's automatically-updated log of his and Mike's work in the case, and send same not only to Drudge, but also to the following media outlet email addresses:

Al Jazeera English: press.int@aljazeera.net

Russia Today: RT-US@rttv.ru

Radio Netherlands Worldwide: (click on link to access contact form)

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You may want to tweak your introduction a bit for each outlet (e.g., "I am sure your readers in Germany and across the world want to know how far the corruption in the US Department of Justice goes, and whether or not Attorney General Holder or President Obama have already participated in the cover-up.") so as to sex up your tip a bit.

Fire when ready.

Keep it up.