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Friday, December 17, 2010

More On The Open-Source Project: 5WH

What: A clipping service (or "Drudge for right-minders") in which volunteers read assigned (usually self-chosen) periodicals (domestic, foreign, and technical, where relevant), providing links to original source and a brief (4-5 sentences, max) synopsis that will be posted to the website (which opens within the next week).

Later upgrades (on a crawl-walk-run evolution) will include analysis and synthesis, each with an emphasis on good reporting, citations to source materials, and sober fact-facing.

Why: A lot of hard work goes into maintaining existing internet resources for the FreeFor. More eyes and brains will help make sure that we don't miss key information from around the world, especially as things devolve here in the States and the American propaganda organs increase volume to 11.

Who: You, if you are willing. Folks with relevant backgrounds and/or deep interest may get to choose specific periodicals and/or subjects. The editors will do what we can to make sure you can make a meaningful contribution.

When: No promises, but we hope to be live within the next week (i.e., by Christmas Eve Eastern standard time).

Where: The editors maintain freefors2@gmail.com as the project's email address. Volunteers should report there if they have not yet received an acknowledgment from us.

How: Let's assume I have chosen/been assigned the Japan Times. Each day, I will scan the edition (at least twice a day, to catch updates) for stories of interest in the following areas (these will evolve over time):

African Economics and Politics
Domestic (US and Canadian) Economy and Politics
Domestic Space Activities
Eurasian Economics and Politics
Foreign Military Issues
Foreign Space Activities
Pan Asian Economics and Politics
South/Central American and Mexican Economics and Politics
Terrorism, with an emphasis on Islamic terror
US Freedom Issues
US Military Issues
US/Foreign Relations
World Freedom Issues

Let's assume today, I see a story in the JT regarding Islamists gaining greater control in the Philippines.

I'd assemble a brief, factual synopsis, ending with the direct link to the story:

Muslim terror forces gain increasing leverage in Mindanao, Panawan, and Samar by exploiting public officials' corruption. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/philippines/islamistsgain.html

Once that's done, I'd just send it to freefors2@gmail.com with the subject line "Terrorism - Philippines". The editors will then review, correct any typos, and include in the next blog post.

We'll be evolving as time proceeds, and we may even find that no one gets any benefits from the effort.

But let's try it for a while.



Anonymous Justin said...

This is progress.

Baby steps.


December 17, 2010 at 5:40 AM  
Anonymous Defender said...

Already in the works, but accelerated in response to WikiLeaks.
But "We shouldn't think of it as an Internet takeover."


December 17, 2010 at 3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suggested next step for three months from now when you're running smoothly: move this whole project to a blacknet. It doesn't matter so much which blacknet you choose, the initial goals are: (1) mental practice in believing that privacy is morally good; (2) mental practice in acting privately; (3) technical practice in using privacy computer tools; (4) enticing people off the Windows population-monitoring platform to Linux. Next step after that is to implement karma credits for good reporting, implemented on an anonymous electronic money type system. Next step is to move to the best blacknet systems available.

December 18, 2010 at 5:05 PM  

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