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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fourth Generation Warfare Evolves, Fifth Emerges

Causapatet cites to this article and other links discussing 5GW concepts.

Read 'em all, and think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am going to offer up a crumb of a plan that I have swirling around in the old noggin.
Our masters have identified finance and assets as a target when attempting to combat 4G groups such as AQ and the Narco terror groups in Latin America. They have resulted to this strategy becuase they cannot confront the 4G groups on their (State) terms. The 4G groups simply will not come out an play by their rules.
A 4G/5G group has the opposite problem they cannot confront the State on its terms because they are not strong enough to do so. They can however utilise the same strategy of targeting assets.

A 4G/5G group could build a strategy of disruption. Disruption can be anything that limits a targets ability to provide value to its owner/user.
So a strategy of disrupting the financial methods of the State could be adopted.

1. Analyze the system to determine the most likely critical nodes.
2. Prioritize the nodes to be attacked.
3. Determine the best tactic to disrupt the nodes in question.
4. Execute the attacks.
5. Publish a notice to the general public of the attacks to combat the targets ability to hide them.
6. Analyze the results of the attack.
7. Re-tool for the next attack
8. Publish your results to facilitate copy-cat attacks

For the panty-weights keep in mind we are not specifically speaking of violence just disruption.


December 6, 2010 at 9:19 PM  

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