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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Devil's Christmas Letter To America

From Charles Hugh Smith:

The Devil pens a Christmas letter.

Through means I am unable to disclose, I have obtained a copy of the Devil's Christmas letter. Yes, Satan too sends a Yule letter, and no, I was not on his mailing list. I think Satan's Holiday cheer should give us all pause.
To my fallen angels Beelzebub, Lucifer and Leviathan, princes of Hell's demons, and to my minions, lackeys, toadies and sycophants on Earth: 
As you know, this time of year usually finds me quite despondent, as the Prince of Peace's influence waxes most atrociously around his birthday. But this year I am in fine spirits, nay, let me even declare myself absolutely giddy, for the destruction of the United States of America draws ever nearer. 
Though my minions have long sown festering seeds of hate and disharmony in that now-benighted land, only recently have my favored weapons of destruction--leverage, debt, half-truths and endless, preening justifications for greed, sloth, lust, pride, envy, anger and gluttony--have been unleashed to worm their way into the stricken heart of that Republic. 
My most treasured hopes of destitution and conflict in the U.S.A. are nearing fruition. 
First, my minions in the Federal Reserve--such loyal servants!--and the Federal government have unleashed a veritable orgy of leverage and debt upon the land, spreading ruination under the false guise of prosperity. What a delicious irony, that the fools doomed to eternal damnation in my Empire believe themselves prosperous as they absorb the poison of exponentially rising leverage and debt. 
They have made a mockery of the rule of law, openly flouting it by letting financial crimes go not just unpunished but rewarded. The blatant injustice that roams the land like a foul, slobbering beast--there are two sets of laws and two sets of books now, one for the financial Elites and their political toadies, and another one for the tax donkeys beneath them--this will eventually ignite the firestorm I seek. 
American extravagance has surpassed even my highest expectations, as purveyors of luxury goods reap record profits, and the childish desire for instant gratification has become the unspoken ruler of the land. Convenience is now worshipped as a god, sitting triumphant beside entitlement, greed and willful ignorance. 
Convenience is, as you all know, the name of a peculiarly slick slide into Hell...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incredible letter. Covered just about everything.

Sent it to everyone on my mail list, half of them won't get it anyway. They're too busy shopping and celebrating to care. Why read a depressing letter that makes no sense. We just got another tax break yesterday! More money for christmas, right?


December 19, 2010 at 5:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

About the truth of it.I'll pass it along.

December 19, 2010 at 12:25 PM  
Anonymous Defender said...

It is an amazing time. The president increases the deficit more than all presidents previous to Reagan COMBINED. Congress narrowly votes for a no-tax-increase and the people cheer, not thinking to demand a DECREASE. They're lucky, you see, because with the huge DEFICIT, they're lucky not to have an even bigger tax INCREASE, which the government needs because of the DEFICIT.
The wheel is still turning,but the hamster is dead.

There's also THIS, coming across the Atlantic pretty soon.


December 20, 2010 at 1:34 AM  
Blogger Sean said...

The devils' greatest trick was convincing everyone he didn't exist.

December 20, 2010 at 2:21 PM  
Anonymous aughtsix said...

Sent it far and wide....

Had one, just ONE!, acknowledgment.

Tough to admit to all that, I suppose, but it's the truth.

We are soooo fracked.


December 21, 2010 at 5:29 AM  

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