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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meanwhile, In The East...

A reader sends two articles from the Jamestown Foundation:

The Kashmir Card

China Building Africa's Economic Infrastructure

I say, old boy...

Would you mind asking that bloody dragon over there if he knows the pinyin characters for "global hegemon"?

There's a good fellow...


Blogger J. Croft said...

Best enemy money and traitors can buy.

While we were clueless the enemy emptied our country of factories and technology to build up China; raise taxes and regulations here, made a 10 lane highway of incentives to ship those corporate generated jobs overseas

Thanks CFR!

It's going to be up to us to make Yammamoto's words about invading America impossible because there'd be a rifle behind every blade of grass prophetic... unfortunately that's the script and those CFR fuckers would just love to see us ground into bloody dust trying it.

It'll be up to us to prove them wrong. Be much better if the Patriots in our military would step up.

November 17, 2010 at 1:16 AM  
Blogger pdxr13 said...

Africa is where "any" aircraft provides "air superiority". Got 30 year old MIG's sitting around? Send 50 of them and pilots/technicians and you have the best Air Force in Central Africa.

Doesn't China have a 20% surplus of young men (compared to the female fraction of the population)? Here's a way to get those surplus men OUT of mainland China for an extended period, with an opportunity to come back with raw materials (shares of the venture), and travel stories.

Someone has to protect the miners from Africans, and it might as well be low-paid Chinese troops guarding low-paid Chinese miners.


November 17, 2010 at 4:48 AM  

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