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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Advice From Malone Vandam

From New Paltz Journal II:

Being gunned up, with or without tactical training, is not tactics.

Tactical training presses in on an immediate existential situation. It has little or nothing to do with real tactics. It’s only a matter of immediate competence.

Corpse in Armor
is about tactics and thinking about tactics in the context of a strategy. Tactics are serious ideas in action. Tactics are about broad and deep insight. Tactics are political. Tactics see around corners and into the future.

If you want to understand tactics, real tactics, set in the rapid flux of a page-turning counterterrorism thriller, then you need to have a copy of Corpse in Armor, which you can get right here from Amazon.

Tactics are the ability to rapidly decode overwhelmingly complex circumstances and reduce them to their absolute priorities. You cannot think your way to that. You have to see it inside your head in Technicolor.

Read Venlet's review here.

Billy Beck's take is here; excerpt:

...There is an elemental thesis to this book, which is that world socialism was happy to have Islamist terrorism as an ally against America. I heartily agree. This is the largest context of the book: the fact that all kinds of devils will league happily against us precisely because this country is the best thing the world ever saw. Within that context, the action runs fast and hard, but one can always find time for spots of philosophy, even during interrogation...

I've bought two -- one for me and one for lending. I'll let you know my thoughts anon.


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