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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

4/19: David Codrea's Speech

Part I here; scroll down to the second feature.

Part II here.

Watch them both, please.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Appreciate all you've done and are doing. Regarding these particular videos I have some observations:

A) you give credit to Oath Keepers for shooting the video, and since you mention them, I would like to point out that Mr. Rhodes was supposed to be a scheduled speaker at the Open Carry rally that morning and is on record as earlier stating how important it was to be there, but a couple weeks prior cancelled citing unspecific conflicts with other scheduled speaker(s) whom he classed as inciting violence and being agent provocateurs. It was pretty obvious he was referring to Mike V. of 3-per fame, just as it was obvious that Mr. Rhodes was regurgitating as gospel the spin being circulated by the MSM, and hadn't taken the time to investigate the situation, or else was simply showing his hand as a lap dog of those he supposedly opposes. It is of further interest that not much later he again took the MSM's propaganda as gospel in relation to the events in Monroe County, TN, and then went further by personally intervening in the situation by contacting principals in the case, who were members in good standing with Oath Keepers, and demanded that they take down video of one of the events. He disavowed all connection between them and _His_ organization, and went so far as to say he didn't need the hassle and financially his time would be better spent on his private legal vocation. Mr. Rhodes seems to be somewhat intellectually challenged when it comes to defining just what the real duties and obligations of a real oath keeper are. Many of us combat vets view our oaths as not only an obligation but a duty to step up front and center to not only intercede between criminals and innocent private citizens but to pro-actively become involved to stop criminal activity when we see it. Mr. Rhodes preaches a castrated version in which members of _His_ group must avoid antagonizing the domination of the federal hierarchy but instead become supplicants in their own country begging for crumbs at the hands of their titular masters.

My personal take on Mr. Rhodes comes from the emphasis he places on his background as demonstrated by the entries in his bio posted on _His_ organization's website: i.e. he is first and foremost a Yale lawyer. In case you missed it, that is a training ground for the elitists, who I sort of thought were our opposition. As a former nam A-team medic I view this individual as a Yale lawyer no-body, a former un-blooded paratrooper who has no record of accomplishments to give him any special standing among veterans, much less alone to promote himself as the great leader of such. His refusal to stand behind or more importantly with his men, his slavish regurgitation of MSM smears brands him for the sell-out mole that he is, whose true goal is to emasculate and deflect the justified anger of those who not only have the skills but the ability to remove the illegal criminal conspiracy which currently holds our government in thrall.

(cont. bacsi)

May 19, 2010 at 5:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

B) I notice that you have what appears to be a 3-per flag heading this comment section; while I was initially somewhat bemused by Mike V's 'Absolved' novel, and by the stance he has taken in regards to federal government, his actions in regards to the Monroe County situation also brands him with the same colors as Mr. nobody yale lawyer Rhodes. Any one who looks at the admittedly poorly documented history of that on-going case knows full well that all, let me repeat: ALL, legal appeals to local, county, state, and federal were attempted multiple times and in all cases our legal appointees refused to fulfill their oaths and act. Yet, Mike V has the audacity to, like Mr. nobody yale lawyer Rhodes, to regurgitate the slurs and out-right lies published by the MSM. Then he goes further and lumps those involved together with the Grand Jury movement and calls them all 'Morons', and states that he won't tolerate any further discussion on _His_ blog on the subject... well, it is his blog so I won't bother him by posting my thoughts there, especially since he wouldn't publish them.

Since he has shown his true colors, we can go back to referring Mike V by his real name, that of Red Mike, for besides being a 'never served' his earlier life was as a communist organizer/agitator - he never changed, just 'found religion and became another worthless mole, whose real goal, like Mr. nobody yale lawyer Rhodes, is to preach a mutated form of patriotism which again requires an acknowledgement of the supremacy of the criminals in control of our government and political process, and a do-nothingism which prevents them from taking the necessary action our heritage demands until it is too late.

Real patriots need to wake up that it will take boots on the ground as organized State Constituted militia, Grand Juries and jury deputies to effect the necessary change. Three million patriots can take this country back in a month by simply following the directions and teaching of our great founding fathers. Our rights and obligations are God given, it's time we acted like we believe it.

De Oppresso Liber


May 19, 2010 at 5:21 AM  

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