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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Latest "Day the Dollar Died" Installment

Is here.

Prior installments here.


Anonymous patrick henry said...

I STRONGLY recommend all go see Obadiah's comments to "Chapter XVIII" of DTDD. - http://johngaltfla.com/blog3/2010/02/14/chapter-xviii-the-boxankle-adventure-the-day-the-dollar-died-series/comment-page-2/

I - like many others - thought its first comment was sarcasm, until its second comment eliminated that misunderstanding...

My response to others' responses follows:

Obediah is in reality doing us all a favor. A TREMENDOUS favor actually.

People like us tend to group together, so we gain a false impression of what We-The-Sheeple think — or more accurately FEEL. As Mike Vanderboegh loves to quote “You’ve got us SURROUNDED, you poor bastards!”

I Guaran-damn-tee you that Obediah has been reading the 17 passages that preceded this one, reading all the “steps” the .gov has taken, and thought felt “See! I KNEW I could trust Dear Reader and company to take care of things!”

While the rest of us saw a police-state/unConstitutional dictatorship, He/She/It saw the fulfillment of every expectation – an all-powerful Daddy who would make sure he/she/it wanted for nothing.

Where we saw unconscionable despotism,he/she/it found succor in an omnipotent/omniscient/omnipresent nanny-state.

And there are at least 160-MILLION of her – I’d bet closer to 230-million. Of the 100-million that remain, I’d guess 90 percent of them are the type to whine about Liberty/the Constitution while lining up to help in order to be sure to get their “fair share” of the pie.

If we’re lucky – if the hand of Divine Providence sees fit to so bless this idolatrous nation – there might be three-percent who are actually willing to stand up, grab their rifle and gear and actually resist such tyranny.


Doesn’t sound like much, but it was enough to defeat the most powerful military on the planet at our Republic’s founding. Only 3% of the Colonists ever actually took up arms, and less than 10% did *ANYTHING* to support them. Literally less than 10% ever gave a freezing soldier a blanket or a bowl of hot broth.

OTOH, 3% is more than our entire military force – and those who understand and keep their oath, and thus refuse to be part of the problem will no doubt make up some percentage of our 3%.

I happen to believe that G*d isn’t finished with us yet. Just like one righteous man would have been enough for him to spare Sodom and Gomorrah, I believe that 3% willing to shout “Give me LIBERTY or GIVE ME DEATH!” will be enough for Him to spare our modern-day equivalent. Still, it will be ugly, brutal, horrendous duty – not for the faint of heart.

A vast majority of your neighbors are just like poor Obediah and will actively support their oppressors and gladly lick the hand that beats them.

For me, I honestly wish that their chains will rest lightly upon them for – come that awful day – the burden of necessity of feeding and watering such sheep will require vast resources that otherwise might be raised against our tiny Band of Brothers. In this way even the Sheeple will play their tiny part in helping restore our proper Constitutional Government.

“You’ve got us surrounded, you poor bastards!”

Pat Henry

PS: PLEASE see my website link – MBV has one of the best sites on the ‘Net for Patriots like us.

February 19, 2010 at 3:53 PM  

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