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Monday, February 15, 2010

Latest "Day the Dollar Died" Installment

Is here.

Prior installments here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Expecting an elected official to defend their freedom? How historically false and un-libertarian. Here is an alternate fictional ending:

...Sheriff Atkins chimed in, "We're sorry folks that you had to see this. These guys have been bullying the locals for three days now and I've had enough. We're going to take a stand. Just get out of here and fast as I'm rounding up volunteers. And watch out if you're heading to McRae, there's a large group of them just north of town." Tom took his hands off the hood and started to cry a bit as he yelled out, "God Bless you sir and thank you sir for your bravery. I had never seen it so bad the last three days either. Atlanta is a hell hole and we just wanted to escape to safety." Sheriff Atkins looked back at him and said, "Son, you don't know the half of it. A world of hurt is coming to our nation, I just pray we survive the next thirty days." Tom looked at him for a long moment, trying to figure out where the Sheriff stood. Then he said, "the three of us are bugging out to the old Smith farm. We're starting a company there to manufacture silencers, full-auto conversion parts, primers, and RPGs. We're going to hire out-of-work illegals on merit and price, without regard to racial quotas or minimum wages. There won't be any OSHA inspections, building permits, zoning approvals, environmental impact studies, professional licenses, or union recognition. We'll sell product for untraceable gold and silver coin, as much as the civilian traffic will bear. We won't sell to LEO we don't trust, and we certainly won't be paying the county any tribute. I pray your volunteers, and every other adult in this county, will finally take back control of their lives." As Tom's rant wore on, the Sheriff's expression slowly changed like he had bitten down on a big juicy bug. After a gasp and a choke, he managed to spit out: "Like hell the civilians will have RPGs!" Suddenly, without warning, two more shots rang out from inside the SUV. Lillian pulled off the muffs and yelled, "scavenge their weapons and ammo and let's get moving." Tom rolled the dead out of their duty belts and frisked them for supplies. In the back seat of the SUV, Sandy screamed as her worldview was torn asunder.

February 16, 2010 at 8:41 AM  

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