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Monday, February 15, 2010

When Ethnic Thinking is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Think Ethnic

A provocative essay at Gates of Vienna on how traditional ethnic lines are re-forming, despite decades of multiculturalist propaganda, in old Europe.

Sounds an awful lot like Robb's "tribes", only with the aperture of ethnicity open more fully.

As the author asks:

...The events described above represent a tendency that does not sit well with the average law-abiding Western citizen. To most of us, motorcycle gangs and football hooligans do not represent the best of our kind. Theft, drug-running, extortion, and grievous bodily harm — these are activities that we prefer not to associate ourselves with.

This presents the ethnic nationalist with a terrible dilemma: when dissent against transnational multicultural orthodoxy is outlawed, who but outlaws will defend our traditional national cultures?

As the economic crisis deepens, the trend towards violent confrontation can only accelerate, since unemployment and the collapse of the currency will greatly enlarge the pool of those who have nothing to lose. When the carrot-and-stick extortion of the welfare state — the promise of benefits and the threat of their withdrawal — no longer has its intended effect, the main barrier to active resistance will have been removed.

Well-meaning law-abiding people can (and do) deplore the idea of regarding the Hells Angels as our ethnic protectors. To deplore is our privilege; we can deplore all we want, and keep deploring right up until our nations adopt full sharia. Deploring is about all we can do, since we have been politically castrated over the past five or six decades.

So what is the alternative?

None of us wants to have anything to do with Jønke, but who else is willing to oppose the vicious and violent behavior of feral immigrant “youths” in the working-class neighborhoods of European cities? And — given the weakness and fecklessness of our law enforcement and judicial apparatus — who else is vicious and violent enough to get the job done?

Unfortunately, at the moment it looks like the only choice we will get is between hooligans and sharia, between Jønke and people like Mullah Krekar. If you had to make the choice — if there were no other alternatives — whom would you choose?

Actually, there is a possible third alternative, namely anarchy and chaos, the War of All Against All. But in the end we will encounter the same dilemma: if the existing system breaks down — which seems a distinct possibility — either the Hells Angels or Mullah Krekar will end up running the show in the ruins of what used to be Western Civilization.

This is not a choice that any of us wants to face. But, if the current suicidal behavior of our political and cultural leaders continues, it may be the only choice we are given.

Are you sure you're ready for what is coming?

Tempus fugit.


Blogger Wyn Boniface said...

The guilt of Hitler caused the wrong reaction. They went the opposite way, the entire West, to the point of insane. I do not mean politically but culturally. There is nothing wrong with Greeks or Swedes, but it is insane to have the Archbishop of Canterbury saying Sharia law should be allowed. Now that they are reaching critical they are amazed the ignorant toothless types are the ones fighting it out. I have another solution other then an SA truppen. They can get rid of both, as both are pogrom squads.

February 15, 2010 at 11:29 PM  
Blogger Mayberry said...

I'm ready... Here's an interesting bit of personal observation: This
One Big Happy Family" crap is the product of warm fuzzy liberal imaginations...

Walk into the mess hall on any military installation in the US of A, or any naval vessel, and you will see tables of blacks. Tables of whites. Of hispanics. Of Filipinos. Indians. Whatever....

Sure, there are a few oddballs here and there who "intertwine" with other races, but for the most part, each seeks his own.

There are "sub-groups" as well; rednecks, yuppies, city folk, country folk, lower ranks, upper ranks.... Folks naturally gravitate toward, and associate with people of a common background, in spite of the wishes of the PC police.

Cultures will be preserved regardless of what anyone else might want. It's human nature. When SHTF, more than ever, people will seek out people like themselves. They will "clan up" in similar ethnic, social, regional, and financial groups, which will then go to war amongst each other over whatever resources are available in their general area.

Having been in the Navy, I've observed what I've spoken of first hand... It's engineers versus operations guys. Enlisted versus officers. Black versus white. Hispanic versus both. Individual commands (ships, bases, units....) versus each other, and all versus the "Brass" (high command), the Brass versus Washington politicians.....

SHTF will be pure chaos as each group attempts to sieze control from the other. The American "melting pot" has failed, in recent decades, to assimilate various immigrant cultures into the American culture, and has, in fact, encouraged the splintering of people into seperate groups, virtually assuring warfare between factions versus Americans versus the government. Smart plan....

February 16, 2010 at 1:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not liberalism. It is Bolshevism! A divide and conquer strategy. The notions of classism, racism, sexism are all Bolshevik machinations come to fruition. It is manifest in the politics of identity as opposed to the politics of ideas and ideals.

We will soon come to learn the ancient lesson of survival; Blood (as in kin, relations, family, clan, tribe) and soil (as in home, turf, area of operations)are worth fighting and dying for.

To espouse the ideal of acceptance/respect of/for other cultures should not necessarily be a path to destruction of our own culture.....but a people who are ignorant of their history, as many (perhaps most) Americans are, will be doomed to live under the new dominant culture.

February 16, 2010 at 2:46 AM  

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