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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When? Who?

On The Green points to a Will Grigg article, then asks the key question.

Billy Beck provides more data in support of that question, with his "Standing Army Round-Up" today.

And, of course, there is David's ongoing "Only Ones" compilation.

My thoughts?

That "identification friend or foe" project for AmRev 3.0 better get started pretty damned quickly.

Tempus fugit.

(images from Liberty Stickers)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly the question that I have had - Sitting out unlawful orders is not a “defense” of anything. Besides, how does an individual in the military or law enforcement know that any particular order is unlawful? Our federal government is operating in violation of clearly established legal precedent, black letter law and in an extra-Constitutional manner on a number of fronts, including the recent rounds of criminality involving Wall Street officials, the Fed, members of Congress, the Executive branch and a variety of appointed officials. The specific examples are too numerous to mention here.

We have a civilian government that engages in criminal activity and ignores black letter law combined with a Justice Department that selectively prosecutes “crimes”, ignoring voter intimidation (the Black Panthers in Pennsylvania, ect.) and voter fraud (ACORN).
This creates an interesting conundrum. Can any “legal” orders emanate from an illegitimate civilian government that operates above the law and ignores its Constitutional limits and constraints? If so, how is a member of the military or law enforcement to know which orders are “lawful”? If not, if no orders from an illegitimate, extra-Constitutional government can be “legal”, what should members of the military and law enforcement do?

Resign! Refuse to support the Leviathan that has been created!

It is my contention that to work for an illegitimate government that operates above the law makes one illegitimate and criminal (think about the bureaucrats and enforcers of various criminal regimes throughout history and into modern times.) Everyone that collects a paycheck from our Federal Government (and many local governments) is endorsing and supporting their criminal actions, their violations of the Constitution and their destruction of our God given liberties.

Oathkeepers? When? When do they start to “keep” their oath? The military and a good portion of the law enforcement community have the support and respect of the majority of citizens that make this country work. When will they stand up and return the sentiment. They are uniquely situated and a large scale act of resistance/protest against the current slate of criminals and criminal activity in D.C. would have the support of the vast majority of involved citizens – and it would help to wake up the rest.

Without the bold action of our “brave” men and women in uniform on the domestic issues and crimes that our citizens face now on a daily basis, I fear for the future of our Republic. This will not end well.

David, III

October 28, 2009 at 3:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are/have YOU done David? Maybe I'll just emulate you.

Just sayin'.

I actually agree with your analysis.


October 28, 2009 at 10:58 PM  

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