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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is 'Limited Government' An Oxymoron?

From Tyranny Unleashed comes this video, reposted here to spur more thinking about what level of economic and political organization, if any, will be needed in the autonomous zones formed both during and after the upcoming War of the Tyrants, a/k/a AmRev 3.0.

See also this post from Larken Rose via Bill St. Clair.

Watch, listen, think, and act.

Audentes fortuna iuvat.


Blogger George Donnelly said...

Good stuff. It's like Lysander Spooner said, the constitution either failed to prevent this or it enabled it. Either way, government is like a tumor, and you always want to purge the complete tumor and leave nothing behind. We can organize our affairs without the aggression of government.


October 27, 2009 at 1:26 PM  
Anonymous J. Croft said...

We'll be starting from scratch.

Most Americans will be doing swap meet/flea market/farmers market level of underground economic activity, until the beast sends in its ever-growing numbers of thieves to shut them down or at least extort them for 'taxes'.

So basic trade will have to be done covertly which will further hinder any economic revival-and I must make the point here that most Americans are trained to be wage slaves for a corporation and not entrepeneurs.

Entrepeneurialship, either alone/family growing food or trading, or with a group of machinists doing what they do is a lost concept that must be cultivated. Fortunately the ongoing collapse will rapdily instill such. Or they will get government jobs and be secure being slaves.

That will be the choice of every American: live free and accept you might die or be a slave and hope the government actually keeps its word for once.(HA!)

Only way to get any kind of relatively unfettered activity is through liberated territory. To get liberated territory from an enemy requires victories. Victories require sound strategy, tactics, willing soldiers and FOOD, AMMO, AND SPARE PARTS.

This is going to be a chicken and egg sort of problem. Yes defections will help but you cannot count on that. You also cannot count on raids on convoys and depots as any halfway intelligent enemy will use said sources of supplies as bait for ambushes for SF teams or bomber strikes.

To grow food you will need microplots so that one raid doesn't wipe out an entire family's plot. Or grow hydroponically underground which will require hidden water sources and power generation not ony off the grid so the drain cannot be tracked but also shielded from detection of heat or EM signal.

Manufacturing weapons requires smelting, and machine tools; smelting requires lots of heat and machine tools require lots of power so again the energy problem compounded by the need for being undetected-but one go around might be to manufacture under the enemy's noses... literally. You then open up the problem of smuggling through a nation of checkpoints.

Ammunition requires chemical works and access to ingredients. If those cannot be obtained or manufactured then substitutes are needed. Or a new means of propelling copper jacked lead or steel past 2500fps.

Without the basics; food, water, munitions, an army cannot survive on the battlefield. The Boers and the Confederacy proves that.

October 27, 2009 at 4:57 PM  

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