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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Lesson From One of the Last Free Britons

Head over to The Smallest Minority for a lesson from a Brit on how his nation committed suicide.

Read it all, but here are some lessons learned from the piece:

...So what lessons can I summarise here?

1) Government is a Business and like any business it is a case of expand or die.

2) An emergency allows legislation to be introduced which ratchets up, never down and any power once seized is NEVER given up.

3) Politicians lie.

4) The Police are a business (see 1 above).

5) Unless you take an interest in Politics and watch your “representatives” like hawks, they will arrange things to benefit themselves.

6) Unless you are cynical, the plausible schemes, soft and reasonable sounding words are not rebutted and there is always a further step which can be taken towards Utopia. Once you realise the process has gone too far, it is too late.

Does that little list sit uncomfortably with you?

It should.

Read the whole thing.


Anonymous J. Croft said...

Brits only hope is a total government collapse.

We are definetly down the same path as Britain in demoralization. We haven't had the horrendous butchering of world war one or being spent by world war two. What we have had was the planned economic stripmining of American corporate owned industry, Hollywood and Madison Avenue programming us through the tv hive mind, and the NEA controlling what some call 'education'.

I strongly suspect that those in government will give us the death tolls Britain suffered during WWI-with WWIII. Most of our conventional ground forces are tied up in Korea and the Middle East in positions that would be frightening to pull out of even in peacetime. Imagine a hypothetical situation where the US government magically becomes patriotic and pulls them out with a all out war with Iran, Al Qaeda controlled Pakistan and China!

No matter that we have ICBMs, those soldiers and their equipment would be written off. I could see Iran and China sending the bodies of our troops home to sink in the lesson. Could you imagine it-freight trains stretching for miles of caskets... all the beer belly beating patriotism China-made flag waving would END.

And we would collapse. Would our America arise from such ashes? I wonder.

Oh and for the troops:

October 27, 2009 at 5:15 PM  

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