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Friday, August 28, 2009

Tempus Fugit

From Smitty at The Other McCain:

...I wonder to what degree the current crisis presidency and Congress realize that, if the US Constitution is to be defeated, the deed must be done now. Like a tiring magician, I think that the radical left realizes its ability to control the audience attention is fading. The serial failures of the Obama administration and the 111th Congress to manage public attention, drawing it away from the pesky details of sucking the remaining independence out of the States, is telling.

Stage magic requires a pliant audience.

What about between now and the next election?

* This Saturday the Tea Party Express gets under way. Pray for peace as that trek unfolds.
* We have gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey in November.
* There is the wild card of the Massachusetts Senate seat. Do we get some vulgar display of legislation, or does the 2004 law stand, and they vote the seat?
* ???
* The 2010 election season starts up.

It's going to be exhausting. And, yet, your alternative is knowing that you stood by while all that was good about the country is replaced by a cheap imitation.

Such is untenable.

Victor Davis Hanson bears quoting, in closing:

History tells all of us that nobody gets a pass. Your [country's] perpetual existence is not guaranteed. If you do not believe in yourself, and believe that you're better than the alternative, and have the educational skills to come to that empirical judgment, then there is no reason for you to continue, and often you won't.

Read the whole thing.


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