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Friday, July 30, 2010

Bracken: The CW2 Cube -- Mapping The Meta-Terrain Of Civil War Two

From Matthew Bracken, author of Enemies Foreign And Domestic, Domestic Enemies - The Reconquista, and Foreign Enemies And Traitors:

The CW2 Cube -- Mapping the Meta-Terrain Of Civil War Two
by Matthew Bracken

A second civil war in the United States would be an unparalleled disaster. Nobody who is sane and who has studied modern civil wars from Spain to Lebanon to the Balkans and beyond would ever wish to see one occur. But if political, cultural and demographic trends are sweeping us toward that unhappy destiny, it would be wise to at least cast a weather eye over the possible terrain.

First, a caveat. I am not going to waste our time making politically-correct genuflections after every controversial sentence, because this essay is intended to be read by mature and rational adults.

Before we move on to the cube, let’s begin with the CW2 Square. The cube is best tackled in another step. Draw the square and label one axis Poorer to Richer. Label the other axis Darker to Lighter. Darker, for brevity, includes African-Americans, Hispanics and so on. Lighter refers to those of European ancestry. The two opposed meta-groups are the poorer and darker versus the richer and lighter, or whiter if you wish to be blunt. The richer/whiter have the power of their wealth, but counterbalancing that advantage is the fact that the poorer/darker have succeeded in wresting control of much of government power. This is so, even if most of their elected leaders are anything but poor or dark.

Now, before you scream out your exceptions, yes, there are rich black cattle ranchers and poor whites living in blighted urban areas and so on. However, to focus on them is to miss the critical centers of gravity of Civil War Two for the over-study of interesting but insignificant outliers. Filling one corner of the CW2 Square will be the poorer and darker, who primarily are liberal and progressive Democrats who believe in a malleable “living Constitution.” And in the other corner will be the richer and whiter, who mainly are conservative or libertarian Republicans who believe in the original intent of the written Constitution. Again, keep your eyes on the two meta-cores, not the exceptions.

Now, let’s add the third dimension and shoot another axis out from the square to form the CW2 Cube. Label the third axis Urban versus Rural, or City versus Country if you prefer. This axis gives a geographical dimension to the meta-terrain, but there will be no convenient dividing line between the opposed sides as there was during the first civil war. It has frequently been observed that today’s red-blue political map is better understood at the county than at the state level. Even blue states like Illinois, California and New York are rural-red outside of their blue urban cores. Obviously, these urban cores are heavily populated but geographically small, with all that means to the electoral process today and to a possible civil war later.

So the opposing corners of the CW2 Cube can be seen as the poorer, darker cities versus the richer, whiter rural areas. Again, don’t quibble about outliers. Yes, there are a few rich, conservative African-Americans living in Wyoming, many poor white liberal Democrats in rural West Virginia, some rich conservatives in San Francisco and every other exceptional case imaginable.

Most of us live in the mushy, mongrel middle, far from the tips of the two opposite corners. But the centers of gravity of Civil War Two shall be as I have described: the relatively richer, whiter and more rural against the poorer, darker and urban. One can also propose many more axes of conflict than can fit on a cube, such as the religious versus the non-believers, socialists versus capitalists, statists versus individualists and so on. However, after you reflect upon the CW2 Cube, I think you will find that most of these extra axes can be overlaid parallel to one of the three already posited.


So, of what use is the CW2 Cube, other than in providing a conceptual map for Civil War Two? In my research as a novelist who attempts to write realistic fiction about the coming years, I have long been a student of modern civil wars. One repeated lesson of modern civil war is that there is inherently dangerous, even fatal terrain. Some of this predictably-dangerous terrain is often highly desirable and even advantageous before the outbreak of civil war.

To begin: you do not want to live as a trapped and cut-off minority in what might become “enemy territory.” If you live amidst your civil war enemies, as defined and located within the CW2 Cube, you will be in mortal danger even if your immediate neighbors know, love and respect you. Those persons who have a stake in fanning the flames of CW2 (and their number shall be legion), will intentionally target those remaining “holdouts” who may be respected minority neighbors. (In this essay, minority means “the minority within a given group or area.” Blacks are the majority in some areas, and whites are the minorities in others, and so on.)

Frequently in modern civil wars, roaming armed groups (in or out of uniform) will even force people to kill their own beloved and respected minority neighbors as an ultimate loyalty test. If they refuse, they may themselves be killed as “traitors.” Besides pre-conflict racists and radicals, there will be an ever-increasing pool of persons attempting to expel minorities from their homes. Those embittered unfortunates who have already been ethnically cleansed will be seeking new living quarters, and the homes and property of “enemy” minorities still living in majority territory will be the first on the chopping block. (Not the auction block, because payment of any kind is rarely offered.) This process of minority eviction becomes self-perpetuating.

Often, those members of minorities who escape as refugees are the lucky ones who do not lose their lives during the back-and-forth of escalating violence. The fact that they may have been loved, admired and respected for many years by their majority-population neighbors will not protect them. This is a clear lesson of modern civil war. Another is that while the rich or the well-to-do can sometimes hide their wealth and pass as proles, the same cannot be said about concealing one’s racial or ethnic identity. Religious affiliation and political leanings can also be hidden, but outward appearance cannot. Civil War Two may begin on purely political grounds, but it will devolve into something worse.

Does this mean that all white city-dwellers should head for the hinterland, or that dark-skinned folks living in the country should move to the city? It’s not for me to say. We all hope and pray that there will never be a second “hot civil war” in America, instead of merely the “cold civil war” we are engaged in today. But the lessons of modern civil wars should not be ignored. Another lesson is that it will take tremendous moral courage to defy the hot-heads and radicals, and shield your minority neighbors from harm. Think of Anne Frank. Think of those indescribably brave inhabitants of the former Yugoslavia who hid their minority neighbors, when the discovery of that fact could and often did lead to their own deaths.


While Civil War Two is on the table for discussion, allow me to introduce two aggravating factors that don’t fit neatly on the cube. The first is the concept of multiple embedded minorities. Picture the old cartoon mainstay showing a line of fish getting ready to gobble another fish, from the leviathan down to the small fry. You might live in a neighborhood where you are in the majority, but the neighborhood is in a town where you are in the minority. And the town is surrounded by a larger area where your own kind once again predominates.

Or you might fit into the picture as the smallest of all fish, living in the only minority household within a majority neighborhood. From street to neighborhood to city to state to region can easily place you in the middle of several levels of embedded minorities-within-majorities. This formulation might work for many decades during times of relative prosperity and well-being, but during a civil war it is a recipe for disaster, as unstable as nitroglycerin-filled bowling pins. It’s all cool just as long as the pins are standing still and calmly hanging out together, but look out when the Black Swan bowling ball comes rolling in! An unstoppable chain reaction ensues, as each new act of violence is avenged up and down the line.

Remember that funny line-of-fish cartoon, and imagine it a few seconds later when the biting begins. It’s not so funny then -- especially for the smaller fish.

The second aggravating factor is the unstable triangle of the three-sided civil war. The Bosnian Serbs, Croats and Muslims provide a classic example. Each side of the unstable triangle will backstab yesterday’s ally at the moment they perceive themselves to be at a local disadvantage, or when they see an opportunity to wipe out an historic enemy with a new Final Solution. The unstable ethnic triangle in the United States will in many places be composed of black, white and Hispanic sides. By comparison, the old black and white social dichotomy was inherently stable, even when it might have been rife with injustice.

In some areas, Asians, Middle-easterners, Native Americans and other groups will contribute to the formation of regional social geometries that are even more unstable than the unstable triangle. Study modern civil wars and you will cringe at the implications. A steel roller-coaster overloaded with old dynamite and electric blasting caps during a lightning storm comes to my mind.

And finally, some urban settings are just disastrous during a modern civil war, even if they might offer a terrific quality of life during peacetime. Perhaps the top of the list of danger areas are high-rise buildings located near potential civil war flashpoints or fault lines. Living in a cluster of high-rises divided by a “green line” during a guerrilla sniper war is a worst-case horror show. Not to mention the misery attendant to life in a tall building without running water, electricity, sewage service, working elevators, heating or air-conditioning. While under intermittent sniper fire. For months.

So should you stay or should you go? If you don’t believe that another civil war in America is possible, then simply disregard this column. But if you think that a second civil war could happen then picture the CW2 Cube and map your location within it. If you think that you live near a possible civil war fault line, especially as a local minority, consider relocating.

After the fact, a common sentiment heard from urbane, secular Bosnians living in the Olympic City of Sarajevo expressed complete disbelief that a brutal, bloody civil war could have come to their modern European city and tear their lives apart.

But it did.

A parting suggestion to students of modern civil war is to read “Seasons in Hell: Understanding Bosnia’s War” by the British journalist Ed Vulliamy. It’s currently collecting dust at your local public library, waiting only to be read.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Matthew Bracken is the author of the “Enemies” trilogy, beginning with 2003's “Enemies Foreign And Domestic”. For more information, go to http://www.EnemiesForeignAndDomestic.com/

See also Misha Glenny's The Third Balkan War for his account of what happens when a society commits autogenocide.


Anonymous Justin said...

This was an outstanding post.

Especially since I am considering a move to an area where I just may be in a fish-eats-fish area.




July 30, 2010 at 8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After reading Sowell's works on competing 'visions', adding on Codevilla & Bracken's treatises, observing how successful the tactic of making the personal into the political has been, & then noting the number of mental & social pathologies that've steadily become 'normalized' over the past 80 years, one is left to conclude, if one is brutally honest w/ oneself, that should the intangibles that've held this country together go POOF, what was once known as the U.S.A. will become a neo-Africa for foreigners who'll divvy up what's left after they've ended the civil strife & the worst part is that they'll be welcomed as saviors by those they 'liberate' (& especially by the chix & no, not for exclusively sexual reasons) rather than the hyenas & vultures they actually would be.

And the most infuriatingly sad part is that when it happens, it'll be our own damned weak assed, lazy, selfish, arrogantly stupid fault a la Kipling's Macdonough's Song.

Cassandra (of Troy)

July 30, 2010 at 11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post. Knowing multiple languages and cultures is great, but there are great difficulties when these cultures attempt to dominate that nations politics. Rwanda, Iraq, Czechoslavakia - lots of examples where differing religions bring lots of conflict. Without some level heads keeping the peace, there are bound to be some problems.

As for this same scenario in the U.S., please read Chittum's Book CIVIL WAR II. Very disturbing to read, and many of the predictions made have come to pass. I wish it were not the case - but closing your eyes on what is occuring in front of you is not a way to live either.

Stay frosty Matt. :^)

July 30, 2010 at 11:11 AM  
Anonymous Rollory said...

Was this published somewhere publicly available? I don't see anything that looks like it on his site.

Anyway it's completely correct. This is exactly the sort of thing that happened in Bosnia. It went from being a relatively peaceful and mixed society, to some slight ethnic friction, which snowballed and reinforced itself in a self-ratcheting, self-perpetuating process until all groups were completely segregated and re-mixing was completely impossible. And remains so.

Peaceful liberal diversity is, ironically enough, possible only in a largely homogeneous society.

Similar things can be expected in many Western European nations also.

July 30, 2010 at 1:11 PM  
Blogger Concerned American said...

R -

Matt just wrote it and offered it to WRSA for world debut.

Feel free to spread the link:


July 30, 2010 at 2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The latest straw in the wind is the Federal court's decision to gut the Arizona Immigration Law. Now Sheriff Joe says he'll enforce it anyway, and the rent-a-mobs are out there. Ethnic groups are polarizing, led on by white progressives, race hustlers, and the deviate culture of Hollywood.
As an ex-cop, I saw what Mr. Bracken was talking about when I worked in SoCal. This is not idle chatter from some armchair theorist. Thomas Chittum documented all of this in his book CIVIL WAR TWO. That is why my family and I moved from that area and settled with our own tribe, out of state. Look around you, people. All of your ammo, food, and supplies will be useless if you are surrounded by hostiles of another tribe. Get out while you still can.

July 30, 2010 at 2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an AMERICAN born in Cuba. I don't know if you know that 90% of the people like me are conservative, libertarian, republicans... We are the majority where we live, mostly south Florida, but unlike most Hispanics we love this nation, we are surrounded by the other Hispanics which they do not like us, they merely tolerate us because we own most of the businesses and are for the most part successful. That would probably change in a CW2. We are deeply concerned that in a CW2 we will be viewed as the 'enemy' by the whites because we understand that the first thing you see is appearance but also by the rest, everybody knows who you are, you can't hide the way you talk.
Please any input would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you and God Bless our Nation, we are going to need it.

July 30, 2010 at 2:44 PM  
Anonymous Defender said...

There's no doubt that the U.S. IS being balkanized.
Mr. Bracken's theory is well thought out and well presented.
My personal feeling -- on a good day -- is, if things were to approach the tipping point, real Americans will remember that they are Americans and do what is necessary to stop it.
Yes, there are people with strong ethnic and political loyalties, but unlike in other countries, we don't kill each other for not conforming. If that starts, we, unlike other countries, have the means and know-how to end it pretty quickly.
It would be a sad commentary on this unique country if it were allowed to go that far, or even much farther than it has already. But we are the most charitable nation in the world and the majority, I believe, would not tolerate intolerance and would become the next Greatest Generation.
Having said that, let me also say that I'm stocking and training for whatever comes, in order to be part of that bulwark against that evil tide.

July 30, 2010 at 3:07 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

I keep telling people here the same thing, and they look at me like I'm crazy. I don't really care if they think I am or not. But it's just like that gum, Ready or Not, Here it Comes.

July 30, 2010 at 5:36 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

More. Please, lots more.

July 30, 2010 at 5:41 PM  
Blogger Concerned American said...

Cuban Anon:

The answer is the same for all right-minded folks:

- build tribes (like-minded folks who have a "any means necessary" mindset)
- prepare/train
- stockpile provisions
- consider relocation, either in advance or as late-stage preparation
- spend considerable time/resources on the fallback/"oh sh*t" plans, as Plan A will not survive first contact

Good luck.

July 30, 2010 at 7:18 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy the Saint said...

I live in L.A. Guess I'm screwed.

July 30, 2010 at 8:11 PM  
Blogger practicalprepper said...

Cuban Anonymous (Iggy)

I live in SoFla and I am fairly sure that most conservatives, like myself, KNOW that the Cuban community is very Pro-Liberty and Pro-America.

Get Prepared.

July 30, 2010 at 9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings, comrade peasants.

I am Thomas W. Chittum, author of Civil War Two, the coming break up of America.

My book can be published in Ebook form at

My seldom updated web site is

May the Cyclops eat you next to last.

July 31, 2010 at 3:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your thesis fails because it assumes CW2 will be fought along racial lines.

I think it will be fought between the middle class and poor on one side, and the rich on the other.

It will be a cakewalk for the poor and middle class. We have all the guns, after all.


July 31, 2010 at 4:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Iraq one of my FOBs was in the center of a town that was a home for a minority within the larger province. When the insurgents (from the religious group that was the majority within the province) fired mortars at us (which happened frequently) they "scored" whether or not the rounds actually landed inside the FOB.

If the rounds missed, the insurgents still hit the minority in the town around us. Either way the insurgents were happy.


July 31, 2010 at 12:25 PM  
Blogger kbp said...

Anon 4:18am (Mammoth),

Race was only one of multiple lines of division, and it has exceptions.

The idea that the middle class would side with the poor is certainly not something you can rest assured will happen, not unless the middle class suffers some sort 'have-nots' misery that would change their political beliefs.

The "Poorer to Richer" axis is probably a fair place to start in drawling lines where division would come about, but the division in political views will produce that "Poorer to Richer" on both sides.

A line that could divide the "Poorer to Richer" in the middle class may be drawn between those which are self-reliant and those which feel the 'other side has something they should have'.

Political views are showing us daily how that division is to be a problem and where one or more of the lines will be.

July 31, 2010 at 5:52 PM  
Blogger Atlas Shrug said...

The lines of demarcation may also be heavily influenced by who is dependent upon the government and who is not.

That's an angle of economic influence that is being maximized now by the Fed Gov via the Cloward-Piven strategy.

I don't see how that can be anything other than a major divider when the two way economic range turns into a two way shooting range.

Keep you powder dry (and free of government strings....),

Atlas Shrug

July 31, 2010 at 10:21 PM  
Blogger Scamp1776 said...


July 31, 2010 at 11:00 PM  
Anonymous Mickey Collins said...

Many in thee middle class think they are being looted by both the poor (via government) and the rich (via corporations, and lately via government bailing out corporations).

August 1, 2010 at 12:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about the axis of want-to-carry-own-weight vs. want-to-be-looters-and-regulators? That will split right through white and blue collar families. Opinion on open borders is a convenient litmus test.

The looter-regulators of both poor blue-collar conservative and white-collar liberal will fragment into tribes that are color/race/culture homogeneous, because they understand they really are at political-war with everyone else. The open-borders want-to-carry-own-weight folks won't care so much about color or culture, because they already know they can live in peace with foreign neighbors.

I would like to see the open-borders folks carefully maneuver out from between the front lines of the impinging looter-regulator armies. Let the collectivists devour each other.

August 1, 2010 at 5:42 PM  
Blogger J. Croft said...

This is what the enemy wants: us to come apart and fight along racial and economic lines when those that have socially and economically engineered this metacrisis will wait until we've broken each other down to the point where we will accept their slavery in exchange for accepting their food.

The only way to break the enemy's gameplan is to expose it for what it is. Or initiate a new paradigm-us against them.

August 2, 2010 at 11:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't get most of my friends to accept that the country is in deep trouble financially forget about CW2. I can just imagine having this conversation with them. Can you say padded cell!

You have to take into account two factors.
1 Your already part of a reasonably large group in your area. Large enough to band together and have a good chance if you were in any way prepared.

2 The conservative types aren't the racists we are portrayed in the media. I'm sure the Conservative/libertarian types would see your sub/group as natural allies.

August 3, 2010 at 3:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also a student of history and recent conflicts but I think it will go a bit differently. The government loses control and the conflicts outlined in this blog will start. After the first few images of ethnic cleansing and massacres broadcast around the world the UN will have countries beating down it's doors to send troops to protect Americas minorities. Troops from China, Africa, and Mexico will be welcomed by the minorites in New York, California and Texas. They'll slowly put the squeeze on the middle of America. When the conflict is over we won't have much of a country left. People who have read this post should know that it is indeed possible and we should do everything we can to stop it. We live and/or die together.

August 3, 2010 at 8:45 PM  
Blogger Scamp1776 said...

UN Troops showing up - what a blessing - we should get this lucky... don't think of it as an invading horde... but as resupply at your doorstep.

It may be odd or unusual to drop the hammer on a LEO in this area (and you had better have a good reason if you don not expect to go to jail for awhile) but you wont be able to hold 'em back when 1st Lt Sung of the Chinese contingent of the UN comes to confiscate guns.

The UN or Obama's 100k Militia - this is our "Winter War" and we finally get a chance to better the Finn's 40:1 kill Ratio... and all of those goodies... ADA to name one of them... all the stuff we need.

August 4, 2010 at 1:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every recent civil war has been ended by an outside force. Rawanda, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, the list goes on. Anyone who thinks the world will let us devolve into chaos without becoming involved is naive. With the money we owe, especially to China and Japan we are now an investment. With the money flowing from here to Mexico and other countries the UN has a vested interest in keeping us "stabile". As for the "Finns" that is one of my favorite wars to study, you should check out the tank graveyard of "Vukovar" as well. But the Finns were united. Would it be possible to fight a civil war and an invading force? To those who say bring it on.......
dulce bellum inexpertis

August 4, 2010 at 4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Re: 'Peaceful liberal diversity'

Not always, but that's usually the way things work out, & it's also interesting that what's usually referred to as 'peace' is preserved by those who are ready to be decidedly UNpeaceful.

Hermano Iggy,

Don't be too surprised if some of those who come to your aid look like Z.Z. Top's roadies, listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd, & wear Stars & Bars t-shirts. Appearence doesn't always indicate outlook, & that 'redneck trash' in the Confederate battle flag adorned pickups who you've been raised to despise might just be the ones who show up to help you/yours fight off/escape the bipedal vermin who emerge a la post-Katrina N.O. Others should remember that as well.


Have you also mentally prepared yourself/those you care about for the horrors they're quite likely to experience should things fall apart? That aspect is all too often overlooked & is as important as physical prep in surviving catastrophe.

Jimmy the Saint,

I'm a few hours above you & things don't look all that hunky dory here either, but the advantage I have is that the population density/composition/disposition when combined w/ the topography makes the hell of what the Bay area & the land on the other side of the old Grapevine will become should things get jiggy less likely to occur. It'll be REAL ugly for awhile for sure, but we don't have as many Eloi, Leftists, & regular criminals to deal w/ as you do down there, & we can grow our own food & raise livestock once we don't have to send most of the water to Frisco/L.A. It'd be a good idea to eyeball north of Porterville as a redoubt if you can't bop out entirely from the P.D.R.C. & if it's feasible, consider a mini-copter as a getaway vehicle.


Given the stoking of the fires of racial animosity that's been going on for the past 40 years courtesy of the Left generally & outfits like the N.A.A.C.P./Nation of Islam, M.A.L.D.E.F./La Raza, the press, & academia in particular, it's a safe bet that conflict occurring after an economic collapse/against a govt gone bad will, IMO, be presented to those in/outside the U.S. as racial because that'll be the easiest/most effective way to 'manage' info & garner sympathy/support for THEIR side. Note the slant of the coverage about Rhodesia/Zimbabwe & South Africa before/after the communist victories & the way the Rodney King riot, the aftermath of Katrina, & the opposition to illegal immigration was/is portrayed & you'll see how it'll go.

kbp/AtlasShrug/Mickey Collins/Anon @ Aug 1 5:42 PM,

The scenario posited by Anon @ Aug 3/8:45 PM seems to me to be the likeliest one, but is contingent on a domestic rebellion model that doesn't precipitate a planetary economic collapse & the subsequent paralysis of many of the world's military forces to such an extent that they'd be unable to exploit said collapse. In the event of a revolt, I expect Anon/Aug 3's view to be the one that happens but if it causes a domestic collapse that rapidly spreads worldwide, it wouldn't surprise me to see Ivan taking Alaska/parts of northern Canada (if the ChiComs let them alone) & an exodus from Latin America/the Caribbean to the U.S. which would guarantee involvement of foreign forces still able to exert themselves. Hell, you might even see some Canadian provinces/some American states form a self-defense alliance & the appearence here of a large number of Euros escaping a post-E.U. econo-religious civil war wouldn't shock me either. One thing's for sure, the American 'black community' is in for a VERY rude shock about the level of bigotry against them that resides among non-mixed Latinos, the attitude their non-U.S. 'brothas/sistas' have toward them will also be a jolt.

Cassandra (of Troy)

* Yahoo's going screwy on me, so if this repeats blame them.

August 4, 2010 at 8:16 PM  
Blogger David Hamel said...

I agree with Defender's sentiments, but not his facts...The suppression of theBonus Expeditionary Force by the US military truly was a black mark in American History. It was the Hoover administration that ordered the attack on a peaceful assembly of veterans of WW1 who, during the Great Depression, wanted to receive the bonuses promised to them for their service:
"On 28 July, 1932, Attorney General Mitchell ordered the police evacuation of the Bonus Army veterans. When they resisted the police shot at them, killing two. When told of this, President Hoover ordered the army to effect the evacuation of the Bonus Army from Washington.

At 4:45 p.m., commanded by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, the 12th Infantry Regiment, Fort Howard, Maryland, and the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, supported by six battle tanks commanded by Maj. George S. Patton, Fort Myer, Virginia, formed in Pennsylvania Avenue while thousands of civil service employees left work to line the street and watch the U.S. Army attack its own veterans. The Bonus Marchers, believing the display was in their honour, cheered the troops until Maj. Patton ordered the cavalry to charge them—an action which prompted the civil service spectators to yell, "Shame! Shame!"

After the cavalry charged the infantry, with fixed bayonets and adamsite gas, entered the camps, evicting veterans, families, and camp followers. The veterans fled across the Anacostia River to their largest camp and President Hoover ordered the assault stopped. However Gen. MacArthur, feeling this exercise was a Communist attempt at overthrowing the U.S. government, ignored the President and ordered a new attack. Hundreds of veterans were injured and several killed—including William Hushka and Eric Carlson. A veteran's wife miscarried. The infant, Bernard Myers, died in the hospital after the incident but reports indicated the death was not caused by the evacuation of the BEF.

The Posse Comitatus Act—forbidding civilian police work by the U.S. military—did not apply to Washington, D.C., because it is the federal district directly governed by the U.S. Congress (U.S. Constitution, Article I. Section 8. Clause 17). The exemption was created because of an earlier "Bonus March." In 1781, most of the Continental Army was demobilized without pay. Two years later hundreds of Pennsylvania war veterans marched on Philadelphia, surrounding the State House where Congress was in session, and demanded their pay. The U.S. Congress fled to Princeton, New Jersey, and several weeks later, the U.S. Army expelled the war veterans from the national capital." (Source: Wikipedia)

August 5, 2010 at 1:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for your thoughtcrime you will shortly be arrested
those of u who have read this, remember 2+2=5 if you are told it is so

August 5, 2010 at 3:52 AM  
Blogger Rob Taylor said...

Latino on Black violence has already turned many cities into war zones and in NY the "hate crimes" perpetrated against some Hispanic immigrants recently were done by Black attackers. Within the Latino group ethnic divisions already fuel violence (Mexicans are universally reviled by other Spanish ethnic gangs)so how does that play out? I may be mistaken but you're assuming that Blacks would side with Hispanics before Whites but among the gangs it's completely the other way, with the Mexican Mafia allied with The Aryan Brotherhood gangs in prison and that alliance being maintianed outside of prison, while Predominately Black 'Folk nation" gangs have become more accepting of White and Latinos gangs willing to work wit them.

As a Bi-racial kid growing up in the 70s in all Black area I concur that being a minority is not where you want to be, and that's when there's some stability. But do you think that in areas where Black gangs are losing to Latinos (LA comes to mind) that the allaince will more likely come down around "sets" than race, with gangs associated with the Aryan Brotherhood (1%ers for example) siding with Mexican gangs while Black gangs side with White radicals for mutual protection against a larger enemy?

August 5, 2010 at 5:15 AM  
Blogger MisterMoose said...

Seriously, if things get bad enough for the US to fall apart, the rest of the world is not going to send troops to "help" us. There are several reasons why:

1. The rest of the world will be in a similarly bad situation. The leaders in Beijing have ample reason to fear what happens when the peasants get restless... a couple thousand years of ample reason. If the American market ceases to exist, the factories in China will have to lay off millions of workers, who have no safety net to speak of, and they will not be happy... China will have its hands full trying to keep itself from falling apart, and sending a couple million troops to America to "supervise" their real estate holdings will be a little lower on their list of priorities.

2. The rest of the world does not have enough air- or sea-lift capacity to invade us, or the national budgets to afford to do so. When the tsunami hit Indonesia who came to the rescue? A US Navy carrier group. Who is paying for and actually doing most of the heavy lifting in Afghanistan? Not the Germans. Not the French. Not even the Brits.

3. The UN? Please... without funding from the US, that august organization is bankrupt, and in the aftermath of a collapse of the USA its member states are all going to be dealing with their own economic and political crises closer to home, and will not be able to cooperate in a "rescue operation" even if they are willing. Russia may expand in its natural sphere of influence (the near abroad). Europe is bankrupt and headed down the road toward population decline. Without the US to hold the world system together, the world system will fall apart.

4. The crazies in the Middle East and elsewhere will immediately seek to take whatever advantage they can get away with once the world policeman is no longer on the beat. If the US is engulfed in a civil war, we won't be the only ones. What happens if Iran and Israel go at it with nukes? Or India and Pakistan? For one thing, the flow of oil coming out of the Persian Gulf will be cut significantly, and the whole world economy will suddenly grind to a halt. Even a limited nuclear war between, say, India and Pakistan would result in a significant nuclear winter, leading to massive crop failures and worldwide famine.

5. What if Global Warming really is real? Eventually sea levels will rise, flooding coastal areas where a majority of the world's population lives, and there will be total freakin' chaos, okay?

No, I don't think we have to worry about a UN occupation force coming to "help" us. And even if they did try it, do any of you have any doubt that we couldn't do to them what the insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan have been doing to us for the last couple of years? It literally wouldn't be worth it for them to even try.

August 5, 2010 at 7:41 AM  
Anonymous Lover of Morons said...

Libertards & CompassionCons are a hoot. This guy lays it out for you and you all immediately try to put a SWPL spin on the thing.

You guys need to read up on Social Identity Theory; when the shooting starts, and people start self-organizing, it's going to be about race.

That's not to say there won't be internecine racial conflicts (e.g., Blue vs. Red or whatever), but that when the top-down diversity pressure ends, and the country is devolving into a civil war, nobody's going to give a shit about diversity or tolerance.

Hilarious, the vision of a kumbayah multiculti diverse "group" fighting through the devolution of central power. Complete fantasy, utterly devoid of grounding in reality. Secret: white people are the wheat in the bread of diversity; the fewer white people, the less diversity, because NOBODY BUT WHITE PEOPLE ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO VALUE SOMETHING AS COUNTERPRODUCTIVE AS RACIAL DIVERSITY.

But the Libtard reaches even greater heights of stupidity with his "collectivist" potshot. Genius, collectives kick the snot out of individualists. Do armies stop to ask their enemies political particulars and win? No. The guy who takes the libtard "principled" position by not shooting the guy in the enemy uniform ("Lulz, killing a guy over a uniform is soooo collectivist") D-I-E-S.

I can just guess how many campaigns Tamerlane would've won with a libtard army.

August 8, 2010 at 6:12 AM  
Blogger ctdonath said...

Great graph idea. High tensions await only a small fracturing event and lines of least resistance to decision.

Has anyone tried populating the graph? The data is out there, awaiting correlation.

August 15, 2010 at 6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check the cube graphic. Points 1 & 2 on the graph don't match the list. They are inverted.

January 7, 2011 at 4:42 AM  

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