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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend Reading: Basic Russian for Crash-Test Dummies

From Brussels Journal, please take the time to read this essay and its series predecessors as linked at its end.


...Raymond Kraft, [hat tip, Fjordman] has written that the Islamic movement has turned the civility of the Western peoples into a weapon against them. It has weaponized niceness, compassion and the fundamental decency of Western Civilization. “We have become too civilized to defeat our enemies, perhaps
too civilized to survive.” True, but it applies to much more than just Muslim colonization.

The questions this begs is, first, how could such insanity have taken hold in a civilization based on reason, and second, how could a “mental virus” alone produce this level of collective psychopathology, unmatched in the recorded history of mankind.

The answers require that we move on to the next Russian expression, kto kogo.

Kto kogo
, which means the same in several Slavic languages is “who whom.” Like in “who is ruling, dominating, doing in, controlling whom.” This was Lenin’s formula for instant clarity in politics.

The good intentions of the squishy West stem from biblical morality so mainstream that a sermon in a random Western church or synagogue sounds like induction into the Body Snatcher creed. There is the shame and sorrow for Nazism and Fascism, Colonialism and Slavery, centuries of poisonous anti-Semitism, copious internecine bloodshed in the name of the loving Jesus or xenophobic nationalism, exploitation of peasants, workers and women.

Contrition and restoration one can understand. But suicide?

Read the whole thing.

I have been struggling for the last few weeks as I have watched the Obamessiah and his minions prostrate themselves before a slavering world while at the same time dismantling, without any effective opposition, the supporting girders of our country.

His actions I expected.

The complete gap-mouthed passivity of my fellow Americans I did not expect.

This is not a game, people.

And we are well beyond the point where the upcoming farces of 2010 and 2012 will matter in any meaningful sense.

It's about time to fold up this public tent and concentrate on working with those anti-Endarkenment forces within arm's reach.

Even poor, enfeebled Moishe the Beadle knew when to change tactics.



Blogger chris horton said...

My last 2 posts sums up where I'm at anymore. No more suprises here. You know where/how to find me.

Anytime. 24/7.


June 14, 2009 at 1:13 PM  

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