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Monday, June 1, 2009

A British Revolution?

Read here, via Brits At Their Best via Wolf Howling.


...Is England on the verge of revolution?

To those who know this most peaceful of nations intimately, the question is bound to sound bizarre. Boasting attachment to the rule of law and democratic government, the English have not had a revolution since the 17th century.

Nevertheless, these days it is hard to be in the company of Englishmen without hearing talk of the need, indeed the imminence, of revolution...

Read the entries and embedded links, please.

Me? I'll believe it when the first ten MPs, council jobsworths, or other members of the Turkey Army are defenestrated, impaled, garrotted, bludgeoned, or otherwise dispatched.

Heavens knows these wankers and their membership are beyond useless.

'Rule, Brittania', my aching keester.


Blogger Johnny said...

The only "revolution" in prospect here in the UK is the continued bleeding of more political power to the unelected bureaucracy of Brussels - the EU Federal superstate.

As for the UK NRA, they've been actively, but quietly, campaigning for civilian disarmament since 1920. Calling them and their members wankers is far too kind, IMNSVHO. I don't know of any UK "shooting organization" that espouses RKBA and you're likely to get reported - by officials of the club or organization - to the police for mentioning RKBA as someone unsuitable to be "trusted" with a firearm.

I'm pretty sure it's not the rabid anti-gunners that are your real problem - it's the Fudds who are happy to go along with the arbitrary nonsense resulting from "reasonable gun control" that you will find are your worst enemies. Such people fatally undermine the political expression of support for the primacy of RKBA and extremely effectively defuse pro-RKBA political action.

June 2, 2009 at 8:49 AM  

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