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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kudos to Codrea

I hope all readers of this endeavor are familiar with and visit David Codrea's War on Guns blog every day.

Just as important is a daily visit to David's Examiner site.

Think about what David and the Examiner management have been able to do in a very brief period of time -- create a viable new mainstream media outlet for the no-compromise RKBA position, followed by similar advocates in, so far:

- Charlotte

- Austin

- Cleveland

- the District of Columbia (!)

- Denver

- Los Angeles

- Milwaukee

- St. Louis

- Minneapolis

Think about how important those voices will be as the Collapse continues and Bolshevik Barry lashes out at the gun-owning Americans he thinks are vulnerable and halfway to pariah status already.

Think about what will happen as the New Fairness Doctrine is imposed by Barry's FCC.

Is it worth going to these sites on a daily basis, and promoting them as you make your rounds?

Remember -- in the media world, demonstrated viewership is what sells and allows successful concepts to expand further.

Put another way -- do we have any other real friends in the print or broadcast media?

Go and bookmark those links, please.

Then visit them every day.

Thanks in advance.


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