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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thanks, But I Have Other Plans

From Home on the Range via The Liberty Sphere:

...I'm not going to watch the inauguration. I love my country, but don't think I want to watch another 150 million spent in what is proving to be not a solemn rite of passage, but what looks more and more like the confirmation of the divine right of kings. I don't wish to celebrate another day in which I see our country moving further away from that which made it great.

The American Revolution was a revolution of greater note than the battles fought and the words penned. One of the most revolutionary outcomes of the formation of the United States was the subordination of government to moral law, moving away from societies in which the citizens life belonged to those that ruled, and the freedoms he had were only that which the rulers decided by whim he might have that day, or that week. The recognition of man's individual rights by the Constitution limited the force of the power and greed of the states, protecting its citizens from an unwanted collective. The United States was one of the first moral societies in history, all previous governments viewing their citizens as a sacrificial means to the ends of others, and society as an end to itself. Our founding fathers had taken note. They recognized two threats to a man's possessions, to his rights. One threat is a criminal. The other is a government. The most laudable accomplishment of our government when it was formed was its ability to draw a distinction between those two, thereby not allowing the second to become a sanctioned version of the activities of the first.

The Government of our founding fathers was structured to protect men from criminals and the Constitution was drafted to protect citizens from the government. The Bill of Rights was an explicit declaration that the rights of the individual citizens supersede any public power. We the People is I. And I support the constitution and ALL its amendments, not just the ones you pick and choose...

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Alea iacta est.


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