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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Leviathan Changes Masks

From ¡Ya Basta!:

...Obama is right about one thing though, the question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small. That answer is clear. The government is no longer our government. Hasn’t been for ages. It’s the State, the Culture Industry, the Empire, the Borg, the Matrix, the Corporate-Panopticon-Industrial Complex. It’s the Leviathan and there’s no doubt it’s way too big.

Let me be clear though: while I am confident in our analysis of the present and future changes underway, I pray to God that we are totally wrong. I may laugh at the frothing masses so sure that Obama will make everything all right, but I’d give up everything I own to know that they are clear sighted and I am delusional. Tell me Eric Holder won’t try to take away our right to self defense and some damn ATF raid in Cheyenne won’t spark a second civil war. Tell me the North American Union isn’t on its way, the surveillance state will shrivel up in four years, and those FEMA camps in the Midwest won’t ever open their gates for a single occupant. Make me believe that the murderous kleptocracy dominating this country is going to commit seppuku in shame, all political prisoners will walk free, and the US Army is going to start fighting real enemies like Monsanto and Exxon.

Sane doomers and true patriots now want to be wrong. We don’t think we are, but ultimately, we just want to be left in peace. We’re not prejudiced cynics, just free people from many heritages, united by our refusal to kneel and our willingness to fight...

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Tempus fugit.


Blogger Sean said...

Yeah, right, use the US Army to fight Monsanto and Exxon. Hard as is for this Marxist to accept, using the blog, driving in a car, living in a nice, heated home, and myriad other capitalistic pursuits, are, suprise! Due to the efforts of people at Monsanto, Exxon, stockholders, engineers, geologists, etc. I can agree that Bush has been the bane of the economy, Constitution, BOR, you name it, and that Stupid will be worse. But the current problems with the ecomomy is due to govt. interference, not capitalism. Turning our Army loose on petro-chemical endeavors is akin to slicing ones' own throat, with a very sharp knife. Take a look at socialist utopias like Zimbabwe, and Cuba, and you get the idea what the US will look like as soon as you go for that "evil is free enterprise" routine. Don't like big corporations? Fearful of the big petro-chemical units? Go live in a cave, because without them, life as we know it will revert to the fourth century without them. Want to get things back in balance? Stop refering to Das Capital and the Communist Manifesto, and instead, go for the BOR and the Constitution, and what the founders had to say. And you are talking out of both sides of your head, when you propose that Stupid will be bad for the country, and we should attack the petro-chemical industries. Stupid is a Marxist, and as such deplores the petro-chemical industry, and free enterprise as well. After he wrecks it, you will be beggared, and he will still be there. Taking the same stance as him is hardly opppostition, just ignorance. Wrecking the petro-chemicals will kill just as many people as nukes will, only a little slower, and with a lot more misery added. Grow up.

January 21, 2009 at 5:15 PM  
Blogger Concerned American said...


I am as anti-Bolshie/anti-collectivist as anyone, yet my experiences as a drug warrior and a corporate minion have convinced me that any big institution - private or public -- carries with its scale the seeds of (potentially really) bad behavior.

What ApeThought brings to the table, IMHO, is a recognition that:

1) things are effed;

2) there's gonna be a fight; and

3) the only options will be to fight or submit.

Were many NRA members and other nominally "pro-capitalists" that far along in their analysis.

Appreciate your readership and comments.

January 22, 2009 at 2:38 AM  
Anonymous Apethought said...

Hey Sean,
First, let me say I'm not a Marxist. While I think there are some merits to some aspects of Marxist analysis, his conclusions, end goals, belief in the vanguard, etc. are totally screwed. And antiquated. Let me state that again: I'm not a Marxist, never have been.

I voted for Ron Paul. I'm a registered Republican, but really I'm neither Left nor Right. I just love people and liberty and hate the Leviathan and its minions. Ideologies are their own form of collectivism, as I believe I've read on this very website.

I don't criticise capitalism. I criticise corporate socialism. I criticise the organized crime that masquerades as economics in this world. If you think Exxon and Monsanto have anything to do with a Free Market I'd say you need to spend some time with Adam Smith and von Mises. Men who rightly condemned the monopoly as a threat to liberty.

Lincoln Steffens (who was a Marxist, but was still a great journalist) split this Gordian Knot back in the 1930s. At the top of the food chain, he said, there is no government/market separation. The cartels--like Haliburton, Monsanto, Exxon, etc. succeed not because of superior business skills but because of superior connections. One soft lily white hand washes the other.

And no, Obama isn't a Marxist. At least not any more than Stalin was. He's an oligarch, an autocrat, a dictator, a puppet for those with real power, and any rhetoric for fairness or economic equality is pure smoke screen. It's the flip of W's 'compassionate conservatism' and just as diabolical.

But, despite the ignorant insults you slung at me, we're still on the same team. Coalitions by definition include diverse viewpoints. The real battle lies ahead and we've no time for base camp squabbles. Save the anger for the real enemy.

January 22, 2009 at 5:15 AM  
Anonymous John Paulding said...

Sean: Right there with you man. If we've a fight coming, the nastiest part may well be after we win it. There's always a fighting hole at my place for a man like you.

January 22, 2009 at 5:49 AM  
Blogger Sean said...

WTF is a drug warrior? Scale carries the seeds of bad behavior? Every individual carries the seeds of bad behavior, larger groups just make it easier to hide, and because they are large, they tend to cow individuals into accepting lies. What is killing this Republic is not large outfits, but dishonesty. Large scale DISHONESTY. Often called corruption and decadence. When an individual lies, it's bad. When huge numbers of individuals lie, civilzations fall. The only way a country can regenerate is through integrity. Because the truth is usually difficult, people dodge it. Once it becomes a habit, others follow the example. We live in a nation blind, arrogant, and overrun with liars. I know the solution, but I've learned no one wants to hear it. An 83 yr. old man fought in all three days of the battle of Gettysburg, being wounded thrice, and surviving. I guess I can do at least as good, even if I have to crawl. The only way we're effed is if we don't fight. If the NRA doesn't find its' guts, they're going to wind up as lampshades.

January 22, 2009 at 1:56 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

No, we ain't on the same team. I get your drift about the lily white hands. Guess white people are on your list too. The merits of Marxist analysis. How telling. Couch it in intelspeak and gobblydegook and it sounds sensible. Only it don't wash with me. Base camp squabble. Cute. I'm not in your camp or on your team, but let's just drop the whole thing here, and you can claim another glorious victory for the proletariat. I'm so stupid, I can barely type these words, so, you win. But you don't fool me.

January 22, 2009 at 9:17 PM  
Blogger Craig said...

In response to Sean:

As the other blogger at Ya Basta (Gnosis), I can assure you that neither I nor Apethought is a Marxist or any other type of socialist for that matter. Any real look at our site illustrates this. In my opinion, saying “the US Army is going to start fighting real enemies like Monsanto and Exxon” is hyperbolic. Corporatism is unconstitutional, so the action we need to take against Exxon and Monsanto is not military but civil. We only need to withdraw state/military support for these enemy corporations so they can answer to We the People and our need for domestic energy sources like solar, wind, and hydro power. Monsanto wants to control all life on earth through the use of GMO crops. I’m an organic farmer, and this corporation with the police power of the state could eminent domain my family farm if one of their Frankenstein seeds blew onto my property and took root. People are not corporations and corporations are not people! Monsanto and other corporations are working with the state to violate Americans’ Constitutional rights. Apethought is not advocating an attack on these corporations to cut off America’s resources, but rather to hold corporate criminals (who do not have the Republic or its people’s best interests in mind) accountable for selling us poison, selling out our domestic industry and preventing us from energy independence whether we use petro-chemicals or not.
I cannot figure out how Sean construes Marxism, Leninism, Trotskyism, Stalinism, Maoism etc. from what Apethought wrote. He never referred to Das Capital or the Communist Manifesto. At Ya Basta our foundation is liberty, nationalism, TBOR and the Constitution. But we are also intelligent enough to quote people we disagree with. I advised the Ape to be careful with statements like “Obama isn't a Marxist. At least not any more than Stalin was. He's an oligarch…” The argument that Stalin was not a true Marxist is Trotskyite propaganda. (This was commonly used by COINTELPRO agents infiltrating communist groups from the 30’s through the 50’s and is indeed parroted by Marxists of most stripes today, who apologize for Lenin, Trotsky, Mao and others’ atrocities.) One should be aware of the subtle nuances between Stalin’s Russian nationalist Marxism and Trotsky’s internationalist/Zionist brand, but the system and its end results are essentially the same. This argument should be left to the reds. Marx’s vanguard, the Supreme Soviet, the state abolition of private property and rights of inheritance, the progressive income tax, and a central bank all show clearly that Marx believes in and calls for oligarchies. Remember he called it the dictatorship of the proletariat! It is well known that Obama has many socialists (including Marxists) in his orbit and that he is himself an internationalist socialist, reading right out of Marx, Mussolini, Mao and the Fabians’ handbooks. I am not sure what Apethought sees as merits of Marx’s analysis. I see none whatsoever! His dialectic contains truth about class struggle but is overall a juvenile oversimplification of reality. His economic policies call for the state to wield all economic power and commandeer all goods, land, etc. to be redistributed (to the elite usually). Marx was himself an autocratic dictator of the first international. A quick look at Bakunin and Marx’s arguments and the history of the international illustrate this. Just like Obama, Marx (who wrote for the NY Daily Tribune) was “a puppet for those with real power, and any rhetoric for fairness or economic equality is pure smoke screen.” He’s skillfully employed by adepts of deception. All communist revolutionaries (Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Ho Chi Min, ad infinitum) have been puppets for those with real power-- the international statist financers.
Sean, your last comment, “No, we ain't on the same team. I get your drift about the lily white hands. Guess white people are on your list too…” is telling. Your sophist-like insistence on calling my brother a Marxist and your playing of the race card over a figure of speech are ridiculous. The enemies of our republic come in all colors and creeds. As individualists, we would never determine our targets based on biological factors like ethnicity. That the elites have soft, lily white hands is an accurate description. My proud European-descended hands are dirty, calloused and blistered. Apethought’s choice of words reflects the elites’ status, not race.
When you say, “No, we ain't on the same team,” you come across as a pawn for COINTELPRO or a divide-and-conquer infiltrator. And when you say, “I get your drift about the lily white hands. Guess white people are on your list too…” you sound like the collectivists you so vehemently oppose.

January 23, 2009 at 4:20 AM  
Blogger Sean said...

My last sophistic gasp. I'm far too ignorant to fence with you, as you both seem to have a firm grasp of what socialism is, but fail to acknowledge that it is what is mostly on your mind. Good luck with the organic farm, and wind,solar,and hydro power. I know you would never acknowledge it, but pesticides,herbicides, and genetic engineering have saved millions of lives formally (as late as the 19th century) lost to famine, and disease, and pestilence. The banning of DDT by the UN has caused millions of deaths and sickness from malaria and like diseases in Africa and Asia, all because some dame wrote "Silent Spring", a fraud, laced with lies and unsubstantiated data. Wind solar and Hydro, don't really constitute the major portion of our energy, and if they were all we relied on, our civilization would collapse. I didn't play the race card, you did. A pair of hands could be described a number of ways, but you two went for white, which puts the blame squarely on whitey, but I wasn't supposed to notice, but since I did, now I'm a collectivist. Nice. I'm not real good at being one, since I have actually killed nine of them, with my own hands. And that bit about his dialectec containing truth about class struggle........ do you guys ever listen to yourselves? If I had my eyes closed and listened to you say that, I can, in my imagination, see you waving Maos' little red book from the steps of Cornell, as you harangue the tweed and birkenstocks before you. Whatever I am, racist, redneck, provincial, reactionary, whatever you want to pose me as, fine, go ahead and do it. I know who I am. But neither one of you will ever leave the wilds of that Soviet Forest you're stuck in, because you don't know where the trees are, and won't, until you remove that chip on your shoulder called envy, and walk away from jealousy and resentment. I learned as a boy, all are my equal, but many have talent, ability, and drive, that leave me in the dust. That's just the way it is. So I learned to see things as they are, not as I WANTED them to be. The socialists want this big bright future, all are happy, all are fulfilled, all are satiated. It will NEVER be. Why? Socialists are so caught up in humanity, they forget that it's made up of humans. And if they get in the way, well, 20 million starved to death in the Ukraine, is just, as Stalin said, a statistic. But not to me. Notice how socialism, wherever and whenever applied, has to destroy the status quo, and Change things? Because it's an idea that calls for turning human nature and the natural order of things on it's head. It has never worked, it never will work, and all it has ever accomplished is the deaths of over a hundred million, and gargantuan misery for the rest.Please put me in your file as the ignorant, implacable, racist, counter-revolutionary dupe of the power brokers, that I am mortified to find myself as. But do yourself a favor, and quit lying about who, and what you are. I leave it to you to pick the label.

January 23, 2009 at 3:41 PM  
Blogger Craig said...

I forgot to edit my post this is the updated one, sorry.

Sean, I understand that we can not stop/replace using petro-chemicals and start using clean energy sources (wind, solar, hydro, of all sizes, bio-diesel, ethanol, industrial hemp etc.) overnight, but nationally we can become energy independent by tapping into domestic petrol resources. I never implied that we could only rely on wind, solar, and Hydro etc. nor that they constitute the major portion of our energy, yet. Despite your arguments for the Industrial Agriculture complex and genetic engineering, organic farming has routinely showed higher yields over “conventional” farming methods.

I will not argue that the UN has caused millions of deaths and sickness in Africa and Asia due to restrictions on industrialization, but it’s also due to WHO, UNESCO, and UNICEF’s tainted vaccinations. Also, don’t forget International Planned Parenthood (many times working with communist dictatorships) and their forced abortions and sterilizations in Africa and Asia. They are the eugenist NWO.

No one was trying to play the race card; it was a figure of speech, and Apethought and I are both proud of our European-American heritages. Our ancestors live through us all. I commend your elimination of 9 enemy collectivists probably in service to this nation. I myself have not served in the Armed Forces, but I militantly take my Second Amendment duties seriously (probably like yourself). I respect the Armed Forces and have great pride in the long military history of my family that stretches from Vietnam to The Battle of Hastings circa 1066. But I am also aware that many of these wars were unconstitutionally declared and were engineered/assisted false flag events (i.e. Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, the Viet-Cong torpedoed US ships at the gulf of Tonkin, US involvement in The Korean war was declared by a UN resolution, and the imminent attack on Pearl Harbor was known by FDR). Oh, and don’t forget that collectivists kill each other all the time. Remember the Communist/Socialist vs. the Fascist/Nazi dialectic. The Hegelian dialectic is a false left-right paradigm. I, like the men I supported for president, am a true non-interventionist.

All I mean by Marx’s dialectic containing truth is that classism does exist. If you listened to everything I said, you would not imagine me waving Mao’s little red book. I also politically, spiritually, and morally agree with your criticism of the reds; these are my same problems with that EVIL system. Regardless of your dismissals, if you do believe in the oath to defend and protect the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, if you believe in the restoration of our Republic and are opposed to the socialist/fascist new world order, WE ARE ALLIES

January 26, 2009 at 11:59 PM  

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