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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Beck: Coming Distractions

From Billy Beck:

"Everybody I know is reading about the Weimar Republic."

Allegedly, a "very high-placed" friend ("at the highest level of global banking"), to Glenn Beck, last Monday.

Make sure you watch that whole-ass thing:

This is crucial, at the 4:06 mark of the video:

"...and now we owe the world trillions, and we're reaching for the printing-press to pay it back."

This is exactly what is happening.

Don't let words like "nationalization" (a fact) blind you to the more principal fact that crummy consumer debt is being assumed by the government, whose only recourses are:

1) printing-away this debt in a plainly fraudulent denomination of "dollars", or;

2) actually laying you down (you, because your name is now on it no matter how we'll you have behaved, financially) and flaying the meat out of your physical hide.

Oh, you don't like the metaphor?

Okay, try this: this productivity -- this value now held as debt in global markets -- must come from somewhere, and so this government will tax you for it as long as you will stand it. ...unless, that is, you would prefer that they stomp right into your living-room, unplug your five-foot widescreen HDTV and cart it off to some worldwide garage sale.

It's either that, or let the presses roll, and I cannot imagine that one in a thousand out there have any idea what that will be like.

And guess what: there is no reason why they can't do both; tax your ass off and make you stand in line for (in the memorable phrase by Rand) "cereal coupons". {shrug}

Give 'em enough rope and they'll hang us all.

I think we might really be in it this time, kids.

Go read this. (link by Myrhaf)


Anonymous J. Croft said...

I got an ideal: debt repudiation!


Great blog by the way! Love your ongoing fiction series. Keep em' coming.

J. Croft

October 18, 2008 at 7:57 PM  

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