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Saturday, October 18, 2008

You Know the Fix Is In When...

The Wall Street Journal is pimping for the New Deal and the supposedly-sainted Frank Roosevelt.

Wonder why the article doesn't mention FDR's diplomatic recognition of the Soviet Union as "Uncle Joe" and his apparatchiks were exterminating hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians via deliberately-induced famine?

You know - come to think of it -- the article also omits how FDR ran roughshod over the Constitution while simultaneously devaluing the dollar and demagoging against "economic royalty".

And wouldn't you know it - the article also omits how at Yalta, FDR delivered millions of European men, women, and children from the frying pan of Nazi tyranny into the fires of Stalin's murderous regime.

Read more here.

Just you wait for new New Deal, courtesy of President-elect Obama.

And don't worry - even though you may not be thinking of them, the Obamites most certainly are thinking about how to deal with folks like those who read this blog.

Alea iacta est.


Blogger ReverendFranz said...

Even Joe and Frank sitting around patting eachother on the back lauding their (dis)respective "progressive" accomplishments has its modern analogous, as i could not help but notice in this wire story that ran on Wednesday.

CARACAS (Reuters) -- Socialist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez mocked
George W. Bush as a "comrade" on Wednesday, saying the U.S. president
was a hard-line leftist for his government's intervention of major
private banks in the U.S. financial crisis.

Chavez, who calls capitalism an evil and ex-Cuban leader Fidel Castro
his mentor, ridiculed Bush for his plan for the federal government to
take equity in American banks despite the U.S. right-wing's criticism of
Venezuelan nationalizations.

"Bush is to the left of me now," Chavez told an audience of
international intellectuals debating the benefits of socialism. "Comrade
Bush announced he will buy shares in private banks."

Chavez, who has insulted Bush in the past as a drunkard or the devil,
called him clueless on Wednesday. He accused him of simply parroting the
words of his aides without understanding the new policies that rely on
heavy state intervention.

"I am convinced he has got no idea what's going on," said Chavez, who
has nationalized swaths of the OPEC nation's economy in recent years and
is in negotiations to take over a Spanish bank in Venezuela.

Chavez lauds his nationalizations for allowing the state to refocus
companies' activities on helping the poor rather than creating value for
their shareholders.

The Bush administration, which has promoted free-market policies
throughout Latin America, resisted taking equity in banks for weeks.
But, faced with a spiraling financial crisis, it reversed course this
week with a $250 billion plan.

Chavez, who the United States labels an autocrat, is popular among his
supporters at home for criticizing Bush and sometimes wins praise abroad
for voicing anti-U.S. opinions.

Despite the ideological differences between the two governments and the
diplomatic sparring that led weeks ago to the countries expelling each
other's ambassador, Venezuela remains a major oil supplier to the United

(Reporting by Patricia Rondon; Writing by Saul Hudson; Editing by
Anthony Boadle)

The difference is that even a proud communist like Hugo Chavez can't mask his contempt for this countries socialization. At least in his constant parading and self congratulations, Chavez has always represented his "progressive measures" as "Helping the poor." Our own learless feeder hasnt bothered with such false pretenses, making no secret of who this subjugation of the american taxpayer benifits.

"By coming together on this legislation, we have acted boldly to prevent the crisis on Wall Street"

"The legislation is a critical step toward stabilizing our financial markets"

Not your financial markets, theirs, not the poor, but Wall Street, which hasnt been anywhere as near as close to starving as the nearly 800,000 people added to the unemployed list these last few months, last time i checked.

(the above quotes are intentionaly taken out of context, as their context was lies, and i dont repeat lies knowingly)

October 18, 2008 at 5:43 AM  

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