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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Welcome to Police Executive Development

Radley Balko has one of the untold stories of the Kathryn Johnston killing during a no-knock raid here in Atlanta:

If you’ll remember, shortly after the Kathryn Johnston raid, Assistant Atlanta Police Chief Alan Dreher sprang into action to defend the actions of the police officers. Less than 24 hours after the raid, Dreher assured us that there was nothing to see, here. The police had made a controlled buy at Johnston’s home. They arrived at her house in a marked car, and came in in marked uniforms. Johnston shot at the officers, Dreher said. He later added that Johnston “should have recognized” the men breaking into her home as police officers. The cops returned fire only in self-defense, he said. Dreher even suggested that it was a police officer, not an informant, who bought the drugs from Johnston (as it turns out, no one did - the "controlled buy" was a lie).

Police defenders and critics of mine were quick to jump on Dreher’s statements to show that I and others were “jumping the gun” in questioning the raid. After all, if the police said they did a buy, they did a buy. If the police say they announced, then they announced. If the police infer that this 92-year-old woman was a dope dealing criminal who got what she deserved, well, then she sure as hell got what she deserved.

Well, we all now know that just about everything Dreher said was wrong. Dreher was presiding over a corrupt narcotics unit that routinely lied on search warrant affidavits, harassed and intimidated informants, covered up mistakes, and was subject to damaging arrest and raid quotas that encouraged shortcuts and circumventing the checks in place to ensure the protection of civil rights. It was Dreher who spoke too soon, propagating the lie told to him by his officers that Johnston was some sort of dope-slinging, gun-toting granny...

Read the rest of Radley's piece to learn what happened to Deputy Chief Dreher and what he's doing now.

And remember - the hope of most American gun owners is that, come Confiscation Day, the police will think of the Constitution, rather than their pensions.

Tempus fugit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

those guys on the picture.

Are'nt they tooooo fat to be policemen??????????


May 29, 2008 at 3:46 PM  

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