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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rivrdog: Exodus

The latest from Rivrdog, who gives the courageous a glimpse into a mass panic:

...This subject really goes in the middle of any presentation on End Times, but I had a specific request to do it now, and I see no reason not to grant that request.

Exodus. A mass movement out of somewhere. Imagine what were to happen if the collapse had come, quite suddenly as it probably will, and the reaction in the cities is horrible disorder, the kind that shakes you to your very roots to just watch it on TV (and the newsies WILL be there at the start). There are rumors of all kinds going around, certain stores are mobbed (gun stores and food stores, for obvious reasons), the police have NO idea of what to do, and the Governor is hesitant to call out the National Guard. Riots ensue.

Within a day or two, emergency planning has some effect, and maximum police patrols PLUS the National Guard have cleared the streets and put out the fires. City dwellers are confined to their houses. Some, those who have preplanned, have Pushed The Button and are bugging out, but those are few in number. At least 90% of the city dwellers just sit in their homes, overload the telephone circuits, watch 3 TVs at once, jam the Internet, and just gossip over the back fence (well, some of the OLD folks will gossip over the back fence).

A psychological tension will start to rise, in EVERYONE. It will get VERY high, and the only thing that could ease it is information, from the government, assuring AND demonstrating that the crisis will be weathered.

Then, in a moment of clarity that is instinctive, not learned (it would have been programmed out of the last generation completely by the educational system), people begin to think of the future. Their unanimous conclusion is that THERE IS NO FUTURE! The educational system DID preprogram the next reaction in, however: WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!


Back to instinctive thinking. WHAT WILL WE DO? They should have been reading this and other ET blogs, but they didn't, so they have to start from scratch. Many will think WHAT WOULD DADDY (Granddaddy) HAVE DONE? They think, IF DADDY COULDN'T GO TO THE STORE, AND THE GOV'T DIDN'T SET UP A SHELTER, WHAT WOULD HE HAVE DONE?

Many will come to the same conclusion at the same time, and HEAD FOR THE HILLS!

That, folks, is called an Exodus. When it starts, it will feed on itself. Rumor will feed it, lack of planning will feed it, DESPERATION will feed it. Some, the ones who are wealthy, will head for their summer homes, most of which aren't set up for subsistence living. Some of these might survive. A few will have good friends in the countryside, friends who will accept them, and they will head there. They will survive. Most will just head out, planning to do it like they've occasionally done on weekends: throw the camping gear in the car, or hook up the RV and head out. They will take their guns if they have any, but the herd instinct has taken over, and for a while, the roads will be clogged with them.

Just like Opening Day of the deer season...

Read the rest, as well as new entries in ths continuing series, if you know what's coming and are interesting in improving your odds.

Tempus fugit.


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