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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The North American Union: Slouching Towards Submission

Go read Jerome Corsi's piece on the meetings this week in New Orleans between American President Jorge W. Arbusto, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and Greater Aztlan's Presidente Felipe Calderon.

Then ask yourself why the organizers of this trilateral treachery aren't using the standard Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) logo on your left?

The White House admits that the meeting was in furtherance of the SPP agenda:

As he noted in his State of the Union address, the President will be hosting the North American Leaders' Summit on April 21-22 in New Orleans. This fourth meeting of North American leaders since 2005 will continue our work on Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) initiatives. It will also serve as an opportunity for the three leaders to discuss hemispheric and global issues of importance to North America.

Might it be because brave folks like Corsi and Phyllis Schlafly have been pointing their spotlights at the SPP and its objectives?

This Kanuckistani think tank seems to think so.

Might it be because the US corporations behind the North American Competitiveness Council don't want you to know their role in this ongoing betrayal of American sovereignty?

In any event, I know everyone will be reassured to know that this meeting between the Three Amigos accomplished some important objectives, essential to the interests of the American people:

...PRESIDENT CALDERÓN: (As translated.) We discussed the Merida initiative, a very important initiative that will allow a common strategy that will benefit families on both sides -- on the side of Mexico and on the side of the United States.

I also want to express my appreciation for the work the U.S. government has begun on the problem of arms trafficking. We know that this is a complex issue, we know there is much to be done, but a very important first step has already been made in that direction. (WRSA: emphasis added)

We also discussed the defense of the Mexican administration, of the rights of our Mexican citizens. And we have also discussed the issue of trade and how trade is benefiting both of our peoples. I think that I have made it very clear that as far as I am concerned, trade is an issue that benefits both sides greatly. It is something that generates jobs both on the U.S. side and on the side of Mexico. We have seen an enormous increase in benefits for consumers as a result of trade, as well. We see that the quality of products in general has gone up as a result of increased trade.

And I stress this issue because recently NAFTA has come under criticism, and I do not believe that people are realizing how many benefits NAFTA has brought both to the United States and to Mexico. I can say that hundreds of thousands of jobs have been created on both sides of the border. As far as Mexico is concerned, this increase in jobs has also led to a direct decrease in the amount of immigration from Mexico to the United States. It has generated growth, it has generated jobs, and it is decreasing the flow of immigration.

And we have discussed the defense of the rights of Mexican citizens and the need to increase the way we watch over those rights. This is a very important issue for my administration. We need to continue working on an agenda to find a comprehensive solution for that. I understand that the United States is going through an electoral process and we respect that process, of course. But I do want to point out that it's very important for my administration for us to find a solution to this issue --and a solution that will not just find a way to deal with the immigration problem, but one that will do so with respect and responsibility...

Just remember, boys and girls: every single cent spent or to be spent on this fiasco comes either from your tax dollars, or was borrowed and thus added to the more than $9 trillion in national debt currently owed by the US of A.

In other words, you or your children and grandchildren are paying for the chains that are being forged under the auspices of the SPP (or whatever the new name for the same old game becomes).

Tempus fugit.


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