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Monday, March 3, 2008

Get It Now: Group Buy on Practice and Duty Loads for Many Calibers

Posted as a public service (which means deal with the group buy sponsor re all questions, not WRSA), here's a terrific opportunity to stock up on fresh, American-made practice and duty ammunition for many of your pistols and rifles.

They even have 12-gauge social loads, as well.

If you are following current trends in what remains of our country, you'll be thinking about what to do when the local gun store or Wally World says, "Sorry, Charley, no ammo today or tomorrow."

Moreover, given the dubious status of the US dollar, converting that depreciating fiat script into tangibles ain't a bad investment, either.

Tempus fugit.

From the organizer:

OK folks, off we go on this thing!! The prices, times and stock numbers are all listed below. I have attached a copy of the order form and ammunition eligibility statement below for you to fill out and send to me. I will accept orders until 31 March 2008. In order to participate, you must be a member of this or one of the other 4 forums I am running it on.

We will be dealing with The Hunting Shack of Stevensville, Montana. They have been really responsive to these buys with me in the past and they are making some great ammo. This is the company that developed the 300 Win Mag Sniper load for the military. They supply many retailers and police departments across the country as well. I have shot a lot of their stuff and I would easily compare it to Black Hills in quality and accuracy. Many highpower shooters will recognize these folks and their reputation for quality.

I've adopted a two tier system this time. Tier one is "affordable practice loads". Tier 2 is "duty/performance loads". In most cases, the practice loads will ballistically match the duty loads, so your practice can be more effective. Try to remember that this is quality American made ammunition here. I know that not all of the prices are as cheap as you can get the imported or surplus stuff, but realize that you are getting a better product as well as supporting American small businesses. In my opinion the self defense loads are AWESOME and priced WAAAAAY below the competition.

The Gold Dot loads are some of the finest terminal performers currently available. The 75gr 5.56 load is a great performer and will stabilize in a 1-9 twist in my tests. The Shotgun ammo is made in Spain, and is some really nice stuff. RIO is one of the last companies anywhere in the world to make everything IN HOUSE, so the quality is outstanding. The 50 BMG is very competitively priced. The 168 Amax 308 load is a fantastic performer both terminally and on paper, I have been seeing groups hovering in the 1” range from my M14. Also notice the 6.8 loading. Its price is well below other manufacturers and carries the Vmax bullet which is the cheapest bullet we could get, yet is a great terminal performer as well. Bonus there.

Overall, I am pretty excited with this as we have some great ammo being offered for some really good prices. I hope you can take advantage of this.

I have also listed the estimated delivery time from when the orders are delivered to HSM, those are listed next to the load. Everyone needs to understand right up front that we are all at the mercy of the supply system. HSM can only make this stuff for us if they have the components. They are subject to shortages the same as everyone else. Please be patient with this buy. It worked out for everyone last time and we all got some great ammo to boot. Take time to read the timetable below so you understand when the clock starts ticking and you can expect your ammo.

I have also created an order sheet that you will have to fill out and e-mail or fax to me. you will need to use the HSM stock number and add up your totals which I will verify and approve. This should save me and Hunting Shack a great deal of work as the order sheet will be used from you right thru till it's shipped. I will also need a READABLE copy of your drivers license and statement of eligibility from everyone again (sorry to those who already participated, but it makes it easier for us to keep track of).

OK, here's the good stuff:

CALIBER/LOADING / HSM STOCK # / estimated time to build / Price per case

9mm - 115 gr. FMJ / 9MM-2R / 30 days / $187

9mm 124 gr. FMJ once fired brass / 9mm-4 / 30 days / $203

9mm 124 gr. JHP UHP Gold Dot / 9mm-8 / 30 days if bullets are in / $326


9MM 147 gr. FMJ once fired brass / 9MM-5 / 30 days / $201

9MM 147 gr. JHP UHP Gold Dot / 9MM-9 / 30 days if bullets are in / $361

40 S&W 180 gr FMJ once fired brass / 40-2R / 30 days / $195

40 S&W 180gr JHP UHP Gold dot / 40-15 / 30 days if bullets are in / $366


45 ACP 230gr FMJ once fired brass / 45A-12R / 30 days / $229

45 ACP 230 gr. JHP UHP Gold Dot / 45A-11 / 30 days if bullets are in / $422

5.56x45 55gr FMJ , once fired brass /223-R / 9 weeks / $289

5.56x45 55gr FMJ Mil Spec New brass / 223-1R-N / 9 weeks / $348

5.56x45 62gr , Once fired brass / 223-8 / 9 weeks / $327

5.56x45 62gr New brass / 223-8R-N / 9 weeks / $372

5.56x45 62gr HP BARNES COPPER / 4 months / Price TBA

5.56x45 75gr HPBT Tactical load / 556-17T / 9 weeks / $473

5.56x45 64gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw SP / 223-4 / 9 weeks / $473

6.8SPC 110gr VMAX / 6.8-2 / 9 weeks / $658

7.62x39 123gr Soft Point, brass case / 762x39-2 / 9 weeks / $551

7.62x39 123gr V-Max, brass case / 762x39-5 / 9 weeks / $547

7.62x39 123gr HP BARNES COPPER / 4 MONTHS / Price TBA

7.62x51 150 gr FMJ Mil Spec / 308-1R-N / 9 weeks / $519

7.62x51 155gr AMAX / 308-12 / 9 weeks / $761

7.62x51 168gr AMAX match / 308-15R-N / 9 weeks / $584

7.62x51 168gr HPBT Mil Spec match / 308-2R-N / 9 weeks / $693

7.62x51 175gr HPBT M118LR Mil Spec match / 308-118LR / 9 weeks if bullets are in / $696

30'06 150GR FMJ MIL SPEC / 30-06-2 / 9 weeks / $661

30'06 175GR HPBT MATCH / 30-06-3 / 9 weeks / $778

50 BMG 690gr AP 100 ROUNDS / 50BMG-APS / 9 weeks / $302

50 BMG 647gr FMJ 100 ROUNDS / 50BMG-1 / 9 weeks / $380

50 BMG 750gr AMAX MATCH 100 ROUNDS / 50BMG-2 / 9 weeks / $426

12ga 2¾ 9 pellet 00 buck CASE OF 250 (RIO) / RB129 / depends on availability / $102

12ga 2¾ 1 oz slug CASE OF 250 (RIO) / RSL12 / depends on availability / $144

Cash, Money Order form the Post Office or a bank, Cashiers Check, or Credit card "balance transfer" checks. If you have a special circumstance and cannot use one of the above, I could entertain accepting a credit card (visa, MC, AMEX) directly or we could arrange something else (this would be a last resort and fee's would apply for a CC).

- I post this message to let you know we have started the group buy and accept orders until March 31st
- Group buy ends, 3 day grace period starts and I deposit payments. I send order sheets to HSM for processing. I wait 7 days for payments to clear the bank, then send payment to HSM. At this point we are ~41 days from the start of accepting orders.
- We start waiting the times listed next to the load you ordered. If you ordered some 30 day ammo and some 9 week ammo, then expect to wait 9 weeks to get ANY ammo.
- If they have an issue with getting components, then we will end up waiting until they get them in stock before our “time to make” starts.
- Once they have made ALL of your ammo order they will ship it out. Don't expect them to ship out each case as it's made, but they reserve the right to do that if they have to.

We are charging a flat rate for shipping. EACH case will be $22 to ship. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will incur HAZMAT fees. Any shipments into the state of Massachusetts will have to go thru an FFL or to a friend out of state.

All cases will be 1000 rounds unless otherwise specified. 12 Gauge will be 250 rounds, 50 BMG will be 100 rounds. The Barnes loads cases will be listed when they are posted.


- Fill out the order form attached below. Try to make it look nice and preserve the category spacing. Using tab stops in the load section will make it easier for you.
- Double check the load designation/stock numbers, because if there is any discrepancy it will slow things down. If you cant fit the whole description in the space provided just put a common sense shorter description and get the stock number right.
- When in doubt make sure the stock number is correct for what you want.
- Add up your order and double check it.
- Fill out the ammunition eligibility statement and photo copy or scan a copy of your drivers license or ID on the form. Preferably all on the same page. It is also acceptable to make a copy of your ID and write “I certify that I am at least 21 years of age and that there are no Federal, State or local laws that prohibit me from purchasing ammunition.” and sign and date below it.
- Send me your order form to my email at
KILLEMALL1988@YAHOO.COM. Please send it in RTF format as an attachment, rather than just a cut and paste into the email body. If you have to you can ZIP it into a file.
- I will check and approve your order form then you will mail the approved order form, payment and eligibility statement to me at the address I will give you in the approval email. If you need to fax something to me I can give you the number upon request.
- Once I get your payment, I will probably deposit it so the payment can clear. Once we get all the orders in and close the buy I will send off payment to HSM with the orders and then they will start the process of making our ammo.

Order Form and Eligibility Statement

You can open these with Microsoft WordPad, that comes standard with all Windows OS. If you use this program, you can avoid any formatting problems that will happen by using other programs. If for some reason you don't have this program then please take the time to make your order form look neat and orderly. Please save it in .RTF (rich text format) rather than .doc or .txt. It is posted in the comment below as I am having issues uploading it.

Both files in a
Zip file

Eligibility Statement

Order Form

Thanks again for participating in this buy and reading this entire post. For questions, please contact Carl at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a participant in Carl's first HS group buy, I can attest to the very high quality of this product. Using the 75 grain 223 tactical load, my scoped 24" DPMS AR15 shot approx. 1/2" groups at 100 yds with the aid of a bipod.

March 4, 2008 at 10:55 PM  

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