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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Xiong Huai Chouhen, Dan Wu Xu Fa

Courtesy of Free Market Fairy Tales, we have this message from one of the US of A's most important trading partners and financiers:

Xiong huai chouhen, dan wu xu fa.

Tebie yao zhuajin xue sheji, zhandou zhongjian zui daliang zui pubian de ying benshi jiu shi sheji.

Yiding yao ba sheji xunlian gao hao.


With vengeance in your heart, no bullet will be fired in vain.

You must especially make the best use of your time to learn how to fire a gun, because in combat this is the most widely used practical skill.

Ensure that training for shooting a gun is thoroughly carried out.

Wisdom from the East, indeed....


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