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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Please Tell Me How I Wake Up Back in the Old America....

If you have a few minutes this weekend, get yourself a fresh cup of coffee (or stronger, if that's your thing) and take the time to work your way through the links in this essay by Kevin Baker of The Smallest Minority.

Two appetizers - the first being Joe Huffman's 'Jews in the Attic' Test, and the other being this excerpt from the Everlasting Phelps:

I am almost physically ill with the dread I am feeling right now. I’ve said before that I have thought about armed revolution before. It is something that I think everyone who considers himself a patriot has to think about ahead of time. You might think about it and say “never”, but you need to think about it.

I am reminded of the cannibal paradox. The paradox is that there are a lot of people in starvation scenarios who turn to cannibalism and starve anyways. They starve because the cannibalism taboo is so strong that they wait too long and are past the point of no return before they do what they need to survive. There is a point of no return when it comes to revolution.

Just remember - never, ever get on the government bus to the "emergency shelter/evacuation camp".

Once you do, you are irretrievably finished.

Heaven help us all.


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