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Monday, July 23, 2007

It's Not Paranoia When They ARE Out to Get You

Much kerfuffle has been made over Congresswoman McCarthy's HR 2640, which gained NRA support in an effort to "appear reasonable" and allegedly restrict access to guns by mentally-disturbed folks.

Here is what "being reasonable" gets you, with a hat-tip to Rivrdog.

Any chance of getting a similar list re police officers and other government officials with histories of mental illness, drug/alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and other no-nos?

What about broad-based support to require the purchaser's permission for government access to mental health records prior to the purchase of a printing press, a computer, or a pen?

Thought not.

UPDATE 7/24/07: Although the questioner is either a plant for the G or a complete doofus, get a load of the "mental health angle" on this gun control question from the YouTube Democratic Presidential debate.


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