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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Ruckus

Alvie posts an excellent article from Kerodin at Memento Mori.

Just remember: those in the crowd used to the taste of government teat are going to see you and treat you as exactly what you are:

A mortal threat to their existence.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Sam: I say something my Grandmother used to say;

Good luck with your day dream of LEO's standing down. Why do you think they have been gearing up for battle?...Of the political class listening to the patriots. Have they listened heretofore? Of 1.5 million patriots on the lawn demanding government change its ways. Has the patriot movement been successful in bringing that many informed people to any rally?

LEO's won't change their method of doing business until enough of them get killed while engaging in the shit they continue to pull in violation of the Constitution.

Pols won't change until enough of them are hung from lamp-posts for their crimes.

and Patriots won't effect change until we get this silly shit out of our heads that peaceful revolution is possible.


October 29, 2010 at 1:50 PM  
Anonymous Defender said...

Forgive me for repeating myself, but...
This article is exactly correct. The Dems are running a radio ad blaming the Tea Party for the illegal war in Iraq and the massive federal deficit, and none of them have even been elected yet. If the Bush boys were Tea Party, then I'm Daddy Warbucks.
But the ignorant masses will believe the Big Lie because they're predisposed to see the white conservative as the oppressor.
It'll be really easy for my white conservative household to stop paying taxes. When I had a job, I made $40,000, and the other two people here make less than $25,000 each. We have neighbors on disability who visit the church food pantry, and they have a higher monthly income than us now. Not faulting them; they really need the help. But we're watching and learning how that stuff works. If it gets too bad, we're going to cease being net PRODUCERS and stop funding the corrupt system that hates us.
And that's just for starters.

October 29, 2010 at 1:57 PM  
Anonymous Rollory said...

"The Courts will begin processing the cases of Treason for all of those Politicians, Bureaucrats & LEO who continue to act beyond their Constitutional limits"

This won't happen.

"Consider 1.5 million Patriots moving as one into their respective AO's, delivering orders to local LEO that they must stand down. Imagine 1.5 million Patriots moving into every City Hall and State House across the nation, instructing bureaucrats & LEO to go home. Politicians will settle into their chambers for discussions with their Citizen Patriots."

This won't happen.

"50 Patriots meet at each station armed with the tools of the Militiaman and tell LEO to go home..."

This won't happen.

Etc. He's assuming (among other things) an even spread. Won't happen. In large cities in particular. Even granting that there are 1.5 million people willing to take up weapons and directly confront authority in a crisis - which I think very unlikely; the willingness to engage in such confrontation will only come _after_ the crisis has gone on for some time - there will be lots more of them in rural areas and/or certain states. The large urban areas will (short of an explosive outbreak of gang warfare) stay under control.

He's also assuming no pushback from loyal government-supporting citizens. "Oh my god, those guys are threatening the police! Stop them!" Lots of people with good hearts and not too much political knowledge will by reflex side against the domestic terrorists. And that's really what it boils down to: by doing this, you are, de facto, a domestic terrorist or revolutionary, attempting to replace the existing governmental regime with another. In order to do so, you need to prepare the groundwork in terms of popular support. That doesn't exist. The ordinary guy in the street needs to be aware, as a matter of common knowledge, that the government is his _enemy_. Not just inefficient, not just incompetent, not just full of crooks, but out to get him. That sentiment isn't out there yet.

"But it could work" is maybe true but not relevant - if we had some ham, we could have some ham and eggs, if we had some eggs. Given the actual track record of behavior and toleration of certain behavior by police and politicians, even by the people who know what it is and why it is wrong, there will be no sudden mass turnout to shut them down like that. Certainly not in a 72-hour period. This scenario assumes that some new usurpation of power suddenly triggers the same response among hundreds of thousands of people in lots of different places. A simple political act will not do that, not in this country, not with the population we have now. Even if Congress voted to nationalize (confiscate) 401ks, you think that would do it? There would be a lot of protests and promises to vote all incumbents out next time and this time we really mean it. Would have little effect. A few people might march down to their local precinct and inform them that they're relieved, and they'd be taken into custody and it would make a lookit-these-wackos story in the evening news before going on to the horrible thing such-and-such said about this famous woman.

It "could" work, but it requires a fundamentally different political atmosphere than what still exists here. People still think the system can maybe be fixed.

October 29, 2010 at 2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He has the right idea about the when and the who. The idea that LEO's are going to just go home and leave patriots in control is rather naive.


October 29, 2010 at 2:52 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

The odds of this panning out like he tells, are very,very, small. At the end, he did make one salient point. He said if it drags out, we will lose the best of America. In this kind of deal, you will ALWAYS lose your best. And it will drag out. No, home by Christmas, yadda,yadda,yadda. No Ft.Sumters? Doesn't matter. It's what is on the scoreboard when the game is over, is what matters. Moral high ground, laws of land and sea warfare, proper conduct. Bullshit. What matters is winning. Yeah, I know, you'll lose your soul, you'll become just like them, you'll be no better than them, depravity will ruin your peace, and so on. If we lose, our children and theirs down through who knows how many centuries will be slaves and animals, for the ruling class' enjoyment. So it gets down to the nitty gritty. Do you want to win, or do you want to bow the knee? The first casualty of war is the truth. So get ready for making hell, and living in your own personal hell, because that's what war is. See you at the top. III.

October 29, 2010 at 3:11 PM  
Anonymous Oldfart said...

I like the scenario of all those patriots marching on city halls and state houses across the country but I can't see it happening.

What I do see happening in that first 72 hours is a lot of patriots furtively peering out their windows to see if anybody else marching - and how many of them there are. Saddly, the American patriot is a force to be feared only so long as he/she has a keyboard to wield or a dozen or so friends to back him up at a carefully orchestrated rally previously approved by the local police force.

While I admit the scenario in the essay could work I cannot envision enough "patriots" abandoning their homes and families to march on those centers of political power. A few would but when they were arrested or simply shot down, the others would go back to their computers and quickly claim their own innocence, leaving the cause to twist in the wind.

October 29, 2010 at 8:50 PM  
Blogger sofa said...

oldfart is a keen observer. With age comes wisdom, emitted as a pungent truth.

The populace has not been prepared. There is no cohesive vision that will survive a single news cycle of lies from the MSM.

The 'Sons of Liberty' started in 1765 to prepare the colonies. TEN years later, 1775, they were in a position to have Lexington and Concord.



1765 & 1766 were busy years. How does that compare to us, today?

We are pathetic and weak. We have not even started our 1765 level of effort. Read those links, and think it through.

The 'Sons of Liberty' formulated serious plans, worked to frame discussions they wanted people to have, and they created events that would help their narative and discourage/embarass their enemy.

They had committes active in every state within a year; and their activities were significant. They planned well, moved quickly and aggressively, and it took them 10 years.

Are we any closer to 1765? Or are we stuck on 1764; pissed off, but without direction?

Based on recent events: Our future still looks like a boot, stepping on a human face, for the rest of eternity.

Thanks oldfart, for emitting the putrid oder of truth. Smells like wisdom.


October 30, 2010 at 6:01 PM  
Blogger sofa said...

CA raises similar issues, in comments elsewhere:

Yeah, but can you imagine if the plan to defend the Fulda Gap consisted of
- disorganization,
- wholly inadequate funding and other resources,
- nonexistent secure comms,
- no training of any kind, for all intents and purposes,
- no arty,
- no anti-armor capabilities,
- no anti-air capabilities,
- complete air inferiority,
- thin-to-the-vanishing-point boots on the ground, and
- strategic/tactical quarrels

yet the JCS insisted to SecDef and POTUS that it was all going to come together once Ivan crossed the line?


With no 'Sons-of-Liberty type plan', we leave oursleves in the role of the chechens: Wait for the worst, and after it's "too late" then fight amonst the ruins of your society.

Can we do better than that?
Or am I being a hoplophobe?

October 30, 2010 at 6:25 PM  

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