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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jennifer III On Darknet

Go and read it all.

Think about the "holy trinity" of shooting, moving, and communicating.

How are you doing on each?

Or, as this visitor from beyond Sipsey Street might ask:

Sure, and what've ye been doing with the extra time the good Lord has granted ye? Do ye think the bloody heathens have forgotten about ye and your like?


Blogger Dedicated_Dad said...

Anyone who thinks the .gov can't break any civilian-available encryption is deluded.

Further, using it ensures your traffic goes to the head of the "check this out" line as hiding your text indicates there might be something to hide in your text.

Even if encryption DID work, to read it your recipient must decrypt it. I've seen tech demonstrated that could capture "leaking" EMF/RFI from your screen and reconstruct its contents.

The *ONLY* 100% SECURE comms are face-to-face, between 100% known parties.

Anything else is risk. Even direct-wired phones like those listed could easily be "tapped" and without even touching the wires.

If you need secure communications, the best way *I* know is to work out some "code" so every-day conversational terms and the like have alternate meanings to the parties involved.

Everything else is - IMHO - asking for attention you may not want...


June 11, 2010 at 5:11 AM  

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