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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Beck: Hinges

From Billy Beck:

The United States Congress is buying a whole industry with stolen money.

And I have to put up with a pig-eyed lout like Barney Frank standing up there with every pretense of an intelligent being, saying things like, "They will have to be able to demonstrate by the thirty-first of March, that based on this, they can go forward in an efficient way in produce the kind of cars that we think will sell." (MSNBC, 4:45PM ET)

I am watching a real live soviet full of these louts in action here in America, and the world just keeps turning. People everywhere around me just keep going through their day as if nothing at all is happening.

"It may take more than fifteen billion dollars to get to March thirty-first. But come March thirty-first, it is our hope that there will be a viable automotive industry in our country with transparency and accountability to the taxpayer." (Drill Mistress Pelosi, 4:48PM ET)

"We will not give up on our automotive industry."

I have always counseled looking to the language, ladies and gentlemen. When someone like Pelosi says "our" in a context like this, they should instantly be slapped right across the face, and this should have been standard American practice for generations now.

They always meant it, and you never took them seriously.

"Our children." "Our people." "Our jobs."

Ad infinitum.

In these days and weeks of your life, you are witnessing an historic turning of ethics applied through politics. The principles being laid down right now will eventually implicate just about everything in your life. If in years to come, you ever have to wonder what happened, and how and why, you can look to this autumn and winter, when everything was being made as clear as possible, and your world just kept turning as if nothing at all was happening.

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