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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vanderboegh: Praxis -- Shooter Ready


You are going to read about this training game in a future chapter of 'Absolved'. You might as well get started practicing with this, then move to the AQT, and so on.

Mike Vanderboegh


The Long Range Shooting Simulation was recently tested and recommended by the members of the National Tactical Officers Association with an overall score of 4.53 out of a possible 5. The following are comments from the reviewers published in the November, 2006 issue of The Tactical Edge Product Review Guide.

Tested by a police officer from Pennsylvania
"I found the program to be both informative and challenging. Until now I have had very little practice "ranging" targets beyond 300 yards. Over the years I have come to rely to laser range finders. This program offers a cost effective means of practicing unknown distance shooting and the opportunity to use the "mil dot" system to range targets and gain experience working with the formulas. I believe that this is a useful tool for both the novice and the experienced shooter. If you know what you are doing you can jump in and practice and sharpen your skills. If you do not know, you can go through the training section until you do and then shoot the drills. All of this is done from the comfort of your own PC."
Score: 4.57

Tested by a police officer from Kentucky
"ATTENTION SNIPERS! Want to spend as much time on the range as possible? Ready to spend hours on the range and never sweat, freeze, or be eaten for luch? Ever wish that you could rewind time and get that one shot back? Ready to shoot as much free ammo that you can possibly shoot. And last but not least, shoot as much as you want and never clean your weapon!

"f this sounds good then you need to log onto www.shooterready.com and play the demo. After a few minutes, if you are like me, you'll quickly realize that shooterready has discovered a way for us to train without ever leaving the office/training room.

"I use this CD as a training multiplier. I not only use this as a sort of "hip-pocket," call it informal training opportunity, I also offer it to those team members that are interested in becoming an observer/sniper. I also use it as a semi-annual requirement for our team observer/snipers to train at estimating range and shooting at unknown distances. It's that good of a program.

"The software is very user friendly; just log onto their website and run the demo for yourself. This is a great training multiplier. For about the cost of a few boxes of Federal .308, you and your team can spend hours on shooting at unknown distances."
Score: 5

Tested by a police officer from Texas
"The Long Range Shooting Simulator from shooterready.com is an excellent training tool. I was a bit skeptical about this precision shooting simulator when I first received it. Any trained marksman would know that you cannot simulate all of the factors that are involved with precision shooting (i.e. trigger squeeze, body mechanics, environmental conditions, and recoil) with a computer. I was a bit surprised, however, by just how much this simulator was able to replicate.

"The software included a training area where you can "attend" classes on ballistics, mil ranging, wind, and moving target leads. The different shooting ranges (.308, .338, and .50 cal) require the user to mil range the targets and make elevation and windage adjustments based on the range and environmental conditions. Wind conditions will often change between shots, requiring the user to pay close attention to the wind indicator.

"Obviously, the Long Range Shooting Simulator is no substitute for actual range time; however, it is an excellent training tool for keeping your range estimation, hold-off, and moving target engagement skills sharp when you cannot make it out to the range. The software also has the potential to be used as a teaching aid during precision/long range shooting lectures and classroom instruction.
Score: 4.11

Tested by a police officer from Ohio
"I was initially skeptical upon receiving the disk to test. Having been a shooter for sometime now I have found little that can replace actual trigger time. The Windows and MAC compatible program has numerous training sections that are useful tools for the beginning shooter and the experience sniper. With sections on basic training, hold offs, MilDot ranging and use, Minute of Angle/Milradian application, Elevation effects, Windage, ballistics and moving targets provide the user a practical application to the theories that are often only read about in class. With the training locations limited for distance shooting to most shooters, this program can provide a variety of sample backgrounds in ranging, wind estimation, and mil dot use with simulated ranges out to 1000 yards. The various options for 5.56mm, .308, .338, 300wm, and .50cal caliber weapons as well as moving target elements provides a system to work on visualization simulations when actual trigger time is not available. Sample graphs and equation charts helped out for the ranging exercises provided in the program.

"One shortcoming that could be addressed would be real video segments for wind estimates with normal elemental movements (trees, leaves, paper trash) versus the simulated range flags that are provided in the program. The flag element is a good learning tool, but for the practical training aspect other than the formal range use, the field shooter would benefit from applying the wind estimate skills on field elements.

"The minimal cost of this program makes it a small investment for a nice training tool for the long-range shooter. Should the developer make a LE/Military version for the sniper elements out there I would be glad to run it through it paces also."
Score: 4.44


Blogger chris horton said...

I tried it lastnight and thought it pretty cool,indeed!

I'm about ready to order me one...


November 16, 2008 at 3:54 PM  
Blogger ReverendFranz said...

Im not sure what your personal policy is concerning copyrighted material, but I believe readers who are unable to purchase this title (though at the price, i would find that hard to honestly believe)can download it as a torrent here though membership may be required and knowledge of a bit-torrent client such as uTorrent is neccisary, though also advisable for a myriad of other reasons in our increasingly closing internet age.

Im sure it is also available from other torrent sites, if one searched, though its just as easy to cough up the $40 and purchase it legitimately, i just thought i would mention it. Feel free to delete the above if it is inappropriate in any way.

November 17, 2008 at 2:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sniper field manual

November 17, 2008 at 3:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

support the author of that program, buy the cd! we should encourage further development of this program

but if $40 is too steep a price to pay for the education of more riflemen than just the one person who will benefit from copyright infringement, well, at least that's one additional rifleman getting some info...

no membership needed for download at rapidshare, you just have to wait for a 60 second countdown: rapidshare

you might have to convert the "MDF" file to an "ISO" file in order to burn the cd

November 19, 2008 at 4:23 AM  

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