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Monday, August 11, 2008

Coming Soon

Cited in Monday's edition of Rawles' SurvivalBlog is this brief transcript of a upcoming conversation being actively considered by many folks in the several States:


"Good Morning, Governor, how might we..."

"Mr. President, I realize you are a busy man so let’s get down to brass tacks…we are calling the ball and withdrawing our support of your Administration and the Federal government in DC. Effective immediately, we have coordinated to place all outgoing receipts to the IRS in a caged account here in Boise…"

"Governor, you can’t do that…"

"Please don’t interrupt while I am speaking as we are from this point onward peers in the family of nations. I hope you have reviewed the diplomatic instruments we sent by courier last night to Department of State which delineates the terms of our divorce."

"I did receive those and you have no earthly idea the can of whoop-…"

"Please, sir, maintain the decorum of these proceedings so we can move forward to an amicable separation. I give you my personal assurance on the safety and well-being of all Federal personnel we have detained for immediate repatriation to the remainder of these United States. Any non-law enforcement Federal personnel who wish to remain behind will be permitted to do so."

"I hope you have thought through the consequences of what you are embarking on."

"Mr. President, we have had over two hundred years to give the rulers on the Potomac a chance but that time has expired. Effective immediately, all so-called Federal lands now belong to the nation of Idaho and we will dispose of these lands at our leisure. In the interest of burying the hatchet, we will not seek compensation for the seizure, abuse and tenure of Federal practices on the aforementioned land and call the balance even..."

Read the rest here.

Tempus fugit.


Blogger The_Chef said...

Hell yeah!

Though .. it would be much more interesting if it was S. Dakota that seceded, becoming the 4th largest nuclear power in the world.

Hell, if a real capitalist state came into existence, I'd pack my shit and move.

August 11, 2008 at 3:48 AM  
Blogger Atlas Shrug said...


For "the chef" you might want to consider reading "Molon Labe" and checking out the Free State Wyoming concept:


(Not the Free State Project in NH, it's too polluted by "Massholes.")

What you've stated is essentially their goal. Also, such a scenario as the Idaho one above is portrayed (fictionally) as being done by WY in the book noted.

August 11, 2008 at 3:42 PM  

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