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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On the Omaha Shootings

Clearing some backed-up work while I have been traveling, I see that Gabe Suarez of Suarez International and One Source Tactical was kind enough to grant permission to reprint his essay on the Omaha mall massacre:

Once again…the Law failed…and the first responders were irrelevant. How many more times will things like this happen before we stop relying on feel-good measures to keep us safe?

Right now, the witches and warlocks of government are plotting how to use this. The Kerrys, Kennedys and Pelosis are stirring their cauldrons as the Boxers and Feinsteins of the nation toss in their “eye of newt” to turn this event into a political platform from which to push their agendas.

They will say the 19-year-old Hawkins was a troubled young man. They will want to institute mandatory testing for all kids to determine their “danger quotient” so they can be “diverted” at birth.

They will call for more laws against the civil rights of all Americans in spite of the fact that there were already laws that would have prevented young Hawkins from possessing a firearm…had he obeyed them. Local records show Hawkins had a felony drug conviction on his record as well as several misdemeanor cases filed against him.

The focus of course will be the, “SKS semiautomatic Russian military rifle -- the same type used in the shooting” I would not be surprised if they painted the evil “assault rifle” as the main culprit with Hawkins as a poor impressionable American Boy trapped by the evil weapon’s spell.

“But there were laws preventing this”, the pundits of the left wing media will say.
“We need laws to get these guns off the street”, Sarah Brady will shriek from her broom on the way to work this morning.
“We need more police in Omaha”, someone else will say.

We have heard it all before…at Virginia Tech, Tacoma, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Columbine.

There are in fact laws and rules. But laws and rules are only for the good, as the bad never pay them any mind to begin with. There were laws keeping Hawkins from having a rifle, yet they failed. There were laws keeping Hawkins from killing so many people. But, as in Virginia, Tacoma, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Columbine, the law failed, as it will always fail.

I am told by one who was there that Nebraska just passed their Concealed Carry Law, joining the rest of America in recognizing the God-given rights of its citizens enumerated in the Constitution. Yet there was one law that seemed to work. It was the one that said – “NO WEAPONS IN THE MALL”.

Indeed! I wonder how many will obey that stupid rule today?

We will hear abut the “evil” assault rifle as well. I suggest that all of you who do not have an AK, or an SKS, or even an AR, that you go into debt today and get one. Get one this week!. If we get the wrong sort into office next year, and it is quite likely we will, you can bet your bayonet that they will seize on events like this to ban even the mere picture of an SKS.

And the first responders…ah yes…the ones that arrive to save the day. Here is what the media said, “By the time police arrived they weren't sure how many shooters they were dealing with. They surrounded the mall, and once they were set up, shoppers and employees had to come out with their hands raised in the air.”

Very nice. Very nice. Thank you Mr. first responders for saving the day once again. You push for laws to take the guns out of the hands of common people and then arrive late to every single event that may have required their use. Shame on you.

Who is to blame? Well the murderer Hawkins is top of the list of course. But then there are those in power who sought to stall the Concealed Carry Law. They are at fault as well. And then the managers of the mall with the sign, “NO WEAPONS IN THE MALL”. They are equally at fault. I would like to see the survivors sue the state of Nebraska for dragging its feet on CCW and the owners of the Mall for preventing the legal exercise of rights.

In the meantime, buy all the guns and high capacity magazines you can. I think we can expect hard times for the civil rights of all Americans in a short time.


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