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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Recall Redux - Print, Sign, and Send Your Petitions Today!

The moderates, quislings, DC slicksters, and Fudds at the National Rifle Association are laughing at us - those of us who thought that anyone on the NRA Board who supports assault weapon restrictions should be removed from office.

Folks, if we can't even get our own organization to walk the "shall NOT be infringed" line, how can we possibly expect others to do so, especially in light of the expected anti-gun sweep of the White House and Congress next year?

As of this morning, 1450 copies of the Recall Joaquin Jackson petition have been downloaded, with 150 signed copies received by Jeff82.

In other words, we are a long way from the 450 petition minimum, with 100 from each of at least three states. You can check progress at this link.

With 3.8 million NRA members, and this kind of response from a recall drive - what would YOU do if you were the NRA leadership?

If you are eligible (NRA Life members, and any Standard member who has been a member for at least five consecutive years), please print, sign, and send the petition today.

If you are not eligible to sign the petition, but support this effort, take whatever steps you can today to help us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe "we" made a tactical error on how "we" approached this issue.

Sad to say, but it appears this venture is going down unless someone can pull a big fat rabbit out of their hat. Time is very short. I have redoubled my efforts, especially in regard to a large "gunny" website, in trying to get the owner to get behind this effort personally. We'll see.

What does it all mean? What does it tell us about the future of gun ownership?

One problem is the two edged sword that our internet world has become.

Are we all so lazy that if we can't cast a vote electronically it doesn't get done?

Too much effort to fill out a form, find an envelope and a stamp and sent it on it's way?

What's going to happen when the times really get tough?

Interesting that Californian's and NYer's cast a lot of the votes. Is that because those of us already caught behind the Iron Curtain of Gun Control know what it's like? The rest of you, who haven't experienced repression and draconian restrictions yet, may be catching up shortly on that nasty learning curve.

All very sad.

CB, please excuse my rant. You know I'm normally not this negative.

On a positive note for the "next" time:

I believe the way we should have handled this was to print out the forms ourselves, carry a bunch of pens, take them to where gun folks congregate, get them signed, COLLECT the forms ourselves and MAIL them ourselves. Given enough advance notice, a concerted coordinated effort in three states by going to just one gun show in each state should do the trick. This can work. I guess this time it is a lesson learned.

November 2, 2007 at 12:29 AM  
Blogger Concerned American said...

It ain't over yet - print a bunch of the posters, attach the petition, pre-address the envelopes, and hawk the issue at the local gun show this weekend.

November 2, 2007 at 2:14 AM  

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