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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Takuan Seiyo: The Art Of Strategic Citizenship, Part IV(B)

The final installment in this series by Takuan Seiyo.

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Read and think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This writer advocates majority rule by white-culture Americans, without understanding that it is precisely this approach which is just now failing. Medical science finally figured out that bleeding patients with leeches was not a helpful treatment. How many more victims have to die at the hands of politics before the voters will reevaluate cause and effect?

This writer advocates extreme self-sufficiency (buy local, buy American, de-globalization, autarky) without recognizing that universally it is the world-trader cultures (West Germany, silk road, Venice at its peak) which are the richest, and the insular ones (North Korea, East Germany, USSR) which are poor to starving.

Despite liking self-sufficiency, this writer likes cities, which are a maximum of occupational specialization and a minimum of self-sufficiency. They are also maximums of central planning. The writer wants central planning, as long as he directs it. Socialists at every power level always seem to imagine themselves ending up in charge.

This article is a white-power fantasy of restore the constitution by tea party types. Yet, the politicians last voted in by this demographic voted to retain the Patriot act in their first month in office.

April 3, 2011 at 5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another terrific read!

The author writes with a style that is sharp, on point and peppered with graphically descriptive prose that really stir the imagination.

However, I am perplexed at a few themes throughout.

He speaks of what many would consider a rather ethnocentric culture but also derides anyone who speaks out against the perception that many Blacks and Jews in positions of power are part of the problem Western civilization faces. Seems contradictory to me.

In the footnotes, the author praises the work of Jared Taylor and I believe rightly so. Contrast to the utter trashing he gave Kevin MacDonald early on in this series which I do not understand. I see both Taylor and MacDonald as honest and bright speakers for the traditions of white, European descendants. To be sure neither of their views are palatable to many whites and most non-whites but I believe them both to be spot on.

I considered a move to Wyoming but passed on that idea due to the lack of cultural development and resistance by the locals to anyone or anything new and different. Beautiful scenery, wide open spaces and a seemingly growing consensus that secession is a viable option in the coming future (read Molon Labe and other info on the Free State Project). That part of the country lacks so much though that I just could not live the rest of my days isolated in some far off place devoid of art, and cultural events.

His mention of the use of barter system to keep gov out of things, on its face is a good idea but every attempt made heretofore has resulted in big gov stealing the goods claiming it to be a tax cheat scheme.

"What kind of morons have we become that we buy this crap?" is a wonderful question if but rhetorical. We have become morons for the most part and I am not sure there is a fix.

As well, the many other recommendations he makes all sound good but what to do, where to start, how to get together with like minds is the monumental task of the century. As my Irish Grandmother would say, "if if where an ass we would all take a ride."

He proposes a very tall order to replace and rebuild a proper Republic and I have never considered myself to be "faint of heart or lame of brain" but I fall short of answers. Perhaps I have deluded myself about my own fortitude and intelligence.


April 3, 2011 at 10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

KPN3% Sir, it just might be best that you stay where you are at. I've spent more than half of my somewhat long life here in this dismal state of Wyoming, and have not been able to find the time to pursue most of its cultural attractions. I've seen some nice caves and cultural art on their walls.

I haven't found the time to go to concerts in Casper or places closer to the flagpole. Guess I'll have to settle for listening to CDs of the Rossington Collins Band. Or CDs of Beethoven, I can pick my cultural events.

From my time in this state, I can't say that I can confirm your statement that folks in this state are "resistant to anyone or anything new or different." For me, I find new and different circumstances in dealing with people here, every day. I can say, though, that people here do have some good resistance to folks who come here and claim that they are bringing in some better culture as they come in. So it might be best that you stay out of this hey're state, and experience things vicariously through the books of Boston T Party.

If that does not make you stay away: Then come ahead. We will welcome you for what you can bring, and dis you for what you talk about that 'effing culture that you want to bring with you.

Prairie Fire

April 4, 2011 at 8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

KPN3%: I hear you bro: Like you, I would not want "to live the rest of my days isolated in some place devoid of art and cultural events."

I can't imagine such a place that you are describing, although I have spent some time wintering on Prudhoe Bay and feeling fairly isolated at that place.

But hey... you are describing my place, that state of Wyoming, in those disparaging terms. You must live in a fairly nice place, to make such such a statement comparing Wyoming with your current circumstances. Hope you like your current circumstances much, dude, as you trash my house.

Comparing taxes, Law Enforcement efforts, your sense of community, etc.... All must be well there in your present house, dude, with you being so ready to trash a place that you have never lived in.... and in the case of you, a place which may not match your cultural needs.

This talk by me may just be fitting to your world view of places you have not seen, where you characterize people in Wyoming as being "resistant by locals to anyone or anything new or different." Dude, you are new and different, and ignorant besides. Any wonder why there might be resistance to you? Here, there, or any other place that you might try your shit? Have you tried your shit out with the NH FS Projec? There is much diff between WY and NH projects. The other place, might accept your trash talk about Wyoming, better.

As Wyoming might try to be better than other states, there is good reason to shine on folks such as as the poster who dips in to the local culture via books wrote by a person who knows Wyoming only in a carpetbagging sense.

Some folks show their colors while posting. When ignorant folks talk trash about Wyoming, they ought be be outed also. I show my colors every day.

Here in Wyoming, we welcome good folks everyday, eletists either best stay out or explain themselves while they move in here.

April 4, 2011 at 9:20 PM  

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