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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Gift Of Fear

Bill Nye models leadership.

I am humbled.

Keep on, Bill.

Keep on.

Forward, all.


Anonymous Mike B in NM said...

Words. I keep reading words from the leaders. Ummmm you guys, you know who you are. You keep pleading of us, your readers, your followers, i.e. the 3%, the Patriots, the Constitutionalists...call us what you like, you plead to us for action. Yet you pledge no more Ft. Sumpters. You encourage us to get out the vote, to run for office, etc. Whom of you has stepped up to run for office? I have been to the Tea parties, the RTC rallies, the polls...
Think of where we are and where we will be.
We are in guys, OK? We get it. We are ready. Lead or STFU, this is getting us nowhere.
Stop the spending. End the Fed. Restore the Constitution. Do it NOW!
You know damn right the fight is coming but the problem is you would rather talk about it than be a part of it.
All this talk and where has it gotten us?
Concerned American how's those hides coming?
Are we gulchers or are we going to try to make a difference.
Teach me less about how to survive TEOTWAWKI and lead me to real change in the world as we know it.
Understand yet?

April 23, 2011 at 4:52 AM  
Blogger Concerned American said...

Mike B:

You seek a leader.

You have one, in your home state.

So now what?

Let me suggest another reason for seeking a leader:

You, like most folks, want to make sure that they have permission to do what they think is necessary.

That way, you can avoid some of the terrible burden of what you will do.

Do you think you will ever have permission to do what is coming?


From whom?

On what authority?

Here's the key; think on it a bit, k?

Free men and women are always free to act at any time, at any place, and in any manner desired, in accordance with their ethics and their acceptance of responsibility for all consequences of their actions, both intended and unintended.

They are....free.

Get it?

Good luck.

April 23, 2011 at 5:27 AM  
Anonymous Kerodin said...

Mike B: We are in guys, OK? We get it. We are ready. Lead or STFU, this is getting us nowhere.

Mike, what would you suggest?

If you think the actions taken are not useful, please suggest an alternative and ante up.

For everyone calling for "Action" yet calling to others to take said action, I offer this: Diffusion of Responsibility: ...occurs when observers all assume that someone else is going to intervene and so each individual feels less responsible and refrains from doing anything...

Diffusion of responsibility can manifest itself:

(a) in a group of people who, through action or inaction, allow events to occur which they would never allow if they were alone.
(b) in hierarchical organizations, such as when underlings claim that they were just following orders and supervisors claim that they were just issuing directives and not doing the deeds.

Sound familiar, Patriots?

If the enemies of Liberty claim protection under (b), are we not guilty of (a)?

This fight of Restoration will never have a chance unless we break from the comfort of our paradigm and stop waiting for others to do the work that is ours.

That does not mean you Fail if you do not grab your kit and launch Search & Destroy missions.

It means that your AO is your responsibility, and you are solely responsible for fighting the enemies of Liberty in your AO. Whether you fight them with their own bureaucratic methods, or lawsuits, or rhetoric, or you throw yourself into the melee of politics, or you start a modern one-man Chapter of the Sons of Liberty, the point is simple: You must act. Do not wait for your neighbor. Do not look left or right for others.



Do not ask "Well, what have you done for the Movement..."

That is a false argument.

You. Act.

Let everyone else do what they think is best.

Isn't that the premise for which we are fighting, anyway? The Liberty to act in accordance with our own conscience, on our own timeline, without the scrutiny, approval or judgment of others?

John Parker is in your mirror.

Or not.


April 23, 2011 at 5:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was going to reply but find myself in perfect agreement with CA.

"You, like most folks, want to make sure that they have permission to do what they think is necessary.

That way, you can avoid some of the terrible burden of what you will do.

Do you think you will ever have permission to do what is coming?"

You want a template for change? Check out the middle east. There's lots of change going on there.

How would you suggest one leads, when every attempt at a physical showing by the real leaders in this thing has failed to yield a significant showing. Every one.

How do you instigate change? You get out in the street, any and every time you can. You build a movement among the people. These things take time.

We say we want a leader. Maybe we want an excuse, or as CA says, someone to shoulder the burden.

I say, for the time being, claim the freedom you want, and stand your ground.

And, BTW, I never said no more Fort Sumters.

See this post.


April 23, 2011 at 6:52 AM  
Anonymous Brass said...

I agree with Sierra's comment below his post.

April 23, 2011 at 1:57 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

Michael me boy. Sitting in the Black Maria on your way to a federal lock-up will not appeal to ye, nor any of us. No one's asking you to do anything except think. Timing is everything. You've time to train. Time to plan. Time to make contigency plans for contingency plans. Time to gather stuff.(You know what I'm talking about) Time to whip you bod into shape, and make it hard, like the mind that must use it. Later, when EVENTS CAST OUR FATES WITHOUT OUR INPUT, there will be little time. Tom Petty said the waiting is the hardest part, but he was only half right. Waiting for the hardest part, is the hardest. And if you don't learn patience and fortitude now, you will learn it too late. Waiting for it will teach you the invaluble lesson of waiting for exactly the right time to do something. There is always immediacy, and when it calls for itself, it is apparent to all. You're ready? Great. Get someone else ready! How many do you suppose there are, that should be? Lead or STFU, this is getting us nowhere? Criticism taken and understood. But we are NOWHERE, chief. We are in the twilight,looking out over the desert, keeping quiet, listening in the gathering dark, trying to see what we can, and saying,"It's quiet out there. Too quiet." Yup, I'm tired of waiting, and taking it in the hips, and losing freedom, and money, and family, and self-respect, and everything. Victory will belong to those who LAST. Those that hang on to the bitter end, and beyond, will write the histories. Impatient? Frustrated? Cockblocked? Pissed? Welcome to Club 3%. Soon,when things are flying around like a tornado in a latrine, it will seem like sanity is a vague term. I'm right next door in Texas, give me a holler, we can do more together than banging pots and yelling at Mom that we want out damned dinner. I am exactly what I appear to be.

April 23, 2011 at 6:37 PM  
Blogger pdxr13 said...

Noted from the original post comments: no orange chamber flags and empty magazine wells.

Cartridge chambered/safety on, 19 more ready to self-load. Point muzzle in appropriate direction. 10 pounds of loaded mags on body. Battle Buddy at arms' length. Body armor is a good idea because we are made of squishy stuff.

It's for real from here on out. The OpFor will fire first, because they are more afraid than we are, and can't make us comply without a demonstration of force. Hold position, observe/report/record, support the bleeding edge of the movement.

We have right and heaven to look forward to, they have a Brave New World/New World Order/90% world genocide/1000 years of serfdom to endure IF THEY LIVE TO SEE IT.

Gunwalker is a good metaphor for this Government: Treason against Americans and illegal war against our neighbor Mexico. Look out Canada!


April 23, 2011 at 6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My reply to the comments on the post about chamber flags and empty mags.

Sorry to side track the rah rah but Those of you bitching about chamber flags and empty mag wells I have to speak up about.

I have not been very supportive of the RTC rally in the past. I did not feel that it was worth the effort. I did not feel that I was getting a very good ROI. I began to change my mind. I still do not think that the political impact is very significant. I dont think that there will be a single rally that leads to our restoration. I decided however that it was worth me going to the rally in order to connect with like minded men and women. It was worth attending to stand sholder to sholder. When the time comes to muster on the green I want those who have been to the rallies to remember my face to know that I have stood with them before and to trust that I will stand with them again. I went to the RTC rally on Saturday at the Capital in Atlanta. I stood with like minded men and women. I heard the speaches and watched the looks on the faces of those who drove past. At no time did I feel that I was at a disadvantage because I had a chamber flag or did not have a mag in the well. I carried a 5 round mag in my pocket and in my bag I had three 30rd mags for the AK. Had an air of danger presented itself I could have had the 5 rd mag in the gun in seconds and when I racked the bolt that chamber flag would have hit the ground.
Stop using this as an excuse to not attend. Walk the walk as you talk the talk. You go to the rally showing your good faith to the politicians. Think of it as a flag of truce. I will attend every rally I can going forward for the reasons I stated above and I expect to see more of you there in the future.

Grenadier1 (the man in the flecktarn hat)

April 24, 2011 at 11:39 PM  

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