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Monday, September 20, 2010

Why The Battle Of Britain Matters Today

Please read all of this excellent post by Richard North at EU Referendum:

To complete yesterday's piece, before getting back to work, it is worth noting that as of yesterday (15 September) seventy years ago, the capital city has suffered nine days of continuous bombing. Perhaps 4,000 Londoners were dead, getting on for 10,000 had been injured and over 100,000 were homeless. No one actually knows the true numbers because any semblance of record-keeping had broken down.

In the most heavily affected areas, local authority services had all but ceased to function. Rest centres, set up to deal with bombing victims, were not even scratching the surface. Public shelters were grossly overcrowded, woefully lacking in facilities and insanitary. One shelter, intended for 3,000 people, had four toilets – and it was accommodating 15,000 people.

Public transport was erratic, and in large parts of London had stopped working completely. Abandoned by the government system, families were trekking out to Epping Forest, to the hop fields of Kent and even as far as Oxford, by the tens of thousands, in an attempt to reach safety and relief. Chislehurst Caves in Kent were converted to accommodate nearly 10,000 – by the people themselves.

Yet, coming into the tenth day, the official government policy on using the Underground as bomb shelters was still prohibition. Even as the sirens sounded, women and children were being turned away, while the likes of Lord Halifax enjoyed the safety of their luxury shelters in the deep basements of the Dorchester Hotel.

After the tube trains have finished running for the night, it remains policy to lock the stations and mount police guards to keep peo
ple out. And the police did as they were told by their bosses...

Read the rest.

Sarah, Christine, and Scotty "Cosmo" Brown ain't gonna save us, any more than Winnie and HMG saved the Brits seventy years ago.

If the FreeFor wins (and it is one helluva big 'if', as this Brit points out) , it will be only because we were willing to fight, kill, bleed, and die to achieve victory.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Lose your illusions.

And fight back.


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