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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Revolution That’s Now in Progress

George Ure at Urban Survival posts this interesting essay detailing some of the volatile cross-currents operating in our society today.

Read it all, but here's a taste:

...I guess the key thing that’s dawning under what’s left of my hair is that ‘the revolution’ meme is not a one-dimensional political upheaval. It has other dimensions as well:

» It’s the boomers having to give up their plans for a long and prosperous retirement since they allowed themselves to be ripped off by the banksters and fraudsters over multiple administrations who stole from Social Security Trust fund money, putting in dead-beat IO’s which will be paid back with deflated purchasing power ’script’.
» It’s everyone figuring out that since 1913 the Feral (sic) Reserve has deliberately diminished the purchasing power of savings by 2.3% per year by printing more money than a correspondent increase in GDP would dictate in order to assure US dollars would retain purchasing power.
» It’s the X’ers who are not seeing the Boomers ‘get out of our way’ so they can move into command-level of the economy.
» It’s the remains of the crooked Boomers in politics who figure that open borders/immigration will mean more low-end workers to fund the aforementioned ripped-off Social Security and now other frauds like the payment for the bankster bailouts and so forth.
» It’s the Millennials who are taking up an ‘ain’t never gonna be able to get me some’ mindset which is coupled with ‘planet’s been wrecked anyways…’ attitude which makes them an ‘ain’t got nuthin, so ain’t got nuthin’ to lose…’ group. Mills buy a home? Not even on the drawing board for my kids and they’re all pushing 30. Are they pissed? Yep.
» Then you’ve got several imperial cultures (Black and Hispanic) trying to change the prevailing media-portrayed paradigm…which is being fought with hard times/rise-up-against-oppression music, sexually explicit imagery, drugs, and, oh just for good measure more weapons than you can shake a stick at…
» You do have the ‘right’ tattoo, don’t you? That’s like people are putting on their own UPC codes when they ‘too’ up…marks of the beast/ownership down at the archetype level. Preconscious tribalism/retribing/ganging/role-assigning, stamped right here. A rite of passage into….membership in….in…..well…what?
» Did I mention the growing anger around climate/environmental destruction?

Which unfortunately doesn’t even begin to cover all of the social pressures that are moving America into Re-Revolutionary times. I bet there’s a secret government study group that has figured this out as well and which whispers in the ear of people in Washington: “Ya’ll better keep BIG distractions like wars in the sandbox going, or this whole thing’s gonna blow…”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you been reading my mail?


February 10, 2010 at 3:21 AM  
Anonymous Chad in Texas said...

After reading the article, it would be interesting to know how the trend towards revolution has effected the movements of people.I know that around the summer of '07 I started feeling the need to move my family nearer to my family.

I spent the better part of a year looking for a job closer and finally decided that I would start my own business because I couldn't find a job that was where I wanted an what I wanted. I felt the need to be closer to family that much. I had opportunities in LA/Boston, but I won't work in those cities/states.

People can feel the approach of the chaos, even if they can't tell where it's coming from. It's like the smell of a rain storm that will happen. Some will consciously recognize that it will rain. Some will say that it never rains at this time of the year and carry on.

The only hope I can see is that those who believe in liberty and what this country was founded on work to put people in place at all levels, especially local levels, of government so that they may have peace within their city/county/state.

People prepare for many things, but how many have a plan for restoring order and preserving the peace for more than their own piece of land? You will need that before you use up all your bullets and beans.

February 10, 2010 at 2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Did I mention the growing anger around climate/environmental destruction?"

I do hope he means anger being directed at the outright fraud of the environmental movement, for the sole purpose of redistributing wealth (along with nice little kickbacks to themselves).

If he thinks he's seeing rage because nobody is "doing anything" about "global warming/climate change", then he's in for a surprise...

February 10, 2010 at 10:30 PM  

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