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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Still The Best Radio Program In America

We told you about John Batchelor's radio program nearly two years ago.

Maggie's Farm told you today.

As I said back in March, 2008:

Remember - you're NOT going to get anti-NWO material here.

What you will get is the consistently most intelligent, in-depth discussion of domestic and foreign geopolitical topics I've found on radio - think NPR without the smug leftist point of view. Most importantly, you WON'T hear or see many of these issues discussed in the mainstream media for several days after Batchelor addresses them, if ever.

That's been my experience since 2002 and the start of GWII, when I started listening.

Please give John a listen, be it by podcast, iTunes radio (see instructions at bottom of page here, or live streaming radio:

WABC Radio -- New York City -- every day from 9 pm eastern to midnight eastern

KSFO Radio -- San Francisco -- Sundays 7 pm pacific to 10 pm pacifc


Blogger pdxr13 said...

iTunes is a really easy way to download podcasts to make MP3 CD's of to play in the car (most new-ish car players with a CD or DVD-player can playback MP3) or synchronize with an iPod.

This is also a great way to archive the show, which is only available for a few days.

This link will directly add TJBS to your iTunes podcast menu where you can decide to download some/all/all.in.the.future shows by the hour.


TJBS is a very fine broadcast of well-spoken genuine experts (not much interviewing reporters), making a mockery of "opinion" shows with stupid and easily manipulated callers.

Recently, there have been retired and reserve USN ship commanders on the telephone to the JBS who casually know more about how and what the Navy can do to/for Haiti (and how quickly) than all other "news" outlets I have heard combined.


January 19, 2010 at 4:52 PM  

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