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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Apropos of this post over at Sipsey Street, here are some recent prices for magazines for various standard rifles:

AR15: Brand-new 30 rounds; gray Teflon; orange follower; C-Products; $7.99/each at CDNN

M14/M1A: Brand-new 20 rounds; USGI mil-spec/NSN#: 1005-00-628-9048; $20.49/each at 44mag.com

AK47: Surplus European 30 rounds 7.62x39; minor wear/close to new; $9.95/each ($8.95/each for 10 or more) at AIM Surplus

AK74: Surplus Bulgarian 30 rounds 5.45x39; minor wear; $12.95/each at Centerfire Systems

FAL metric: Surplus Israeli 20 rounds 7.62x51; never issued; $79.97/six mags ($71.97/6 if Club member) at Sportsman's Guide


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