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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let Us Not Fear The Most Dreaded of Courses

Mike posts this terrific speech from Bob Wright, as follows:


This is another hard-hitting speech from Bob Wright, Ist BDE New Mexico Militia and former Minuteman.



I have concluded that the best way to format this “report” is in the form of a personal letter to you.

As we discussed, I was invited to address a group in the El Paso/Las Cruces area. This invitation was the result of one of the members of this group hearing me address the gathering in Mountainair back in September. The member who invited me told me he wanted my talk to his group to be as hard hitting as the one he had heard up north.

The Group I addressed appeared to be of higher economic strata than typically attends.

I started with a quote from von Clausewitz, about the necessity of knowing what kind of war one was actually fighting. How one must not try to make the war fit your theories, but rather base strategy on what the war really is. I told them it would be helpful to first look at where we had come from before we started plotting a course forward. I started off with my history, and it seemed to get their attention when I pointed out that I was one of a handful of men who had actually led hundreds of armed men on real missions in defiance of a President. That gave me an insight into many aspects of this movement that others don’t have. I walked the group through the evolution of the movement from the ‘70’s survivalists to the early neo militias of the ‘70’s and 80’, thru the height of the Militia movement of the ‘90’s.

I talked about the rise of the Minutemen in defiance of George W. Moved on over to the angry and strident advocacy of the tea party rallies and town hall confrontations of the summer. I pointed out that the Minutemen were successful in achieving their goal of bringing illegal immigration to the forefront of American Politics BECAUSE of their defiance. Same with the Tea Party/ Town Hall effectively stopping the Obama administration and forcing this ridiculous farce we see now. The point I hammered home was it is only when we start trying to go mainstream or get to thinking we need to be polite that we become impotent.

I then moved into Just standing up and being insistent was not enough. We had to find others to stand up with us. We needed to be able to put 500 People on the State house steps with 48hrs notice. We need to unite. I then observed that our movement historically has been unable to unite. Told them how at the last “Patriot Summit” I had attended, no one came to Unite, rather had come to have everyone unite behind their particular cause.

I then began the argument that a return to Constitutional Governance could Unite the “Patriots” of this country. The Constitution is the only thing that covers all the reasons for anger.

“We can spend the rest of our lives fighting these one hundred different fronts. Or we can realize that no matter what your issue is, be it 2nd Amendment, Land Rights, Health Care, Cap and Trade, Children’s Protective Issues, Taxes, the Federal Reserve, or whatever. Each of these issues had the same root cause. That cause is a Federal Government who has ignored the limits placed on them by the Constitution. The Government we suffer under is a usurper Government. An illegitimate body operating outside all legal boundaries established at this government’s founding.

We can continue to stand apart in sullen indifference to those fellow patriots who are focused on a different usurpation than we, or we can UNITE behind that Constitution. All patriots recognize that document as the essential foundation of what it means to be American. (At this time, someone made a smart assed comment about the birth certificate controversy and I diverted some what and said, ”Look, I agree something is fishy about the document, however never fall into the trap that being American is solely a matter of geography. One could be born in Independence Hall on the fourth of July. But, if he doesn’t have certain key beliefs, he is not really an American. Those key beliefs are enshrined in those two essential documents: The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States.) I then used that to segue back into the talk about uniting with other Patriots behind the Constitution.

I then said, “People like to throw around that word revolution…. Sounds so…dangerous maybe a little sexy. But the truth is the American People are the Government. Clearly those people we picked to be our representatives to the National Government have stopped listening to their employers. The clear message on Amnesty sent by the American people…by YOU, the clear message sent on this Healthcare debacle… by YOU. Same, same Cap and Trade, Gun Control, Gay Marriage and a plethora of other issues made clear, by the American people, what their will was, and completely ignored by our representatives.

I submit to you tonight that REVOLUTION has come to Our Republic. That, it is the Government who now stands in OPEN ARROGANT REBELLION TO IT’S PEOPLE. They have made it CLEAR that they do not represent us anymore. Remember this, if you remember nothing else. The elitist conservative Republican Senator has far more in common with, and will identify far more with an elite Liberal Democrat Senator than he will ever identify with you!
If this Republic is to be saved, it will not be saved by the very bureaucrats who seek to destroy it. If the Republic is to be saved, it must be saved by YOU! You working in unison with other Patriots who are committed to seeing the Constitution returned to its place of Supremacy.

The next point is critical. How far should we go in order to restore Constitutional Government? We must make them understand, with no room for confusion that we are prepared to go to ANY length to restore the Republic. We are ready to undertake ANY hardship, complete ANY unpleasant task, endure any retribution, and turn our energies, our creativity, our devotion to all tasks, no matter how repugnant, that insure our children and grand children inherit the same birthright we inherited.”

One of the more popular quotes from our founders is the, “We Pledge Our Lives, Our Fortunes and Our Sacred Honors”. A dramatic statement oft repeated by Patriots everywhere, but what does that pledge really mean?

I pledge my Life…. most think what that means is they are willing to die for Liberty. However, that pledge means so much more. What that pledge really means is, you dedicate your life to that cause. It is not about dying folks, its about LIVING for the cause…. Living for liberty. Every day, is another day to battle those who seek to deny us, that which is ours by birthright, and we should REJOICE in that battle! We should not dread it or fear it or resent it. Whole generations go by in boredom and mediocrity, denied a chance to prove the greatness of their generation. We have been blessed to live in a time where greatness is what the time demands. Thank God that you are going to be part of that greatness. We know our cause is right, we know our cause is just and in accordance with both law and history. We know that we must not fail, for failure has consequences far beyond our temporal existence. Our failure will punish countless generations in every corner of the globe, not just our own beautiful republic.

I Pledge My Fortune… most of us think our “fortune” may be seized by a tyrannical government or “I’ll buy a really expensive weapon and a lot of MRE’s, and that will be my commitment on fortune. Yes, you can do that. No one will compel you to do any thing else. However, if we use our founders pledge as the standard this pledge means so much more than the example I just gave. What the pledge meant to our founders was their fortunes were now at the disposal of the “cause”. Most of us have read the e-mail that goes around about what happened to those who made that original pledge.
Read that and you get an idea what that pledge really means. The original pledges stripped their plantations of supplies and horses and gave to the cause. That would be comparable to you giving one of your cars to the cause, a spare computer, most of your savings, and because those plantations were the original pledges source of income, you would donate most of your paycheck to the cause, as well.

But no one will compel you to fulfill this pledge, or regulate to what level you have to fulfilled it. That is up to you and your conscience. But even now, in the back of your mind there is a hope that SOMEONE is building a resistance. Subconsciously, you pray that should our political efforts fail that there are hard men out there ready to do the hard things necessary to preserve our way of life. But… are you ready to support those hard men as they build the skills and logistical tail that will be necessary?? Are you ready to commit your fortune to putting beans in the belly and bullets in the bandoleers of those hard men we fantasize are out there... somewhere???

Our Sacred Honors: Honor is a word that has lost favor in the modern world. It’s meaning as it relates to the founders is lost on a land of relativism and public education. So, with your indulgence I will tell you what this means to me. If I willingly take this pledge, then how do I honorably fulfill that pledge? I believe that first I must remain focused on the cause I have pledged myself to. Next, every aspect of my life must be filtered through that pledge. Do I take vacation to Vail/Cabo, or do I spend my vacation at the rally in Santa Fe, or working a Minuteman line in Arizona, or training a Unit from Alabama or Texas?? Keeping the pledge in mind what is the “Honorable” thing to do?? When I do any self-assessment I must judge everything about myself as to how it relates to this great cause. Have I done all I can do? Did I handle the meeting with another group well? Did I keep the success of the cause foremost in my mind when dealing with a difficult patriot, or did I allow ego, or impatience to over ride? Because I have willingly made this pledge, I MUST judge myself by how well I serve that cause.

In addition, I expect to be judged by my peers, fellow patriots, family and friends by the same criteria. And most important I believe that this Nation and the Liberty we enjoy are gifts from a benevolent God. It follows then, that even as I face the judgment seat of the Majesty of Heaven, my dedication to that pledge will be factored.

I concluded shortly after, and the floor was opened for questions. During this period, someone in the crowd asked, “How it was that the Government thought they could get away with it”. Fixing the group with as stern a visage as I could manage, speaking softly and bringing my voice up in tenor and tempo as I spoke, I said: ”They spit in the face of our God and declared OUR GOD unfit to be in our schools, and WE DID NOTHING!!

They have turned our women away from our homes and our children and transformed them into some perverse version of some oversexed Junior High kid’s fantasies. And WE DID NOTHING!!

They take our tax money and hire perverts to come into our schools and tell our male children the most vile of sexual deviancy as an “alternative” they should explore. That’s right. YOU pay people to pervert your children, and WE DO NOTHING!!

Why shouldn’t they expect us to knuckle under? We always have! Let’s surprise the heck out of them this time. Let us unite into a grass roots conflagration of Constitutional fervor that NO Congressman dare stand in front of.

Let us be willing, and if necessary, anxious to utilize all of the founders protections. Let us not fear the most dreaded of courses, but rather let our souls sing with the songs of our fathers as we begin the restoration that will be our Legacy, our Legend, our Gift to all that come after us.


Anonymous 348 said...

We had a group of law enforcement who were going to attend, but we got called off to other duty as usual.

The 'thin grey line' will be there when SHTF. We are oath keepers.

December 12, 2009 at 5:18 AM  
Blogger AgPilot60 said...

Who are the individual ememies that will come to enforce their eddicts and what are their intentions towards each and every man, woman, and child. I suspect they will intend to be as ruthless as the Redcoates were. We must have inteligence to identify who and what it is and when it is coming. We must have those with the wisdom ability to lead and those with the ability to follow and improvise. We must succeed as we cannot afford to lose for our children's sake. We must also have a plan for the aftermath. The Iraqi invasion was a mess because there was no plan for the ending of hostilities. We must have a plan to insure for the generations to come that the road to Marxixm and tyranny will be stompped out so thouroughly our decendants can keep liberty for at least another 200 years. What needs to become of those who would so surely take our liberty away and return us to slavery? Too many to imprison. Exiled to the Isle of Wight? Or maybe one of the nations that they hold in such high esteem? Cuba doesn't make any movies so that would be a good place for Hollywood's Marxist actors. The Czars and other bureaucrats could be sent to Mother Russia, it is a place custom made for them and they would be in the heaven they so desire.

December 12, 2009 at 7:52 AM  
Blogger Donald said...

At what point in a persons life do they become a "Patriot"? When they are overwhelmed,disillusioned,angered. These should not be the reasons to want to stand up and defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights require constant attention and vigilance because the parasites,thieves and riff raff that have no respect for our founding documents need to be purged occasionally,similar to having your cesspool pumped out! We as citizens got lazy and complacent.We fell asleep at the wheel. Can we fix this? Yes! We will soon see who the real Patriots are. This will not be pretty,glamorous,or fun. It will be messy. Where is our current day George Washington? Without a leader that can pull all of these various factions together,we are a rudderless ship. God Bless America!

December 12, 2009 at 12:53 PM  
Anonymous Oldfart said...

AgPilot60, the individual enemies are all around us, all the time. They disguise themselves as "public servants" while treating those they supposedly serve as their servants. As public servants they further subdivide themselves into 'legislators,' 'teachers,' or 'minor bureaucrats.'

The legislators do everything they can to distance themselves from their employers. Witness the recent tea-parties and the way the congressmen fled them.

The teachers brainwash our children so they will be more pliable when asked for their children.

All those minor bureaucrats write, interpret, and obfuscate the laws, rules, edicts and regulations needed to accomplish the subjugation of a once-proud people in a once-wealthy land.

When any of us fights our chains and tries to stand up we are threatened with massive, lifestyle-changing fines or imprisonment. The 'authorities' send armed police - whom we are forced to pay - to enforce their unlawful rules!

Worse yet, all these are surrounded by millions of ordinary-appearing citizens who want the govenment to help them. Citizens who have been conditioned by those 'public servants' to wail pitifully in front of a tv camera about problems they have brought on themselves as a result of their own laziness and greed.

For us to now change the course of this country by appealing to the masses is akin to bailing the Titanic with a teacup: It's a nice gesture but it ain't gonna do any good.

There's a bumper-sticker that I see from time to time. It says "Well behaved women seldom make history." While I'm not a femininist I have to admit that the statement is correct and furthermore, it is correct for patriots too.

According to history, our forefathers tried appealing to Parliament and to the King in an effort to right the wrongs they were suffering under. They tried being polite. It wasn't until they stopped being polite that they were taken seriously. And they had to get real impolite to actually make a change.

I've been voting for 53 years and each time I was told that the new administration would make massive changes. They all lied. None quite so boldly as this last one though. Perhaps he felt we were sufficiently browbeaten and brainwashed to permit such obvious lies to be accepted. Perhaps he's right and we'll just shout and wave our flags and... vote again. After all, that's the polite thing to do.

Or maybe...

December 12, 2009 at 7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is somewhat off subject. Here are my thoughts.

When the time comes to storm the castle I believe that we need to take a lesson from Marvin Heemeyer. The military may possess tanks but we could overwhelm a city with heavy construction equipment. In fact I say that if the rats want to hide inside the castle then we dozer it flat!!!!

Heavy equipment would also provide movable protection for patriots on foot.

All of this could be staged out side of a city like let's say D.C. or someplace like that and who would notice??? Dozers and track hoes are moved all the time.

Just fuel for thought.

December 12, 2009 at 7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But no one will compel you to fulfill this pledge, or regulate to what level you have to fulfilled it. That is up to you and your conscience."

Don't worry, the Confederacy is coming soon to collect your sons and your money for the cause. They're fighting the Union, which would otherwise take your sons and your money. And when the long roll beckons and you all fall into line, of all the many faces there you surely won't see mine.

"They have turned our women away from our homes and our children and transformed them into some perverse version of some oversexed Junior High kid's fantasies. And WE DID NOTHING!!"

Someone tell the TaliBob that the wimmen and the brown people are all supposed to have as much freedom to chart their life's path as he does. Maybe some of these women have made the free choice to be sexy and brassy and powerful. Exactly what does he intend to do about that, vote them back into the kitchen? I'm sure that after his Klan theocracy takes over, he'll chain 'em to the stove where they belong.

"I started with a quote from, von Clausewitz, about he necessity of knowing what kind of war one was actually fighting. How one must not try to make the war fit your theories, but rather base strategy on what the war really is."

This conflict has the libertarians on one side, and Obama and the TaliBob on the other side fighting between them for the same cannon fodder taxpayers. And as the camera pulls back from the farmhouse window, all the pigs looked like men.

December 13, 2009 at 8:58 AM  
Blogger George Donnelly said...

I've come to realize this dream of constitutional restoration is a false ideal. Even the constitution was an abrogration of liberty, something put over on people by an insider clique.

We need to look forward, not back (as much). Instead of "restoring" a document, let's restore the principles of life, liberty and property.

That's not easy since principles have also gone down the toilet, along with the schools and whatnot, but principles are the foundation of everything we care about, everything that matters.

Let's stop fixating on four pieces of parchment and build our future on something more solid - the basic principles of life, liberty and property.

December 13, 2009 at 4:56 PM  
Blogger Concerned American said...

Anon at 8:58:

Do you have any idea how much you undercut your credibility by injecting your own racial and religious issues into the discussions here?

December 13, 2009 at 10:59 PM  
Blogger Concerned American said...


Develop your thoughts (pls) into an essay, and I'd be happy to publish it.

Articles of Confederation 2.0 sounds pretty good as an aiming point...

December 13, 2009 at 11:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Do you have any idea how much you undercut your credibility by injecting your own racial and religious issues into the discussions here?"

From your reaction, I believe I am communicating accurately. I do not support imposing conservative Christian blue laws at gunpoint, either in Afghanistan or Peoria. I do not support groups who want to do this, no matter how often they say "constitutional restoration" and pretend they are almost libertarians. They aren't.

Bob's value judgment about women being oversexed and not family oriented has no place whatsoever in a conversation about defending against property right transgressors. That value judgement is exactly the sort of religious blue law that a proper criminal defense agency should protect individuals against.

Bob has smashed his constitutional restoration credibility by letting slip that his group "DID NOTHING" in response to adult personal choices about sexuality. And what exactly do you want to do, Bob? I think "Baptist theocracy" is exactly what the Bob crowd wants to impose, and the organization that has historically attempted to make that happen is the Klan.

It feels to me like you feel you don't have the numbers to win, and you want to accept anyone vaguely on your side as an ally. But that's just the same old majority voting. Here's a touchstone: Imagine a man who is a mixed-race, heroin-using, gay Muslim abortionist. Anyone truly working for the restoration of liberty had better fight on his side when straights in the town attempt to run him off by zoning, licensing, and ultimately burning a cross on his lawn.

First they came for the gay Muslim abortionists, but I was secretly glad to see them run out of town. Then they came for my illegal Mexican handyman; darn, he was a hard worker. Then they came for my gun, my doctor, and 90% of my dollar's value; but I had conceded it was legitimate for government to forcibly impose someone else's ideas of lifestyle.

December 14, 2009 at 4:32 AM  
Blogger Concerned American said...


You assume that I support "imposing conservative Christian blue laws at gunpoint"?

Think again.

And if you could turn down your own backchatter, we could have a better conversation.

If it is your position that there has not been a concerted campaign over the past 40 years to devalue traditional female roles and replace them with not just alternatives, but a culturally-imposed diktat of promiscuity, serial abortions, materialism, chronic antidepressant use/abuse, and screeching misandry, then we must have been living in a different country dealing with a different group of women.

Where you got the racial basis for your comments is beyond me.

It's a pity your energies are not better directed....

December 14, 2009 at 4:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You assume that I support "imposing conservative Christian blue laws at gunpoint"? / Think again."

You did repost Bob's speech, implying that you agree with all of it, and you post a lot of anti-Muslim stuff. The truth is, the violent fundamentalist Muslim bombers are a smallish percentage of total Muslims, just like the violent fundamentalist Christians currently deployed in the Middle East are a smallish percentage of total Christians. Are you now saying you are willing to be at peace with any Muslim who has peaceful intentions? You support an immediate withdrawal from the Middle East? When someone goes nuts on an Army base you will consider that person's flaws as an individual, and you won't call for collective punishment of all Muslims, all psychiatrists, all solders, all men? Do you support the liberty of all races, religions, and nationalities, or only those the Klan feels a kinship with?

"If it is your position that there has not been a concerted campaign over the past 40 years to devalue traditional female roles and replace them with [...]"

I agree there have been a lot of harmful cultural trends introduced for nefarious purposes. But, culture is no business of liberty defense. It is not the job of liberty to forcibly separate losers from promiscuity, serial abortion, and overdependence on medicines. The promise of America is that each individual can work towards Heaven or Hell under their own guidance.

"Where you got the racial basis for your comments is beyond me."

The TaliBob crowd has a thing against illegal Mexicans, and Muslims. MVB's son is proudly killing people in the Middle East. I am confident I am reading between the lines correctly.

"And if you could turn down your own backchatter, we could have a better conversation."

I think what you see as backchatter, I see as the conversation. I want absolute and total liberty for all races, creeds, and colors -- a talky-talky anarchist purity that drives MVB nuts -- in part because every attempt in North America to have a "wiser" race, creed, or color impose rules on the little brown Catholic people has quickly turned to crap. An Articles of Confederation 2.0 is obviously and transparently Evil on its face, because it imposes rules and rulers on people who have not individually consented to them. The problem is collectivism, but you're trying to fix it with collectivism. Get out of your mental rut! LIBERTY MEANS NO POLITICS.

December 14, 2009 at 5:13 PM  
Blogger Concerned American said...

You can go fuck yourself with your Klan bullshit.

You're done.

December 15, 2009 at 2:34 AM  
Blogger George Donnelly said...

Concerned, how can I send you my essay? Finally have it ready. My email is me@georgedonnelly.com.

February 22, 2010 at 11:53 PM  

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