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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Repost -- Beck: Ideas in Action

Reposted from April 21, 2009:

From Billy Beck:

Tue Apr, 21 2009
Ideas In Action

Man, this is the third link to McPhillips in a row -- to an item that just went up -- and it's been days now that I've been thinking that I should have hit him every day over there, lately.


"I honestly don’t see how a country can survive where these people — Obama, Pelosi, Geithner, Emanuel, Reid, Frank, Dodd, Napolitano, Holder, Soros — are taking it. They will drive the United States into bankruptcy, violence, and civil disaster. None of this began overnight, but these people are, and I want to emphasize this, vanguardists. They are not just effects, no more than Lenin was just an effect of Czarism.It was not some sort of mistake, some minor aggressiveness of minor players, that this administration turned and glared at its political opponents and at returning veterans via its Homeland Security Department. Had a Nixon or a Bush administration done something like that the wildfire of indignation would have burned in the media for weeks and even months. Janet Napolitano did not first apologize for that report: she first defended it and defended it vigorously."

I'm told that he "toned it down" before he put it up. I would have thought so anyway: it ends like a man who can't breathe enough to say everything that needs to be said....which is the state of things now.

It was yesterday that I told an old dear friend of mine on the telephone, "Listen, everybody can hate Bush all they want to, and anyone paying attention knows that I was the first one they know who said he would be a rotten president. But this is a different order of things now."

McP: "They are not just effects..."

That's crucial. All the political initiative now is with the forces of Amsoc. Where the so-called conservatives have fought generations of piece-meal rear-guard action against the integral resolution of socialism to corrode its worst enemy -- the practical and living ideal of freedom: America -- out of existence, and as they have done so as effects of disintegrated philosophy, the socialists are assuming the commanding heights in full political battle gear.

It is important to understand that this can only and inevitably mean physical battle gear, right in front of your eyes, right here in America. The spirit of this place that was not born of the slave's obesience will require this government to bare its fangs. I still believe that. The ways in which and the singular souls from Americans select their values are not yet so beaten to any alien molds so well that they will peaceably stand for the conformations that this government will eventually require and demand -- not "ask".

Always remember: at the bottom of every stack of government paperwork, there lies a loaded .45. Always remember that: government is force, and it is now moving on the original and last hope of freedom in all the time of all the world. It's doing that to scale and scope that would have seen the men who first set this concept (not "experiment") in action up in action again, for all the same reasons.

Now, in an age when every manly instinct toward freedom is strained through myriad distractions and actively malicious state repression, it's hard to see exactly how or when a natural rejection of state dominion might find action. My sense is that it will take weights of imposition to seriously approach comparison to Warsaw Pact satellites before it is widely understood that political violence is a necessarily accountable factor in regular American life. For instance: cigarettes will have long been driven to delicate rarity deep underground. That's just a symptom -- a depth-gauge -- of what we'll live with before and as we approach a reality-driven dissolution of popular delusions that we can all live at each others' expense.

The ideological fact of matters is a de facto state of war, and ritual pleas for "non-partisanship" will not alter the fact. These opposed principles will necessarily become manifest in real life.

That's how principles work, and they do it whether anyone knows it or not.

You must read Malone Vandam's article, then go back and read Billy again.


This is not a drill.


Anonymous J. Croft said...

All the political initiative now is with the forces of Amsoc....

Initiative is what? Starting actions. We needed to start political action in arenas where our weak numbers can overcome the enemy's political machines-small town campaigns. Only a few hundred people on average vote in such elections-imagine if all the Patriots in any state(a few thousand-generous)got together, scouted out a small rural community under a particularly unctous 'boss hogg' regime and ran a full party ticket of reformers under a recall election-LIKE THE GI'S OF ATHENS TENNESSEE IN 1946 DID... remember they organized the campaign and when those oath traitor cop stooges of Cantrell literally stole the ballot box and took hostages to their jail ONLY THEN DID THEY RESORT TO THE CARTRIDGE BOX.

The ballot box. We need to crack that open. We need to bring to issue BOTH BOOKS that local government holds under the Consolidated Annual Financial Report. We need to bring to issue that town's scandals.

Which town? Yes that's a real question....

November 8, 2009 at 8:28 PM  

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