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Monday, October 19, 2009


Taken Saturday at the "Operation Can You Hear Us Now?" protest at CNN headquarters in Atlanta, Threepers show the Nyberg flag.

Here's this report from the field:

Here is a still picture posted on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's online site, and a YouTube video showing the start of the rally. In all, we counted a total of three III flags flying on poles in the march. Another person just held his. Of course, we gave out all 5 flags, and had quite a few people come up to me about the flag asking "Where can I get one?" or "What does it mean?"

From the YouTube poster:

Close to 1000 people met in Atlanta to protest the biased and complicit media. The local paper reported 200. Thankfully we have proof of our numbers and will be sending them the info to drive the point home. This is the kick off with the Sons of Liberty leading us off on their bikes and Matt Perdie who is walking across America (Perdie.com) in American Revolutionary uniform.

Outstanding work, everybody. Many thanks to all.

Now shift focus to the advertisers....CNN and the other media shills cannot survive without advertising revenue.


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