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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

FerFAL: The World Is NOT Going to End

From his perspective as a survivor of the 2001 economic collapse in Argentina and its continuing consequences, FerFAL provides some calibration for the doomscope:

Just so we are on the same page here, and given the new surge (once again) of fatalist doom and gloom: The World is NOT going to end.

Even if the US Economy crashes, the world is NOT going to end.

Even if there are eventually riots and uprisings because of the growing poverty -- no, the world is NOT going to end.

Even if terrorists manage to detonate a nuke on US soil, the world is NOT going to end. Nukes have blown up cities in much weaker countries before and they survived, the United States will do so as well.

Why am I saying this?

Because doom worshiping just isn’t helpful. It isn’t.

It just disconnects you from the world around you and creates a distorted version of reality.

There’s enough bad news around to get us all worried. This blog itself, by the nature of the issues covered, revolves around current bad news and how to deal with them, the essential thing being, working on the solution, not getting absorbed by the problem.

USA is heading for some rough times, it’s already going through them, and it’s just the beginning. Things will change, not Obama “change” but another kind that not a single person will like.

But the end of the world?

No, people, I don’t think so...

Read the rest.

And consider getting his book as well.

As a fan of FerFAL's writing since back when he posted on various gun and preparedness forums (see the link to his place in the left margin, under "Practical Resources"), I know that I am.

Tempus fugit.


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