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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stand With Us -- In Vietnamese

Thanks to BT for this Vietnamese version of Vanderboegh's words, which, although lacking in all of the Vietnamese diacritical marks, is an accurate translation.

Volunteers willing to provide a correctly-accented version that will print in Blogger are urgently requested:

To All Free Men and Women Who Escaped Collectivist Tyranny: Stand Together With Us

Goi toi tat ca quy Ong Ba, nhung nguoi da dao thoat chinh the cong san chuyen che: Hay Dung Len Cung Voi Chung Toi.

Each of you risked all to escape from savage oppression in your countries of birth and come to America, the land of the free. You bear the scars, within and without, of your old tyrannical masters' evils. You have already paid much to learn the involuntary lessons of collectivist tyranny.

Moi nguoi trong cac ban da chiu tat ca rui ro de tron thoat su dan ap da man tai chinh que huong minh de den duoc My quoc, ben bo cua tu do. Cac ban da mang nhung vet theo, trong va ngoai vong tan ac cua chinh the doc doan truoc day. Cac ban da tra dat de linh hoi nhung bai hoc ep buoc cua chinh the cong san chuyen che.

Now, ideological allies of the same collectivists who robbed, tortured, raped, and murdered your countrymen have captured the legislative majority in the American Congress.

Gio day, nhung dong minh ly tuong cua nhung nguoi cong san, nhung nguoi da cuop boc, tra tan, ham hiep, va giet choc dong bao cac ban, nhung dong minh ly tuong nay da nam lay da so trong nganh lap phap cua quoc hoi Hoa Ky.

Worse yet, another ideological ally of your tormentors occupies the White House.

Te hon nua, mot dong minh ly tuong khac cua nhung nguoi da hanh ha cac ban chiem duoc Toa Bach Oc.

Together, though they wrap their arguments in sweet words and false kindness, these socialists plan to destroy every single aspect of the America you love, and in its place, establish another totalitarian hell on earth -- where every single human act must be authorized, regulated, and monitored by government.

Mac du ho da boc nhung ly le cua ho trong nhung tu ngu ngot ngao va su tu te gia doi, nhung nguoi theo chu nghia xa hoi nay da lap ke hoach de pha huy moi khia canh dang yeu cua nuoc My, va tu trong long nuoc My, lap ra mot dia nguc chuyen che doc quyen khac tren trai dat—O do, moi hanh dong cua con nguoi phai duoc cho phep, dieu chinh, va theo doi boi chinh phu.

You brave men and women, who know far better than native-born Americans what evils these governments perpetrate every day against their citizens, will be the witnesses who will teach others what must be done to save our country.

Cac ban, nhung nguoi dan ong va dan ba dung cam, nhung nguoi da hieu biet tot hon nhung nguoi My ban xu ve nhung toi ac cua nhung chinh phu nay gay ra hang ngay cho cong dan cua chinh ho. Cac ban se la nhung nhan chung, nhung nguoi se day cho nguoi khac nhung gi phai duoc lam de cuu dat nuoc cua chung ta.

You, the refugees from tyranny, know that America is the last, best hope for mankind.

Cac ban, nhung nguoi ty nan cong san chuyen che, biet rang Hoa Ky la hy vong tot dep sau cung cua nhan loai.

Yet many of our people do not see the threat. They lack your wisdom, born of cruelty and oppression. We need your help. You can show them why and how they must stand together.

Nhung nhieu nguoi cua chung toi khong thay duoc moi de doa. Ho thieu su khon ngoan, su sinh truong trong da man va ap buc. Chung toi can su giup do. Cac ban co the chi cho nguoi My ban xu tai sao va the nao ho phai dung cung nhau.

Join us in Washington, DC on September 11-13 to tell the totalitarians that you will not allow them to destroy America too. Be there as a living witness to the evils of collectivism.

Hay hoi nhap voi chung toi tai Washington, DC vao ngay 11 toi 13 thang 9 de noi voi nhung nguoi chuyen quyen rang cac ban se khong cho phep ho pha huy My quoc. Hay co mat o do nhu nhung nhan chung song cho su tan ac cua chu nghia cong san.

Join us in renewing our oaths to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Hay hoi nhap voi chung toi de lam moi lai loi the cua chung ta la bao ve va phong ve Hien Phap chong lai tat ca ke thu, trong va ngoai nuoc.

If the American constitutional republic falls, there is no place else left where ANY of us can flee and still be truly free.

Neu nen cong hoa co hien phap cua My sup do, se khong con bat cu noi nao cho chung ta chay tron va thuc su tu do.

Liberty stands, or falls for generations, right here, right now.

Tu do ton tai, hoac sup do cho nhieu the he, chinh tai day, chinh thoi diem nay.



Mike Vanderboegh
Pinson, Alabama
Writing on behalf of The Three Percent


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